Tuesday, 2012-07-10

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LetterRiphi all student evals arent visible to org admins - bug or feature?  faq saysctheyare so might be bug orcmulightbepolicy change02:31
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hanzz___I'm on holiday and I have to fill the evaluation10:05
hanzz___So far I'm in Internet caffee with IE7 and I'm not able to see the evaluations10:06
hanzz___it ends up with Loading and it looks like javascript error10:07
hanzz___is there some particular link to evaluation I could try?10:07
gevaertshanzz___: I can't help with technical details, but if all else fails the org admin can do it too10:09
hanzz___ok, I will try to ping him10:10
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|Kev|Now why didn't he just ping me?12:33
|Kev|Didn't know my freenode nick, I guess.12:33
gevaertsAt least now you know there's something to do :)12:34
|Kev|I did anyway, I got an email :)12:58
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Nightroseheya folks18:36
Nightrosei have a problem :D18:36
Nightroseone of my mentors can't fill out his evaluation18:36
Nightrosebecause the evaluation is set to a different mentor than the actual project18:36
Nightrosecan someone look into this pleaseP?18:36
Nightroseit is about this one: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2012/mck182/2700318:36
tpb<http://ln-s.net/$RBJ> (at www.google-melange.com)18:36
* Nightrose pokes Lennie :D18:37
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nathanielmanistaNightrose: I'll try to look into this in the next few hours.20:21
Nightrosenathanielmanista: thx a lot20:24
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dcrodmanLennie: Hey Lennard, quick question about using remote_api if you're around22:48
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k0phi folks23:05
k0pI lost my dashboard in google melange -.- someone can help me?23:05
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SukhEHi. I seem to have "lost" my dashboard. (org co-admin).23:21
nathanielmanistaYep, we're digging into it. What's your email address or link_id?23:22
SukhEnathanielmanista: PMed. Cool, just wanted to let you know :)23:23
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asmeurerMy dashboards seem to have disappeared.23:45
nathanielmanistaWe're looking into it.23:50
nathanielmanistaasmeurer: we've resolved it for some users - are you still affected?23:57
asmeurerLet me check23:57
asmeurerNope! Dashboards are both there again.23:57
SukhE... and we are back. Thanks!23:59
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