Friday, 2012-04-13

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killrawrI've been referred to come here09:11
killrawrfrom an admin on #gsoc09:11
killrawrbecause I filled the wrong application form by accident09:11
killrawron https://google-melange.appspot.com09:11
tpbTitle: Google Summer of Code 2012 - Home page (at
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killrawrand for some reason you guys have no withdraw policy or code implemented....09:12
killrawrand there is nothing on the FAQ09:12
killrawrabout withdrawing09:12
killrawrso I was wondering can you please withdraw my information regarding being a mentor as I am not an organization and filled it out on accident09:12
killrawrthinking it was something more relevant to programming and/or helping other programmers09:12
tpb<$0Ej> (at
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armaanLennie: hey :)12:19
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Lenniearmaan, wassup?18:04
armaanHi Lennie...18:07
armaani am good.18:08
armaani am still not able to Edit my proposal18:08
Lenniearmaan, try again18:09
armaanThanks a lot Lennie :)18:10
Lenniesorry about that, I closed the browser window too quickly when i did that :P18:10
Lenniearmaan, good luck!18:11
Lenniearmaan, you should send in some code before the weekend is over btw18:11
Lenniearmaan, might better your chances :)18:11
armaanthanks Lennie. sure i will try my best.18:12
armaanif i send some code testing few pages, would it do18:12
LennieAlmost anything will do18:12
LennieNothing will not do :)18:13
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dcrodmanHey all, I cloned the melange repo to work on an issue and am prevented from running it due to the AppConfigNotFoundError exception, despite having already generated app.yaml. Running OS X 10.7, any suggestions?20:48
madrazrdcrodman: sounds a bit familiar, but also vague21:06
madrazrdcrodman: did you follow the steps of buildout?21:06
dcrodmanmadrar: I have, the interesting thing there is the first time i cloned the repo the process on the getting started page worked perfectly, but any subsequent clones have given me this problem21:07
dcrodmanby that i mean the AppConfigNotFoundError21:07
dcrodmanthis clone also won't let me run the script to generate the buildout; it throws a DistributionNotFound: zc.buildout==1.5.2 when I run bootstrap.py21:09
madrazrdcrodman: ah21:24
madrazrdcrodman: what Python package manager do you use?21:24
madrazrdcrodman: btw my nick is "madrazr". You can use tab key to autocomplete :)21:24
madrazrdcrodman: in most of the sane clients that is :P21:24
dcrodmanmadrazr: typo, sorry (I blame OSX spellcheck)! that's a good question actually, I'm not too familiar with the python bootstrapping and package management processes21:25
dcrodmanhow might I go about determining my package manager version?21:26
madrazrdcrodman: try these commands21:29
madrazror pip21:29
dcrodmanI just realized it's easy_install21:29
madrazrif neither of them exist21:29
madrazrdcrodman: Ok21:29
madrazrthen easy_install distribute21:29
madrazrand then run bootstrap again21:29
dcrodmansame zc.buildout error21:30
dcrodmanlooks like I have pip too - same command?21:30
madrazrdcrodman: please paste the complete error21:31
madrazrdcrodman: use some pastebin21:31
madrazrdcrodman: it doesn't matter, I prefer pip than easy_install, but if you have already used easy_install it is fine21:31
madrazrsince your machine is anyway messed up already21:31
madrazronce you use easy_install21:32
dcrodmanHere's the paste bin:
tpbTitle: Downloading - (at
dcrodmanmessing around with various frameworks seems to have tweaked by python distributions in bizarre ways21:33
madrazrdcrodman: please paste with commands21:34
tpb<$0XC> (at
dcrodmansorry, like so?
tpbTitle: Drews-MacBook-Pro:dcrodman-issue1515 dcrodman$ easy_install distribute install_ - (at
madrazrdcrodman: yes21:38
madrazrtake a look at the link I gave21:38
dcrodmanI checked it out, ran with python -S and got the same error as the pastebin21:41
dcrodmancan paste bin that for you as well, but it's the exact same output as what I linked21:41
madrazrdcrodman: then you may want to try it in a virualenv in such a way that none of your global packages are used21:43
dcrodmanI'll give that a shot, right now I'm just running it in my Ubuntu VM for testing21:44
madrazrdcrodman: Ok21:53
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dcrodmanmadrazr:  Do you use an gui text editor to write your commit messages?22:11
madrazrdcrodman: I use vim22:12
dcrodmanshoot ok22:12
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dcrodmanmadrazr: one more thing if you've got a sec, I've made my changes, committed with a solid message, and generated commit log. Is the command 'git patch > mypatch.patch' to generate the output for the patch? I've forgotten22:50
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dcrodmanfigured it out, never mind!22:54
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