Thursday, 2012-08-09

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Guest1471alguna chica interezante para charlar06:44
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djszapiI wonder if this channel can be used at all for help queries...10:00
djszapibeen trying to do so for a while by now without any replies ever...10:00
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Lenniedjszapi, just ask...14:18
Lenniedjszapi, and timezones matter :)14:18
Lenniedjszapi, otherwise just mailing [email protected] would do :)14:19
djszapiI ahve already done the last couple of times...14:20
djszapithe last days*14:20
Lenniewell now that I am here djszapi what's up?14:22
djszapicheck the log pls.14:23
djszapiI would give a link to the proper log entry, but I do not have access to that page at my company.14:23
djszapiit is blocked.14:24
Lenniejust tell me14:24
djszapiI would not like to write down again that long post...14:24
Lennieokay, can you give me the date I need to look for in the logs?14:24
Lennie|Kev|, tyvm14:26
|Kev|Sent in PM.14:26
Lenniedjszapi, pm me your link id + old gmail account + new gmail accuont14:26
djszapiunsure what you mean14:26
Lenniedjszapi, what's the username you created when registering in Melange14:26
Lenniewhich email address do you use to log into your Google Accuont?14:27
djszapisorry, no any clue14:27
LennieThis can be different from the one you receive mail on as a mentor14:27
Lenniesince that doesn't need to be a Google Account14:27
djszapisorry, I really have no any clue14:28
|Kev|If you don't know what your linkid is and can't work it out, your org admin (Lydia?) should be able to tell you.14:28
djszapiI have used my regular gmail account with "login".14:28
djszapialways worked until few weeks ago14:29
djszapiso the system somehow broke.14:29
djszapiI have not changed anything14:29
djszapiand I do not know the username anymore14:29
djszapiit is either djszapi or lpapp, I would guess14:29
djszapibut no any real clue.14:29
Lennieit's the latter14:29
Lenniedjszapi, can you pm me your birth date and t-shirt size :)?14:29
djszapiM or L.14:30
djszapidepends on the exact sizing...14:30
Lenniegood enough14:30
Lennieso hmm, you still use your account to login to Google?14:30
djszapisorry, I have really no any clue14:31
djszapiwhether it is google, melange, or what not where I log in.14:31
Lennieit's the same14:31
LennieMelange -> Google Appengine -> Google Accounts14:31
djszapiI am always logged into my [email protected] gmail based account14:31
djszapisince I am online for the webinterface of gtalk14:31
djszapiand when I go to melange, I press the login14:31
djszapiand it is automatically logged in without asking for credentials.14:31
Lenniedjszapi, can you try again?14:31
djszapithis worked nice all the time.14:31
tpbTitle: Google Summer of Code 2012 - Home page (at
djszapiuntil few weeks ago.14:32
djszapiYou are logged in as [email protected] [link_id: djszapi].14:32
djszapino profile setting option.14:32
Lenniedjszapi, try again14:33
djszapinow, it is ok. What was wrong?14:33
LennieI think some kind of Google Apps migration might have happened on archlinux.us14:34
Lenniethis doesn't work well with AppEngine14:34
LennieBasically your supposedly unmodifiable unique identifier we get from Google changed :)14:34
djszapiunfortunately, the admin has not replied the last 1-2 years14:34
djszapifor any queries14:34
djszapiso cannot get more information about that.14:34
Lennieanyway, you should be good now14:34
djszapithank you a lot.14:35
LennieSorry for taking so long14:35
LennieBest is to ask in #gsoc or just drop us an email14:35
LennieSome of us travel too much to be on IRC all the time :P14:35
djszapiI have asked in #gsoc14:36
Lenniethanks again |Kev| for linking the logs14:36
djszapiand then a person told me to come here instead14:36
Lenniedjszapi, and they sent you here I guess hehe14:36
djszapisorry for not being able to link the log14:36
djszapibut almost every page is blocked here at my company14:36
djszapiincluding,, dropbox, etc14:36
*** Lennie changes topic to "Melange powers the Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code site ( - Questions? Ask someone with op or voice or email [email protected] - Logs at"14:37
Lenniewell let me put our email address in there :p14:37
djszapido I need to subscribe for sending?14:38
Lenniedjszapi, nope14:38
djszapino any moderation either?14:38
Lenniedjszapi, moderated yes14:38
Lennieotherwise we would get spammed :)14:38
LennieI usually press the whitelist button on no-spammers14:38
Lennieso followups would skip moderation14:38
Lenniedjszapi, anyway. Enjoy your t-shirt :)14:39
Lennieand the rest of GSoC14:39
djszapiLennie: can I quote your posts here?14:40
Lenniehmm, you can also link me to it14:40
Lenniebut yeah you can if the quote isn't too many lines14:41
djszapiI mean I would probably copy/paste your reasoning about the issue14:41
djszapito our org admins :)14:41
djszapito keep them updated with that the issue was fixed. =)14:41
djszapinever mind, I will reprase that with my own words.14:42
djszapihopefully keeping the gist..14:42
|Kev|djszapi: Why not just link them to the room logs?14:42
djszapito not read everything, just the gist. :P14:44
djszapiI would not like to waste their time either too much.14:44
djszapidone, thanks again14:45
djszapihave a nice day14:45
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