Friday, 2012-03-23

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armaanhello everyone09:25
armaanwhile deploying my instance , i am getting this error09:26
armaansocket.error: [Errno 98] Address already in use09:26
armaanany ideas ??09:26
armaangot the solution :)09:28
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armaan1Leo around ??14:04
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Lenniemadrazr, poke19:03
Lenniemadrazr, you have 5 min?19:03
madrazrLennie: poke poke19:03
madrazryes tell me19:03
armaanHello everyone, please tell me what is the best time to find Leo or Sverre Rabbelier  on IRC19:04
Lenniearmaan, contact them by email19:05
armaansure , thanks Lennie :)19:05
Lenniearmaan, they have day jobs which usually means they are not on IRC19:06
Lenniearmaan, feel free to CC the list19:06
armaanoh, i forgot to cc the list last time, i will do it from now onwards.19:07
Lenniearmaan, I was about to reply with that response19:07
LenniePlease resend that mail cc'ing the list too :)19:07
armaanokie. i'll do it right now :)19:08
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armaanDone :)19:11
Lenniearmaan, thanks19:11
LennieAnyway, leo and sverre should take it from here :)19:11
LennieAnd mail is the best way to reach them19:11
armaanThanks lennie, i will keep that in mind.19:12
Lenniearmaan, if they don't respond you know where to find me19:13
LennieI'll hit them with a clue bat :)19:13
armaansure Lennie :D19:13
armaanLennie: Did you saw those visualisation videos19:14
Lenniearmaan, I saw that they were attached to the mail19:20
Lenniehaven't looked at it yet19:20
LennieI'm at work :p19:20
armaanokie... :)19:23
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kblinLennie: hey there19:24
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Lenniekblin, wassup?19:25
kblinjust thinking about ways to improve the rejected org meeting for next year19:26
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Lenniekblin, anything Melange can help you with that?19:27
Lenniekblin, I'm not sure if carols wants to leave a custom message for each org in their email but it might be an option19:28
kblinI think the irc meeting is good for this19:29
kblinI'm just wondering if we can cut down on the dupes for the queue19:29
kbline.g. by letting people specify their melange link_id for the project, and the bot checking if that org is already queued up19:30
Lenniekblin, does that have to match melange is some way?19:35
Lenniekblin, if orgs would have their stuff together they would probably have a unique identifier already :p19:35
kblinbut you're right, it probably doesn't make too much sense19:36
kblinjust brainstorming on the items on my issue tracker :)19:38
Lenniekblin, no problem19:39
kblinI was also thinking about putting the queue webpage to melange, but figured out that this also would be way too much work for too little benefit :)19:40
kblinso I guess I don't need to annoy you guys19:41
Lenniekblin, as long as you don't write code for us :)19:41
Lennieand you know why :p19:41
kblinno worries, I'd just fork melange and publish my changes on github under a compatible license19:41
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Lennieand then we independently pull it in :p?19:43
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kblinit's open source, I don't care as long as you follow the license provisions ;)19:47
Lenniekblin,  :p19:53
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dcrodmanHey all, anyone able to point me to the file in which URLs are dispatched? app/ isn't what I'm looking for and I'm trying to find the view handler for mentor invitations20:15
dcrodmanE.g. if you are an organization administrator and try to invite a member to become a mentor for your program20:15
Lenniedcrodman, is way too django like :P20:23
Lenniedcrodman, modules/gsoc/ should be it20:23
LennieYou'll see the URL being registered there20:23
Lenniedcrodman, you should be able to take it from there. I need to get back to work D:20:25
LennieIf you are interested in how views work btw20:25
dcrodmanSorry lennie stopped away for a second, thanks for the info20:25
tpb<> (at
LennieSo much better than the system we had 3 years ago ^_^20:26
dcrodmanoh excellent. going to take some adjusting from my django app20:26
Lenniedcrodman, Djangos setup doesn't play extremely well with AppEngine20:26
Lenniedcrodman, we use it mainly for forms and registering urls though20:27
Lenniedcrodman, but not for things like administration20:27
Lenniedcrodman, and of course we use the templating language :)20:27
dcrodmanI've read that everywhere, my implementation is using the django-nonrel project for the BigTable database compatibility. Noted, I thought a lot of this code looked like a custom setup20:27
Lenniedcrodman, it's custom in some sense yes. It was written back in the very very early dark days of GAE20:29
Lennieanyhow, I can reminisce about that later :P.20:29
dcrodmanHaha I'd be interested to hear about it20:29
dcrodmanI suppose updating some of the "low level" configurations would be a little much for a summer project20:30
Lenniedcrodman, also probably not that necessary20:30
dcrodmanalso true20:30
LennieThere is however also an issue out there to fix the bootstrap process20:31
Lennieas you'll probably notice soon enough it just doesn't exist :P20:31
Lenniealthough locally you can run <url_to_local_instance>/seed_db20:31
Lenniedcrodman, anyway that's one more issue you can consider20:31
dcrodmanThat might actually be another really interesting topic20:31
Lennieotherwise if you have python foo you should be able to use AppEngines local console to seed some data ^^20:32
dcrodmanI'll check that out. I definitely want to work on the student code uploads/repository too but that will be something to think about after this20:32
Lenniedcrodman, interesting but somewhat less useful to carols. Very helpful for newcomers on the project20:32
Lennie(carols being the Google person who runs Summer of Code)20:33
LennieI really need to stop talking now :D20:33
LennieI have code to write20:33
dcrodmanHaha no problem, sorry to keep you20:33
LennieNo I'm keeping my self :p20:33
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