Monday, 2012-11-12

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DrJoelThis is probably a FAQ and I know I did it last year but... is there a link with details on the format of the CSV to import for the GCS task list?20:36
* DrJoel is still battling something that started about the time of the handshake gauntlet at the mentors summit20:37
madrazrDrJoel: checking ...20:39
DrJoelgreat post by the way..20:40
madrazrDrJoel: thank you very much!20:50
madrazrDrJoel: I did not expect that people would start sharing it on the interwebs and you would read it :)20:51
DrJoelWe all can get hung up on using a particular language or optimizing too early. If you pick the right language for the job and write clear, easy to understand and debug code, then overall things work out better20:52
DrJoelYou never know who is going to read something and where it leads. :)20:52
DrJoelI have had two cases where someone read my blog and something surprising happened. One was when we lost power for 6 days. They initially thought the project died. My blog was the only news that we were just in a devastated area.20:53
madrazrDrJoel: LoL! that's an interesting story !21:13
DrJoelanother odd GCI/melange question..21:29
DrJoelWe have created our "group notification list" .. will the messages be coming from the same "From" address? We normally make our lists pretty tight to avoid spam so we need to let that one address through21:30
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madrazrDrJoel: I need more time to check the latter, also when I have answer to both the questions, we should have this same thing posted on the mailing list I guess, because you are asking those questions which everybody else will have probably21:39
madrazrDrJoel: about the former question about the bulk upload, the order of the fields does not matter. The exact column names, I am trying to infer from the code :)21:40
DrJoelNo problem. I thought it would be stuff everyone wants to know.21:40
madrazrwe had that on the bulk upload page before. Now with the redesign it is gone!21:40
madrazrDrJoel: yeah! It is!21:40
DrJoelGlad to know it wasn't a stupid question but when you only do something once a year, it is hard to remember21:41
madrazrDrJoel: I agree :)21:41
DrJoelPlus for some of our tasks, I will be writing a script to generate them.21:42
DrJoelMy son scanned the original requirements docments for RTEMS and we have some OCR via Google Drive and review tasks ala Project Gutenberg. :)21:42
madrazrDrJoel: nice!21:50
DrJoelThe documents look odd now because they are single font, nothing fancy. Oldest draft I found was pre-1990.21:52
madrazrDrJoel: the look does not matter too much for documentation right? Also may be, it becomes better as time goes?22:01
DrJoelthe look is irrelevant. I hope it makes it easier for the OCR. :)22:02
madrazrDrJoel: The CSV column names should be title, description, time_to_complete, mentors, types, tags22:10
madrazrDrJoel: ordering does not matter22:11
DrJoelThanks. And types should match one of the keywords. The others look reasonably free form.22:12
madrazrDrJoel: yeah, exactly that22:12
madrazrDrJoel: they are all exact matches22:12
DrJoelthank you22:12
madrazrDrJoel: NP22:12
madrazrDrJoel: also, please feel free to file an issue for this to make this available on the bulk upload page22:13
madrazrDrJoel: I will add it when I get to it22:13
madrazrDrJoel: about the looks, Ok. Did not know that! :)22:14
madrazrDrJoel: and about the emails to the list, yes it comes from the same email ID from which you received task notification emails, it is exactly the same code which is doing the work :)22:14
DrJoelAny idea what that is? We will need to let it through since we do subscribers only post by default. And students will post through melange.22:15
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madrazrDrJoel: it should be no-reply at google-melange dot appspotmail dot com if I am correct22:25
DrJoelthanks! Hopefully that is it. Everyone should soon ask the same questions. :)22:26
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DrJoelI hate to ask more questions but how long should it take for us to show up on the list of orgs once I fill in the application? It has been over an hour I think22:47
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Nightrosei wanted to accept the admin invite i got from my co-admin23:03
Nightrosebut i get an error23:03
Nightrosesaying there is no invite with number 123:03
Nightrosebut i see it in my invite list23:03
Nightrosesame if i get invited as a mentor23:03
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madrazrDrJoel: which list? The list of Org logos on the front page?23:34
madrazrDrJoel: that page is cached for about 30 mins, so it should have appeared in 30 mins, let me check23:35
madrazrNightrose: issue 1637, we are looking into it23:35
Nightrosemadrazr: thx23:35
madrazrNightrose: also the URL to that page will be helpful?23:35
Nightrosemadrazr: to the invite?23:35
madrazrNightrose: yeah23:35
madrazryou can PM me if you want23:36
Nightroseok sec23:36
DrJoelAlso .. still only has 4 orgs23:36
tpb<> (at
DrJoelso it is more than the orgs on the front page23:37
tpb<> (at
Nightrosemadrazr: and for the mentor invite:
tpb<> (at
madrazrDrJoel: checking ...23:38
madrazrNightrose: thanks23:38
DrJoelAt least it is only ten orgs! :)23:38
madrazrDrJoel: yeah! :)23:42
madrazrDrJoel: looks like your org is not created :(23:43
madrazrDrJoel: may be submit again?23:43
madrazrDrJoel: also just to ensure, URL of the page where you are submitting your org form?23:44
DrJoel:( It is long gone! I logged in and it said to create an org profile. So I did. I hit submit and it went away.23:45
madrazrDrJoel: sorry about that, I am not sure what really happened23:46
madrazrDrJoel: did the page say "Data saved successfully"?23:46
DrJoelI don't mind reentering it. I just need to get a form again. :)23:46
madrazrDrJoel: same URL23:46
DrJoelYes. It actually did. I always check since you might miss a required field23:46
madrazrDrJoel: Oh ok23:46
madrazrDrJoel: let me first make sure this23:47
madrazryour org id is "rtems" right?23:47
madrazrall lowercase letters?23:47
DrJoelProbably all lower or all upper23:48
DrJoelall lower per application23:48
madrazrDrJoel: Ok, cool!23:48
madrazrDrJoel: I had checked for all lower and there was no organization profile for "rtems"23:50
madrazrDrJoel: please fill again23:50
madrazryou have the organization profile form URL right? from your email?23:50
DrJoelyep.. and it is empty.. weird :(23:51
DrJoelOK.. let's see in about 10 minutes :)23:51
madrazrDrJoel: Ok, time for lunch then23:52
madrazrNightrose: we are still on your issue23:53
DrJoelThank you!23:53
Nightrosemadrazr: ok thx - i'll go to bed now - already way too late ;-)23:53
Nightrosegood night23:53
DrJoelWhatever went wrong, went right this time. Thanks madrazr23:58

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