Thursday, 2012-03-01

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betelgeuse_madrazr, CAN I TRY FIXING 1429 ?06:37
betelgeuse_*issue 142906:37
madrazrbetelgeuse_: sure06:39
madrazrbetelgeuse_: and I can send you the diff I have06:39
madrazrI was working on it, but had to stop because there were other important things06:39
betelgeuse_fine .06:39
betelgeuse_cool, i willtry to finish it .06:39
madrazrbetelgeuse_: looking through the stash06:47
betelgeuse_ok .06:51
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betelgeuse_madrazr : This is the error, .09:14
tpbTitle: AppConfigNotFoundError - (at
madrazrbetelgeuse_: what is appcfg rebuild?09:19
madrazrbetelgeuse_: by rebuild I meant use ./bin/paver build --skip-pylint09:20
betelgeuse_i did that .09:20
betelgeuse_will try once again , this is the actual error ,
tpbTitle: Python compat Module error. - (at
madrazrbetelgeuse_: how did you get Python 2.5?09:21
madrazrsource compile?09:21
betelgeuse_i got it from aur.09:22
betelgeuse_arch linux repos09:22
madrazrbetelgeuse_: it may not have that module09:25
madrazrbetelgeuse_: you may have to check arch's python 2.5 version09:26
madrazrif it says it is missing something09:26
betelgeuse_But in usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Crypto/Util/ exists.09:26
betelgeuse_I tried running using python 2.7 also , and i am getting the same error .09:28
madrazrbetelgeuse_: thats weird then09:33
madrazrtry doing from Crypto.Util.python_compat import *09:34
madrazron your console and see what happens09:34
betelgeuse_From console it works.09:36
madrazrthats even more weird09:42
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betelgeuse_yes .I will try rebuilding evrything once & will let you know if that solves the problem.09:50
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