Thursday, 2012-04-19

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DonDiegohi, i was referred to here from #gsoc08:19
DonDiegohi, i need to sign up as a mentor, but i'm already registered as a student, how can i unregister as a student (proposal withdrawn already)?08:19
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madrazrDonDiego: please send me an email and CC Carol?08:20
madrazrDonDiego: along with your link id?08:20
DonDiegowhere do i see the link id?08:20
madrazrDonDiego: on the homepage at, if you are logged you must see something like "You are logged in as ..." to your right, below the banner08:21
DonDiegoseen it, thx08:22
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LetterRiphi all - do students recieve notifications of comments to their proposal by default?13:54
LetterRipwe had a remarkably low response rate to feedback on proposals this year13:54
LetterRipwas thinking it was just 'email is for old people' but someone mentioned that notifications might be disabled?13:55
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madrazrLetterRip: it depends on what type of comment13:57
madrazrLetterRip: if it was a private comment, they would not have even got a notification13:57
LetterRipmadrazr: sure but public comments they should right13:57
madrazrLetterRip: if the comment was not private, which means it is public, they would have the notifications13:57
madrazrLetterRip: yes!13:57
LetterRiphrmm maybe it is 'email is for old people' or just flakey students13:58
madrazrLetterRip: may be :)14:02
LetterRipmadrazr: hmm perhaps a feature request for the future would be have people pick how they are sent notificiations - ie if there are apis for twitter facebook, phone gateways etc.14:10
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vikashI received a mail saying Thank you for applying to Google Summer of Code 2012 and content as None. What does that mean?18:18
gevaertsNothing. Some mails went out due to a bug18:20
vikashand I see now Projects in my dashboard18:20
vikashShould I feel happy or do I have to wait till 23:-)18:20
gevaertsYou should wait. Nothing has been decided yet18:21
gevaertsOf course you're free to feel happy if you want to, but this occurence doesn't mean anything18:21
vikashthanks gevaerts18:21
vikashgevaerts, thanks :-)18:22
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vikashhow will the duplicate selected students be notified and if by mails then by when?18:30
gevaertsDuplicates are resolved by the organisation. They may ask the student about preference, but they don't have to.18:31
vikashWill students receive emails? or they have been already sent?18:32
gevaertsNot about duplicates, no, unless an org admin decides to send one18:33
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vikashgevaerts, hows the TODO's getting activated any idea18:41
gevaertsno idea. I suspect the bug people are getting so talkative about18:42
* gevaerts isn't a melange person, and he suspects the melange people are too busy right now to look at irc18:42
vikash:-) #gsoc is fun18:42
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mojavelinuxI am a backup admin for one of the GSoC mentor organizations and I have a question19:22
Lennie2I think your question will be answered on the gsoc mentors mailing list in the near future19:24
Lennie2unless it's not about proposals dissapearing :)19:25
Lennie2and emails flying around19:25
Lennie2you can ask your question on #gsoc too :)19:25
mojavelinuxah, yes, it was about the fact that all the proposals got set to rejected, but just now they changed back to pending19:26
mojavelinuxthere is one other simple question19:26
Lennie2yes mailing list :)19:26
Lennie2for that19:26
mojavelinuxif I'm an admin, where will I see the button to change the status?19:26
mojavelinuxis it on the left hand side when I drill into a proposal?19:26
Lennie2and on the list19:26
Lennie2you can select a proposal and press the button on top19:26
mojavelinuxgot it19:27
mojavelinuxone more simple question19:30
mojavelinuxhow do I know if I have admin rights (I'm a backup admin, but I'm afraid my account might not have the persmissions correct)19:30
mojavelinuxwhat indication to I look for to know one way or another? does it say it somewhere?19:30
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Lennie2you can accept reject proposals :)19:31
Lennie2mentors can't do that19:31
mojavelinuxokay, then it seems I don't have the proper rights19:32
mojavelinuxwe were allocated more slots, the primary administrator is traveling and it appears I don't have rights as an administrator19:32
Lennie2please mail melange-soc-dev and we'll get to it soon19:34
Lennie2[email protected]19:34
Lennie2don't forget to mention your link id and the org's name19:34
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