Monday, 2012-03-26

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dcrodmanHey all, working with a fork of the current Melange source to fix an issue and am having problems replicating the scenario.  I think I fixed the problem, it just needs to be tested. How does one create a User that can be invited to become an organization mentor?00:24
dcrodman I've tried registering a new account and it won't let me invite since the User is registered as a student and creating a User manually via admin panel just results in the User not being found00:24
dcrodmanworking with seed_db populated database, by the way00:24
madrazrdcrodman: register as a mentor00:25
madrazrwith a mentor profile00:25
madrazryou can do so by visiting /gsoc/profile/mentor/google/gsoc201200:26
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dcrodmanmadrazr: I looked for such a link and was unable to find one; that URL appended to localhost brings me to the melange error page informing methat there is no such url00:27
dcrodmanmaybe i configured something incorrectly?00:27
madrazrdcrodman: did you try this URL /gsoc/profile/mentor/google/gsoc201200:28
madrazrdcrodman: if not you should now00:28
madrazrand paste the error in the pastebin00:28
madrazrdcrodman: or screenshot00:29
madrazrdcrodman: if you have a valid program00:29
dcrodmanA screenshot may be easiest, I copied in that URL. Just a sec00:29
madrazrdcrodman: and if you are able to see the valid program home page00:29
madrazrdcrodman: you should have configured things properly00:29
madrazrdcrodman: also paste your default home page URL00:30
dcrodmanI had hoped that was the case00:30
dcrodmandefault home page url is as follows:
dcrodmanHere's a screenshot of my browser result:
tpbTitle: 29u82.png at Free Image Hosting (at
madrazrdcrodman: gsoc and gci are two separate programs00:34
madrazrhaving two separate rules00:34
madrazrdcrodman: so do they have different modules in Melange00:34
madrazrdcrodman: I suspect that you don't have a GSoC program00:34
madrazrand hence you have 404s on GSoC programs00:35
dcrodmanmadrazr: I was wondering about that, I've modified the source under the gsoc module but have been unable to access a gsoc program00:35
madrazrdcrodman: you should have some GSoC programs00:36
madrazrlook at the top right corner on your GCI homepage00:36
madrazryou must be able to just find a valid gsoc program already seeded00:36
dcrodmantried that link in the top right when I first ran seed_db, it just redirects me to the same page. Perhaps I'll look through seed_db and see if another url is configured for the gsoc program00:37
madrazrdcrodman: there is00:44
madrazrat least there is gsoc200900:44
dcrodmanmadrazr: I found it, I'm testing it now. Thank you for your help00:45
madrazrshould take you to gsoc home page00:45
madrazrdcrodman: cool!00:45
madrazrdcrodman: NP00:45
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variablemadrazr: that won't load for me !00:57
madrazrvariable: what is that?00:58
* variable was making a bad joke00:58
madrazrvariable: heh01:00
madrazrvariable: you haven't run /seed_db01:00
variablenah, I'm a constant01:01
* variable can't be seeded01:01
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macoboHey Lennie. Should I contact Leo and SRabbelier through email about the Testing proposal if I'm interested?14:23
Lenniemacobo, yes that's the best way. Please CC melange-dev and don't forget to use the reply-to-all button :)14:24
macoboThanks. How many people have contacted you already?14:26
Lennie4-5'ish, none of them submitted a patch yet though :)14:27
LennieAlthough 1 person is close to doing so14:27
LennieAnyway, I'll be off now. Work to do. If you have any questions you can leave them in the email or find me on IRC later today.14:27
macoboSure. I'll be getting familiar with the codebase. :)14:28
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armaanhello :)17:21
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armaanHi Lennie, I am making a visualisation video of melange code development history.  I wanted to confirm if i can i use the melange logo ??18:13
madrazrarmaan: go for it18:14
armaanthanks :)18:14
madrazrarmaan: also feel free to use the video we have on the homepage as a reference18:14
madrazrarmaan: don't use the logo for any commercial purposes please18:15
armaanhehehe... no no, just for the video18:15
madrazrarmaan: sure :)18:16
armaan100% :)18:16
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Lenniemadrazr, srabbelier wow21:01
Lennie0 errors in the logs so far21:01
LennieHRD is so much better than master slave :P21:01
Lenniemadrazr, did you forgot to push the schools ^^?21:01
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madrazrLennie: it is not that21:13
madrazrLennie: autocomplete is broken21:13
* madrazr high fives Lennie for not seeing errors :)21:14
* gevaerts bets the error logging is broken :)21:14
* gevaerts hides21:14
madrazrgevaerts: it cannot be :P21:15
madrazrit can never be21:15
madrazrgevaerts: even if it is, it is not, because we are not seeing anything :P21:15
gevaertsAh, right :)21:15
srabbelierLennie, agree21:23
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asmeurer____the "extra columns" thing for the proposals doesn't seem to be working23:00
asmeurer____is this a known issue?23:00
asmeurer____ah I guess so:
tpb<> (at
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spM__I by mistake had registered as a mentor, now I am unable to register as a student :( what should I do :( ?23:25
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rahulr92Hi. Will the student profile be editable later on, once we register? (esp. the homepage url, blog url, phone no. etc)23:28
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spM__I wrongly registered myself as a mentor. And I cant apply as a student :( What should I do :( ?23:34
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