Monday, 2012-02-27

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Lenniegevaerts, ping16:00
gevaertsLennie: pong16:00
Lennietell me about the timer16:00
gevaertsAh, yes.16:01
gevaertsI think *I* was confused16:01
LennieThat means less work for us :P16:01
gevaertsIt was just after midnight, so my mind was still on "it's Sunday, after 19:00 UTC", and the clock widget showed that it was the 27th16:02
gevaertsSo I thought it was the 27th after 19:00 UTC16:02
LennieIt might be confused though16:03
Lennieseems to be set for 20:00 UTC if you'd ask me16:03
* gevaerts looks16:03
Lennieoh no16:03
gevaertsIt's a bit after 16:00 UTC now16:03
gevaerts"date -u" :)16:04
LennieI'm confusing myself with ETC :P16:04
Lennieor CET16:04
LennieI've been traveling too much :D16:04
gevaertsI tend to always ask date about it instead of trying to do the maths myself :)16:04
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Lennienp, thanks for keeping an eye out on the website16:08
gevaertsI'll try to be more awake before reporting things next time :)16:09
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Lenniegevaerts, even I tripped on it :P16:45
LennieAnd I already had my tea16:45
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asmeurerJust to be clear, the "Public Info" on the "Register as Org Admin" page are for me personally, not for my org, right?20:11
LennieAll of that is for your profile20:19
LennieI believe t-shirt size is also one of the questions :)20:20
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harlanWhere should I ask a ? about the "Register as Org Admin form"?23:04
Lenniehere is fine23:13
Lenniewassup harlan ?23:13
harlanThanks Lennie - on the front page ofr "Register as Org Admin" the top entry is "Public name" - that's my name, not the org name, right?23:14
LennieEverything you see there is your personal info23:18
LennieOnce you get a more questionaire like page you'll know it's about an org :)23:18
Lenniethe page that asks for ideas list and so no23:18
harlanRight, and since the forms may change every year and I only fill them in once, it was not obvious to me.23:19
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harlan2 boxes for t-shirt size?23:22
harlanand for "birth date" how about only asking for year and month?  The day should not be that critical, and it's less dangerous in case of a data loss.23:24
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harlanAh I misread about the t-shirt boxes.23:26
Lennieharlan, date matters :op23:32
Lennieespecially for students23:32
Lennieevery year we have students who are just a few days away from being 18 and want to participate :023:32
harlanfair enough - thanks!23:32
Lennieand I have a feeling legal wants the full date rather than a month and year :P23:33
harlanI won;'t ask if the alg could be a bit smarter, so if the year is far enough back the day doesn't matter.23:33

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