Tuesday, 2012-08-14

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dcrodmanLennie: Hey lennard, do you know if GSoCDjangoTestCase.modelPost(url, model, override) supposed to simulate posting to the given url with the contents of override in a form?15:48
Lenniedcrodman, one sec15:48
Lenniewhile I have you here anyway dcrodman15:49
LennieI think I'm missing a blogpost :p15:50
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dcrodmancan I do it super fast???15:50
LennieI wouldn't recommend doing it super slow :P15:50
Lenniebut yeah please write one15:50
dcrodmanon it15:50
dcrodmanlike right now15:50
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Lennieanyway, about modelPost15:51
Lennieit's just calling the seeder and putting in an entity15:52
Lenniehowever I believe it doesn't support parent relationships at the moment15:52
Lennieif you want to test your post method you should call post()15:52
LennieThat sounds confusing... nm :015:53
LenniemodelPost() exists because it makes sure that the entities you refer to are setup properly15:54
Lennieand then continues to call post() for you15:55
Lennieyou can find it in test_utils:34415:55
dcrodmanyeah alright I thought it was something like that, i was looking through test utils and that method earlier15:56
dcrodmanI've been looking at test_invite and test_request and have tried to mirror the patterns I see there but calling modelPost or even seedProperties doesn't populate the datastore with a connecito15:57
LennieIt isn't supposed to make a connection15:58
Lenniethat's what the actual post() is for15:58
LennieIf you'd like you can just try calling that15:58
dcrodmani'll give that a shot15:59
dcrodmanblog post is up, sorry about that...16:06
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dcrodmanwould there be something i'm missing here as to how to determine exactly what is being posted to a form?16:22
dcrodmanI've been looking around self.data - .request.POST and .POST specifically to little avail16:22
dcrodmanlogging statements ftw16:23
Lenniedcrodman,  :)?16:55
Lennieself.data.POST should even be enough iirc16:55
Lennieself.request.POST would also work16:55
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