Monday, 2012-03-12

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stc043Hello Can i know if melange itself is participating in this year's GSoC ?12:40
raflyou can starting from Friday, when the participating organisations will be announced12:42
stc043rafl : Thank you12:44
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teufany reason why I have to make sure I go to an 2011 URL in melange if I want to be able to access my dashboard?15:32
teufit's not showing up in the sidebar if I go to a 2012 URL15:32
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mang0Hey all, I need an answer asap for this, a friend is ringing the # to activate my citibank card pin atm, couple of questions. (He has free US calls, I don't from UK). So, question one: The ZIP code I have to provide is the one for Stephanie Taylor, correct? Listed in the account details, under the address. However, what do I put in when it asks for "account number"? This is for GCI money, btw.21:35
Lennie_2mang0, not the place to ask. Mail sttayloer21:36
mang0Lennie_2: Okay. Thanks :/21:36
Lennie_2And I'm pretty sure the google groups and the letter you got covers it all21:36
Lennie_2mang0, this is just the channel for the software that runs the website :)21:37
mang0Lennie_2: Sure, no prob. It's just, I was posting the above question everywhere, as my friend literally just phoned, lol.21:37
LennieGetting rid of me, never :D21:40
Lennie_2Yes I will :P21:41
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Lennie_2I win21:41
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mang0Lennie: First signs of madness! You're talking to yourself! And to all who read the above message: It's now solved. Thanks.21:42
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