Thursday, 2012-11-22

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afiestashi, for a couple of days I have been trying to register myself as a mentor in melage for code-in11:12
afiestasand I'm suffering a few issues on different browsers, mainly slowleness and the following error when I try to access to anything in my dashboard:11:13
afiestas This page is inaccessible because you do not have a profile in the program at this time.11:14
afiestasI have tried to access to the link taht was sent to become a mentor, but didn't worked so far11:14
afiestasfollowing the link to become a mentor, it does "nothing" after I select the account Iw ant to use11:15
tpb<> (at
afiestasit will stay like taht forever11:16
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afiestasworked using a proxy  (this happened to me last time for GSoC)11:19
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