Monday, 2012-04-23

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praveen97umaany prospective students here?18:05
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praveen97umaany prospective students with melange?18:26
LennieI don't see them here within a glance praveen97uma  :)18:36
praveen97uma@Lennie: I know they are here! Just not responding18:36
praveen97umaAnyway! All the best guys. Hold your breath for some more minutes :)18:37
Lennieyeah good luck :p18:40
Lenniethe button hasn't been pressed yet :)18:40
praveen97umaI have the exact list url opened in a tab which I am going to reload as soon as the clock hits 17:0018:42
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Lenniepraveen97uma, you know it's not instant :)18:43
praveen97umaI know18:43
praveen97umabut still18:43
praveen97umaI like to do it :P18:43
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SinnerShankysite down19:06
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srabbelierQPS garph:,y&chd=e:AFAxBeCKC3DjEQE8FpGVHCHuIbJHJ0KgLNL5MlNSN-OrPXQEQwRdSJS2TiUPU7VoWUXBXtYaZGZyafbLb4ckdRd9eqfWgDgvhciIi1jhkOk6lnmTm.nsoYpFpxqerKr3sjtQt8upvVwCwuxbyHy0zg0M051l2S2-3r4X5E5w6d7J728i9P97,CCB3B1BxBdBUBaB6BpB6CJCECFBqBwCBByB4COB7CQCRBxB1BqB2BsCOB2CeCABsCHCCCFCyCcCLBuB6CFCuCzCZCeCiCSCRCsCkCPCMCQChClCUDOCVDPDAC4EBBoEBCPDDDRDFDAD0DkDpEdEpEwE7FSFTFyGZHdH2I9KxOeTAhN.qz9xc&chxp=0,97.7,81.4,65.19:14
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Lenniefun graph is fun19:15
LennieI know19:15
LennieAppEngine is finally allocating mor instances19:15
Lennieup to 42 now :)19:15
LennieI'm going to a meeting srabbelier things should be good :P19:15
SinnerShankymelange down?19:16
srabbelierSinnerShanky, please refresh :P19:17
srabbelierLennie, 48 instances :P19:18
SinnerShankyError retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again19:19
srabbelierSinnerShanky, try agian :)19:20
SinnerShankyon refreshing..either shows an error in retreiving data or shows a 500 server error19:20
srabbelierthese are all AppEngine errors19:20
srabbelieroooh, maybe not19:20
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SinnerShankyis there any way i can see the traffic on the site right now? I'd love to see the boost and all..19:21
srabbelierLennie, I upped the instance classes to F419:22
SinnerShanky@scrabbelier the list aint loading... error fetching data19:22
SinnerShankythe  vertical axis shows number of hits per?19:22
srabbelierSinnerShanky, queries per seconds19:23
SinnerShankyoh cool... and is this in realtime? plus do some thing about the site. not working19:25
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dzhusIs it possible to merge two accounts in Melange? I've registered one in 2009 and lost all passwords, I did a project back then19:26
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srabbelierdzhus, not without a lot of manual work on our side19:29
|Kev|Hmm. Should my dashboard still be showing everyone as Pending acceptance?19:29
srabbelier|Kev|, acceptance thingy is still running19:30
|Kev|Ah, fab, ta.19:30
dzhussrabbelier: can I ask someone to do it someday?19:30
|Kev|Lennie suggested it'd be <15mins about 30 ago :)19:30
dzhusI hope no projects will disappear from accepted projects list, right? :319:32
srabbelier|Kev|, yeah, we got a lot of QPS and weren't set up right to handle it19:32
srabbelier|Kev|, should be better now19:32
|Kev|Sure, if it's still running I'm in no hurry :)19:32
aghislaYou made me run in the last meters of my 8 hour trip, but seems that I'm not late for acceptance announcement :)19:32
LennieOh AppEngine and your silly scalability :)19:35
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SinnerShankyis it possible that a selected organisation doesnt receive any slot?19:44
srabbelierSinnerShanky, only if they choose not to19:44
SinnerShankyalso, were there only 828 slots this year?19:45
SinnerShankythe list that just loaded shows only 828 people. that is why i'm asking19:45
srabbelierSinnerShanky, nope, we're still accepting proposals :P19:45
srabbeliera bit slow this year19:45
SinnerShankyI applied for worldforge-ryzom. No accepted proposals are displayed from that organisation. Can you please let me know the reason. I'd be grateful. :)19:46
Lennie1212 should be accepted SinnerShanky19:47
Lenniemails are finally going out faster than being added :p19:47
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Lenniesrabbelier, madrazr still not sure why GAE won't give us 100 idle instances :P19:57
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armaanHi... :D20:19
armaanthanks a lot for selecting me :) :)20:19
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praveen97umaarmaan: Congrats dude20:22
armaanpraveen97uma: thanks  dear :) :)20:23
mitladti@Lennie  Thank you very much for selecting me20:24
mitladti @madrazr @srabbelier   thank you very much selecting me!20:25
madrazrmitladti: I don't deserve a thanks!20:26
mitladti@praveen97uma congrats :)20:26
srabbeliermitladti, haha, welcome :)20:26
madrazrmitladti: congratz!20:26
madrazrlooking forward for your work20:26
madrazrit is one of the long awaited feature for Melange20:26
praveen97umamitladti: I am not an @20:26
madrazrCarol will be very happy to see that :)20:26
praveen97umamitladti: congratz to you too20:27
armaanpraveen97uma: Congrats buddy ...20:31
armaanmadrazr: Thanks a lot :)20:31
madrazrarmaan: why thanking me? Redirect all thanks to Lennie, srabbelier, Leo, mario and daniel :)20:32
madrazrarmaan: congratz :)20:33
armaanmadrazr: you helped me in setting up things, your advice was valuable.20:34
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zatixwhat is the tax form document?20:34
armaanmadrazr: thanks :D20:35
madrazrarmaan: :)20:35
madrazrarmaan: NP :)20:36
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armaansrabbelier: thanks :)20:38
armaanmadrazr: :)20:38
Lennieplease read the email20:39
Lenniemail the list20:39
Lennieand set up an appointment with your mentor :)20:39
LennieAnd if you read even more carefully I will see most of you tomorrow for our conference call :)20:40
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Arcis there a way to generate a url that goes directly to filtering for a specific organization?21:52
tpb<$4Vc> (at
tpb<$4_Q> (at
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