Wednesday, 2012-10-31

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marinazhi! is there a way to use melange now for a different program that has a similar process to GSoC?16:28
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nathanielmanistaHi! To what extent would the programs be similar and in what respects would they differ?21:30
marinaznathanielmanista: it's for Outreach Program for Women - the applications and such would all be the same; I would say it would all be the same other than branding21:42
nathanielmanistaIt could go well in that case! :-) How do you feel about running on App Engine?21:43
marinaznathanielmanista: I set it up earlier today with App Engine - with just seeded data - - it loaded first, though now is showing an error21:44
nathanielmanistaMelange was always conceived of as running on App Engine, so its code isn't very well-isolated from it and it would take a lot of engineering to run it elsewhere.21:44
nathanielmanistaOh, hey, cool.21:44
marinazbtw, had to add21:45
marinaz+    'status': 'active',21:45
marinaz+    'logo_url': '',21:45
tpbTitle: Website Hosting - (at
marinazin for GCIOrganization - otherwise was getting an error21:45
marinaznathanielmanista: ah, one way it'd be different is that I noticed in the gsoc model there are many strings that have "student" and it would be ideal to change it to "applicant" or "participant" because there is no requirement that participants are students21:47
nathanielmanistaGood to know. Feel encouraged to mail everything about your experience to [email protected], by the way - we talked at our recent meeting about what it would take for other organizations to make use of Melange, but your actually doing it would be great to know about as well.21:48
nathanielmanistaYep, and it drives me nuts that our strings are scattered everywhere throughout the application in string literals instead of gathered in reasonable places in constants modules.21:48
nathanielmanistaKeep the notes and criticisms coming. :-)21:49
marinaznathanielmanista: thank you! if we decide to go with melange (instead of private mailing list mailed-in applications as before), I'll be around with questions :)21:51
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marinaznathanielmanista: do users need to have gmail accounts to use melange?21:57
nathanielmanistaUsers need to have Google Accounts. Every gmail account is a Google Account, but not every Google Account is a gmail account.22:05
nathanielmanista(Google Accounts can be created with any preexisting email address.)22:05
marinaznathanielmanista: aha, I see, thanks!22:06
nathanielmanistaThe mechanism by which users are recognized is another thing that I'd like to make a parameter of the system, but for now (as with App Engine) the code assumes that because it is running on App Engine that Google Accounts will be the authority by which users are recognized.22:07
marinaznathanielmanista: yeah, that makes sense22:11
marinaznathanielmanista: it'd be cool if there was an instance of melange running to which people could just add their programs, with application deadlines, authorized mentors, etc.22:12
nathanielmanistaI think that's a great idea. It won't happen any time soon (next twelve months) but a lot of the work we're doing now would foster such a capability later on. :-)22:13
nathanielmanistaFile a feature request at
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
marinazit won't be a duplicate :)?22:14
nathanielmanistaHmm, I'm not aware of such a request but I haven't looked through the corpus of all issues lately.22:14
marinaznathanielmanista: I don't see anything on a quick scan - I'll add it22:19
nathanielmanistaThanks much!22:57
* nathanielmanista leaves to go scare trick-or-treaters23:04
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