Friday, 2012-06-15

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dcrodmanHey all, on the interactive dev console what might the credentials (username & password) be to execute a query? Database was populated using seed_db21:56
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Lenniedcrodman, there are no credentials locally22:30
Lennieif any you should just tick the admin box when logging in as a test user :p22:30
dcrodmanI didn't think so, should I just leave these fields blank?22:30
Lenniewhich fields?22:30
dcrodmanthe username and password the console is prompting me for when I try to execute fetch() on a query22:31
dcrodmanI can screenshot if you like22:32
Lennieyou are trying to reach your instance on
LennieYou should fill in your Google Account and Password in that case22:34
Lennie(that of the administrator of that application)22:34
tpbTitle: Welcome to Google App Engine (at
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dcrodmanI'm trying to reach the one locally, but I can try appspot22:49
dcrodmansorry had to step away for a bit22:49
dcrodmancan't get seed_db to work on appspot though, even running the devvin version22:50
Lennienot sure if that even works22:53
dcrodmanwell i suppose that would be the problem22:53
tpb<$If0> (at
Lennieand click interactive console :P?22:54
Lenniesounds a lot easier to me22:54
dcrodmanoh I didn't try that, i went python scripts/interactive.py22:54
Lenniewhich is a good script22:54
LennieIf you are calling to :P22:54
dcrodmanwell at least I found A console22:56
LennieI'm done writing code for today22:56
dcrodmannice, working on Melange or something else you can't tell me about?22:57
dcrodmanoh cool, i'd imagine that has a rather large dev team22:58
Lenniewell you know at least 3 of us :p22:58
Lennieif you have been paying attention :D22:58
dcrodmanyou, Sverre, and…Daniel?22:59
LennieNot really :P22:59
dcrodmanwait not daniel, errr22:59
Lennieno need to name them :D22:59
dcrodmanworks for me22:59
dcrodmanis there any structure on that could be used to power the issue on Melange dealing with student-hosted repos for submissions?23:00
dcrodmanthat looked interesting23:00
LennieNot really23:01
LennieThere is no API to create repos :23:01
dcrodmancould a python script be written to execute git commands via cmd on the hosting cluster?23:02
dcrodmangiant hack but i wondered if it could work23:02
LennieIf you already have a project set up on the cluster yes23:02
Lennieyou can do whatever you can with git :P23:03
Lennieor mercurial or svn if you are oldskool23:04
dcrodmani thought so, could that strategy be implemented to allow students to handle their code uploads23:04
LennieNot sure what you mean by that?23:05
LennieThey used to upload their work to
dcrodmanjust a simple git init and setting up a remote on the server(s) hosting Melange for GSoC23:05
Lennieand probably still will this year23:05
Lenniethere is no per-folder access control23:05
Lennieso every org has it's own project afaik23:05
Lennieand that's actually setup using an in-house script23:05
LennieI believe what we want eventually (now that AppEngine can handle it) is to have everything stored in AppEngine23:06
LennieWhere we already have information about which projects should upload their work and so on23:06
dcrodmanyeah that's what I mean, I didn't know it wasn't already configured that way23:07
dcrodmanon a different note, would you be able to tell me why this usage of the idx parameter isn't correct?23:09
Lenniedefine incorrect?23:10
Lennieare you sure the list with idx=7 is properly registered?23:10
dcrodmanright sorry, all that url does is take me to the dashboard rather than show the raw json result23:11
dcrodmannot at all actually23:11
Lennie hmm23:11
Lennietry not adding the fragment23:11
Lennie(fragment is the #<> part)23:12
dcrodmanso: http://localhost:8081/gsoc/dashboard/google/gsoc2009?fmt=json&idx=7.?23:12
Lenniewithout the dot :p23:12
Lenniedcrodman, can you link to your github snippet again?23:13
LennieI might have a few minutes to poke around23:13
dcrodmanoh jeez i didn't see the dot23:13
Lennieaha ;P23:13
Lenniewell that explains too I guess :)23:13
dcrodmanlet me update the code on my Melange branch, would that be more convenient?23:13
Lenniewell no need if the dot was to blame23:14
Lennie(and yes that's somewhat more convenient)23:14
dcrodmanwell the dot worked without the fragment, but it just looks like it's giving me the output for the dash23:15
Lennieplease do put your code somewhere then :P23:16
LennieNot sure how long I have left :)23:16
dcrodmanon it!23:16
Lenniehave you tried other indexes?23:17
Lennieseems to work fine here on for the dashboard23:17
dcrodmanupdated, branch is connection_demo23:18
dcrodmanI haven't, try a couple more23:19
Lenniedcrodman, have you tried 8?23:19
dcrodmanI just did actually, got an object with an empty string and an empty array for data23:20
dcrodmanlet me try logging in as a mentor with a connection and trying since i know that query works23:20
Lenniementor is also 823:21
Lenniesince is_admin=False23:21
dcrodmanyeah I never would have known that23:22
Lennieyou coded it :p23:22
LennieI think23:22
dcrodmanok cool so this one returns the expected connection within the data but without those params there's still nothing in the table23:22
Lennie  components.append(ConnectionComponent(self.request,, False))23:22
Lennienothing in the table?23:22
dcrodmanah well I MODIFIED it :P23:23
dcrodmanor _modified_, rather23:23
dcrodmanthat's right23:23
Lenniecheck for JS errors?23:23
dcrodmanJS is regrettably one thing I have 0 experience with (for now), but I'll look around23:25
dcrodmanwell that's interesting23:30
dcrodmanthis works in Safari, but not in Chrome23:30
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dcrodmanthe table renders more cleanly too23:31
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Lenniedcrodman, you should poke fadinlight/mario for htat23:41
LennieI gotta go now23:41
Lenniemy friend has arrived :)23:41
Lennie[email protected]23:41
dcrodmansounds good, take it easy23:42
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