Friday, 2011-12-30

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laurionlast year's GCI and the first day this year, we had the posibility to filter tasks by tags and difficulty16:13
laurionwhy didn't you keep it16:14
madrazrlaurion: because the current tagging framework was too painful. It wouldn't load 2000+ tasks16:15
laurion(SRabbelier said then there were some performance issues, and in a week it will be solved)16:15
madrazrlaurion: we haven't been able to solve it yet ompletely16:15
laurionmaybe not on the main page16:15
laurionid be happy with a non official16:15
laurionmaybe I want to filter by asm16:16
laurionand there are not 200016:16
laurionyou can use the same code as last year...16:16
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madrazrlaurion: ??18:08
madrazrlaurion: just for the sake of stating the facts, I still see 2331 tasks which are in Open states that can be claimed by students18:12
madrazrlaurion: I am sure a large number of tasks have been closed too, not sure how many though18:12
madrazrlaurion: but well, the search is still over 200018:12
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laurionmadrazr, is there a testing page with these filters18:16
madrazrlaurion: nope18:16
madrazrlaurion: what is asm?18:17
laurionmadrazr, you should make one and we'll see if it is acceptable18:17
laurionassembly language..18:17
madrazrlaurion: we have taken it out after it was live18:17
madrazrlaurion: it was tested and done18:17
madrazrlaurion: more over a simple filter "assembly" on the title field lists the tasks which have something to do with assembly18:18
laurionmadrazr, I know but thats not what I want18:19
laurionmadrazr, where is the source of the task list, maybe I can take a look ... it shouldn't be that slow...2000 is not much18:20
madrazrlaurion: the list you see is the source list18:20
madrazrlaurion: so if you think it is not a lot18:20
madrazrlaurion: please feel free to submit a patch to Melange18:21
laurionmadrazr, i mean the source code18:21
madrazrlaurion: Melange's source is available here:
tpbTitle: Changes - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrWe will be happy to take your patch if it works better18:21
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