Wednesday, 2012-03-21

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ajsLennie, madrazr: are you guys mentors for melange?04:58
madrazrajs: potential yes04:58
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ajsmadrazr: so ... do you only have the one officially recommended idea?04:59
madrazrajs: yeah this time04:59
ajshow many students are you expecting to take on (just one?)05:00
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ajsmadrazr: ^05:02
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madrazrajs: I don't know right now05:43
madrazrajs: it really depends05:43
madrazrajs: as many good applications as we get may be?05:44
madrazrreally good!05:44
ajsmadrazr: ok :D05:44
ajsmadrazr: so one thing I heard from GCI mentors is that they would really like to see a students history when they go to approve a task. Granted, that's a bit small, but would you consider a task rather like that (only bigger)?05:45
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madrazrajs1: while that is definitely a nice to have, that wouldn't make a GSoC project05:57
madrazrmay be other things with that?05:57
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ajs1madrazr: right - obviously06:01
ajs1madrazr: just probing for ideas06:01
madrazrajs1: sure06:05
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ajs1madrazr: another thing I know mentors were frustrated by was a lack of queue on when students submitted stuff. Another (more full scale) idea had would be having real time updates coming out of melange for GCI with different options available such as an IRC bot which posts to a channel each time something happens for that org... or a Twitter feed... or a more generic RESTful API which pings remote URLs06:10
ajs1that would save a ton of what I saw last year which was "mentornick1 mentornick2 mentornick3: claim [URL]"06:10
ajs1or "nick1 nick2: pls review [URL]"06:11
ajs1which generally contributed to mentors getting incredibly pissed06:11
madrazrajs1: there are emails that are already doing it06:11
ajs1yea... but email... isn't exactly a popular form of notification for that sort of thing06:12
madrazrajs1: I would disagree06:12
madrazrajs1: it is the most persistent form of notification06:13
madrazrno one can complain that they missed it (unless their spam marker is doing something crazy)06:13
madrazrajs1: twitter, IRC bot messages and all other form of social/geek media postings are really really transient06:13
ajs1madrazr: ok - then scratch that, but students get pissed if things aren't accepted in 5 minutes06:14
madrazrajs1: that is a social problem06:14
ajs1which is why they take to IRC to piss off the mentors06:14
madrazrajs1: you can't expect mentors to be awake 24 hours all the 90 days the program runs06:14
ajs1madrazr: nor do I06:14
madrazrajs1: yes06:14
ajs1(planning on mentoring for GCI next year)06:15
madrazrwhich is why whatever anyone does, mentors can't accept requests in 5 mins06:15
madrazrin an average case06:15
madrazrajs1: cool!06:15
ajs1I'm just repeating complaints that I heard from mentors06:15
ajs1random note: madrazr are you a Googler?06:16
madrazrajs1: sure, the solution you suggest is probably not a solution to that problem06:16
madrazrmay be if you have a better solution06:16
madrazrajs1: I am not06:17
ajs1madrazr: hmm - I'll try to think of one; the thinking behind the IRC bot was that students wouldn't ping mentors if there was already a message in IRC, but perhaps I underestimate how obnoxious students are :D06:18
madrazrajs1: no matter what you do, desperate people are desperate and I am not telling that is wrong06:20
madrazrajs1: if you post a message to #python06:20
madrazror say #rubyonrails06:20
madrazrdo you think the student who wants to nag mentors, notice that message?06:21
madrazrajs1: probably not06:21
ajs1madrazr: ok - thx... I'll think about that. gn06:22
madrazrajs1: gn06:22
madrazrajs1: NP06:22
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mxprmalguien me puede explicar como se aporta al Melange para GSoC07:42
mxprmcan somebody explain how is contributed to Melange for GSoC07:42
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aditi@Lennie hi12:29
aditi@Lennie: hi12:30
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