Tuesday, 2012-04-10

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harlanAm I supposed to put in slot requests before tomorrow, or do we just need to have the proposals ranked by tomorrow?08:32
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harlanfound it08:51
|Kev|harlan: Slot requests today.09:02
harlanthanks |Kev| - I found the email and then actually followed the instructions!09:04
madrazrharlan: you MUST always read and re-read Carols emails on that list, especially those ones marked with Announce as she had announced in one of the mentor summits09:07
madrazrharlan: it doesn't matter if you ignore all other emails09:07
madrazrharlan: Carols Announce emails haz magic :P09:08
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trademark_Hello, I don't why, I'm not able to see my proposal anymore. Though I've already posted an answer.. Do you know what's wrong ?09:11
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madrazrtrademark_: do you have your proposal's URL?09:14
madrazrsaved somewhere?09:14
madrazrtrademark_: probably your browser can help you find that09:14
trademark_madrazr, 2 minutes please :)09:14
madrazrtrademark_: Ok :)09:16
trademark_madrazr, I'm coming back, (I just installed a new OS and nothing is on it, I need to reboot).09:20
madrazrtrademark_: Ok give me your link ID09:21
madrazrtrademark_: you can PM if you want09:21
trademark_madrazr, trademark09:21
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madrazrI can't do anything now09:23
madrazrif you come back and read this logs by any chance let me know09:23
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|Kev|He(?) said he was about to come back when he'd rebooted, I think.09:23
|Kev|And there we go.09:23
Trademark__so my link is : http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2012/trademark_09:24
madrazrTrademark__: welcome back09:26
Trademark__madrazr, thanks :)09:26
madrazrTrademark__: that doesn't look like your proposals URL09:26
madrazrTrademark__: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2012/trademark_/109:26
madrazrthat is your proposal URL09:26
Trademark__ok madrazr but I've got the following error message: This page is inaccessible because you do not have a profile in the program at this time.09:27
madrazrTrademark__: please login with your Google account09:27
madrazrthe same account that you used to submit this proposal09:27
Trademark__Ouch, I though it was the same09:28
Trademark__how can I figure out this ?09:28
madrazrTrademark__: figure out what?09:28
Trademark__madrazr, srry, I meant find what is my account, I though it was the good.09:29
madrazrTrademark__: I guess you know what all accounts you have?09:29
madrazrTrademark__: if you really don't remember the accounts you have, I can find that for you :)09:30
Trademark__madrazr, please, it would be great.09:31
madrazrTrademark__: are you Ok with me making that public or do you want me to PM?09:33
Trademark__madrazr, please pm.09:34
Trademark__madrazr, it's the one I use...09:34
madrazrTrademark__: then you probably know what that is?09:34
Trademark__I'm logged with this adress but I can't see my dashboard, neither my proposal...09:36
madrazrTrademark__: please log out of all other accounts and try logging in again09:37
madrazrwith the account I PM'ed you09:37
madrazrI guess I need to sleep now09:39
madrazrdarn 2:40AM already, time flies by09:39
madrazrTrademark__: email me if you have any problems09:39
madrazremail ID PM'ed09:39
Trademark__madrazr, thank you.09:41
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