Friday, 2012-07-13

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tomasp_hi all00:59
tomasp_I need some help with logging in to fill the midterm report... who is the best person to ask for help?01:00
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robertwbAnyone around to help with a GSOC midterm evaluation issue?06:15
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tomaspHi... I'm having troubles login to melange site to submit the midterm mentor evaluation report. Can anyone help?07:23
tomaspmy dashboard is gone (which seems to be quite common - looking at the chat logs)... any way to get it back please :-)?07:28
tomasp(I tried logging in with all my gmail accounts, so I'm almost sure it is not a wrong account issue...)07:29
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shanahey tomasp07:40
tomasphi shana :-) I asked here 10 minutes back..07:44
shanatomasp: can you see my private msg?07:45
tomasplooking at some of the chat logs over the last few days, there are some people who said that their dashboard has disappeared... so I may not be the first one07:45
tomaspshana: yes07:45
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nathanielmanistatomasp, robertwb: are you still affected? We've helped a bunch of others; did we reach you through other channels?17:30
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