Sunday, 2011-12-25

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nafcooli want help08:48
nafcoolplease help me08:48
nafcoolanyone there?08:50
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nafcoolanyone please..........08:51
scorche|shsaying a please every minute is not going to help matters08:54
nafcooli'm sorry08:54
nafcoolbut *panic*08:54
nafcooli can't login into melange08:55
scorche|shi understand, but in IRC, the messages will be there for anyone lurking in the channel - to repeat is unnecessary unless doing it for a new person just joining08:56
nafcooli tried it with seven browsers08:56
nafcoolbut at the same time i'm logged into GMail08:56
nafcooland yes, i can login on Windows08:56
scorche|shwell, they are different systems, so...08:56
nafcooli'm on Ubuntu 11.0408:57
nafcooland its happening today.08:57
nafcoolbelow it shows that connecting to and it stays there forever08:57
nafcoolcan u help me?08:58
scorche|shno - if i had the power to help you, i would have done it already08:59
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scorche|shif you can log in on windows, then why dont you do that?09:00
nafcoolbecause i need to tasks on Linux platform......09:00
nafcooland why doesn't it login today?09:00
scorcheagain - if i could help you, i would have done so already  ;)09:01
nafcooldo u know anyone who can help me.....09:01
scorchewell, you are in the correct place for help with melange - i would recommend just being patient and waiting around until someone who can help you becomes active09:02
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Alex11223|2why I can't upload zip file for student enrollment proof?* No file was submitted. Check the encoding type on the form22:52
Alex11223|2or I must upload both forms (parental + student) together?22:53
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