Tuesday, 2012-11-20

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ptresselHmm...hmm...I wonder if it only shows me as logged in because of cookies, but I'm actually not logged in as far as the server is concerned.00:01
ptresselDouble hmm...I have a note to myself saying that melange seems to be using my primary Google account, not a separate login.00:04
ptresselJust confirmed that as partly false.00:06
ptresselIt does seem to be using the account, but wants me to log in to melange independently.00:07
ptresselAaaand, no.  Logging in again does not get rid of the error.00:07
ptresselI see other people have posted about that error...00:09
ptresselI'm 99% sure the account I'm using is the one I've always used for melange, but I'll try my gmail.com account.00:19
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ptresselAha!  I just found a post on the melange dev list that says one has to create a fresh profile each year.00:57
ptresselBut I don't see any "My Profile" link...01:00
ptresselSo the question becomes, how does one create a profile?01:01
ptresselI'm logged in already...01:01
ptresselLacking a link to the profile, I tried: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/profile/google/gci201201:04
ptresselThat's the same form as was in my browser's history for gsoc2012.01:04
ptresselBut that gets an error:  "There is no program for url 'google/gci2102'"01:05
ptresselSo one presumes the profile URL has changed...?01:05
ptresselWait...that's got gsoc in it.01:06
ptresselSo I went to my dashboard for gci2012, and replaced dashboard w/ profile: http://www.google-melange.com/gci/profile/google/gci201201:07
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+-+O> (at www.google-melange.com)01:07
ptresselAnd that got the same "This page is inaccessible" error.01:08
ptresseltpb, Is that a response to my posts?01:08
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ptresselJust found this: http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=164001:10
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+-+U> (at code.google.com)01:10
ptresselAh, tpb is a bot.01:10
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bckureragood morning melange :)02:04
bckureraI need some help, regarding creating mentor profiles in melange for gci02:05
bckureraThe problem is how to create a profile in the system02:05
michaelhowdenbckurera: http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=164002:27
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+-+U> (at code.google.com)02:27
bckureramichaelhowden : it gives following error >> This page is inaccessible because you do not have a profile in the program at this time.02:30
bckureramichaelhowden : thanks for your support, what should I do?02:30
michaelhowdenHave you had a look at that link?02:30
michaelhowdenThere's a work around there02:30
bckureraI ll try it and lit you know02:31
bckureramichaelhowden : it worked thanks :)02:34
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