Wednesday, 2012-03-07

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harlanSo this phase is for project registratin, which may not be the same as org registration, right?  Now I realize I should just re-read the emails...00:18
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madrazrharlan: project registration?00:41
madrazrharlan: This is the organization registration phase00:41
madrazrone moment I need to restart the machine00:41
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Lennieorganizations == open source projects00:45
Lenniesome of them call themselves foundations00:45
Lenniesome call themselves orgs00:46
Lennieothers just projects :000:46
harlanAh, OK.  I'm a bit confused because in past GSoC's we've showed up as NTP (network time protocol), first using ISC as the admin org, and last year using Network Time Foundation as the $ handler.00:46
harlanThis year we have another group, Precision Time Protocol, and they too want to apply and would use NTFoundatoin as the $ handler.00:47
harlanIf it's OK we'd like to have NTP and PTP be listed separately, and just let NTF handle the payments.00:48
harlanIf I should rename/change any of our current submission I can do that.00:48
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LennieYou should talk to [email protected] about that00:49
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harlanwill do - thanks!00:49
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harlanhey lh00:50
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antrikharlan: there was talk about an option to list subprojects of an umbrella organisation separately... but nothing happened in this regard so far :-(10:41
antrik(I would like to implement that myself, but I couldn't get myself to do it yet...)10:41
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Lennieantrik, yes there has been talk about it but no implementation has been done yet16:17
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LetterRiphi all - what is the link to the page where we fill out our form - it isn't showing up in my dashboard17:47
LetterRipfound it17:48
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harlanantrik: ack... I understand!21:08
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