Friday, 2012-04-06

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param___gevaerts,  Let me explain you my situation, I "have" to apply to one organisation , just because I have been involved with that community... Mentor esp asked me to, but I don't want to do GSoC in that... I have applied to other organisation, whre I m sure I have much better chance... I dont want to lower my change in sec organisation, just because they get to know that I have applied to multiple organisation!09:50
param___anyone mentor who can help me to decide!09:50
param___will both organisation get to know that I have applied to both of them, in initial stage09:50
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praveen97umamadrazr: ping10:34
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pratyushHello, I am having a bit of problem attaching images in my gsoc proposal on melange12:19
pratyushthe images are not appearing12:19
pratyushany suggestions ?12:19
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coldblooded_whenever i submit my GSoC application, i get error: invalid XSRF token: token mismatch for user_id '-1'13:44
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madrazrpraveen97uma: pong14:24
Lenniecoldblooded_, try and reload the page you might have left it open too long14:35
Lennieor you might have been logged out of Google services14:35
gevaertsLennie: is the gsocbot's xsrf factoid still correct?14:35
coldblooded_Lennie: its fixed now :) cheers14:53
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praveen97umamadrazr: ping15:42
madrazrpraveen97uma: pong15:42
praveen97umamadrazr: I had pinged you that time because of the mail by Renato Fabbri in the melange-soc-dev. He had mistakenly registered as a mentor.15:45
praveen97umamadrazr: He had sent the mail two times.15:45
praveen97umamadrazr: I felt he was getting restless because the proposal submission deadline is near15:45
madrazrpraveen97uma: ah sure15:49
madrazrpraveen97uma: I was sleeping :)15:49
madrazrof the very few hours I sleep every day, most of the days like 3-4 hours, today was a bit longer :P15:50
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praveen97umamadrazr: university work?16:02
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madrazrpraveen97uma: well, there are many others in the same University I am going to. But not everyone is telling that. I am just stupid :P16:06
praveen97umamadrazr: I dint get you :P16:07
madrazrpraveen97uma: I am stupid, thats all :P16:08
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dzhusIs it possible to merge two accounts in Melange?18:19
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dzhusI did GSoC in 2009. The Google account it was bound to was deleted since then. Now I have different account but I want my old proposal to show up under my current profile.18:20
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aghislahooray for melange team! gsoc application resisted until last minute!19:00
GushingsI was laughing when it went down at the last second.19:01
madrazrGushings: it did not19:02
madrazrGushings: it was not Melange at least I guess :P19:03
madrazrOh darn19:04
madrazrI pity this guy19:04
madrazrthere was at least one guy who did not make it I guess19:04
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GushingsYeah, I'm sure there were a few.19:05
GushingsProbably happens every time.19:05
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madrazrGushings: I am seeing an error for only one of them though, at 11:59:5219:08
madrazrGushings: but I would blame that guy19:08
Gushingsmadrazr wow, that is pretty close.19:08
madrazrGushings: yeah19:09
Gushingsmadrazr there should be a record list somewhere.19:09
madrazrGushings: he he he19:09
madrazrGSoC list of world records19:09
madrazrOk I need to run now19:09
madrazrsee you19:09
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LennieGushings, looks like that one madrazr was referring to was actually because two people tried to submit a proposal to the same org within the same second :p19:50
LennieMight be a doubleclick on save too ^^19:50
GushingsWell, there have been at least 3 students claiming to have received errors upon submission in #gsoc .19:51
Lennieonly 1 in the logs19:51
GushingsMaybe they were just too late.19:51
Lennieso yeah19:51
Lennieno errors on our side :)19:51
Lennie(except that one)19:52
Lennieso let them claim19:52
Lennieit's a lie :P19:52
GushingsThat's the side I would trust.19:52
Lenniebut srsly, you should never let it come to the last minute19:52
Lennieit's just stupid19:52
Lenniebut that's how a lot of people are :p19:52
Lenniedoing things last minute :(19:52
Lenniehappens every year19:53
GushingsProcrastination is a big challenge for many people.19:53
GushingsI know I've waited way too long to do things in life.19:53
GushingsProbably isn't going to make a good impression on the organization, however.19:53
LennieHappens to orgs as well during org app period19:55
LennieAnd in that case you can just edit up to the deadline and no one will have looked at it before the deadline19:55
Lennie<- back to work19:56
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vikashAre GSoC applications editable?20:05
GushingsIf the mentoring organization approves.20:07
GushingsIt's a case by case basis now.20:07
vikashok, thanks Gushings20:08
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dreimarkcan we have last edited  by mentor also on the list of proposals20:34
dreimarkor the name of the mentor who edited last20:34
dreimarkand return to the one where you added a comment would also be helpful20:42
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madrazrdcrodman: welcome :)21:15
dcrodmanmadrazr: thanks, have some time to kill so i figured i'd drop in21:16
madrazrdcrodman: cool!21:16
madrazrdcrodman: the real place to kill time on internet is Reddit ;-)21:16
* madrazr hides21:16
dcrodmanoh jeez, I'm the only one of my roommates that isn't consistently on reddit21:16
dcrodmani'm actually looking to kill two birds with one stone here and learn more about how Melange handles its REST json requests21:18
dcrodmanboth for my Melange project and for a side project I'm rewriting21:18
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vikashSay I get a new comment in my proposal, so can there be a mechanism that highlights unread comments (say with orange colour)21:59
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asmeurer_can all mentors allow proposal modifications, or just admins?22:40
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asmeurer_and ditto for ignoring proposals?22:51
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