Friday, 2011-12-16

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DragooonWhat happened to second wave?12:59
Arci guess its still coming..15:19
Arcyou know theres a ton of 1st wave tasks left right?15:19
DragooonArc: There are no PHP tasks left for LimeSurvey and VLC is out of close a libav bug(hard) ones15:25
Archuh, weird15:25
Arcwe have a ton of low hanging fruit left15:25
Arcwe actually didnt add as many new tasks for the second wave because there's only around 20 tasks completed or in-progress15:26
DragooonArc: What organisation?15:38
Arcsadly most of the tasks that have been done have been artistic, rather than coding15:41
Arcthere's some fun ones up too15:41
DragooonAh okay, not really into python so haven't looked into SymPy or PySoy yet15:41
Arcexcept neither are written in python.15:42
DragooonSymPy is in python15:42
Arcis it?15:42
DragooonPySoy isn't?15:42
Arcno, only things written in python are examples and unit tests15:42
DragooonOh, what language is it in?15:42
Arclibsoy, which a bulk of the code is in, is written in Gnome's language Genie -
tpbTitle: Genie - GNOME Live! (at
Arcpysoy itself is in C15:43
DragooonAh okay15:44
DragooonI'm mostly PHP with a bit of C, so I'm mostly focussing on LimeSurvey15:44
Arcits good to focus on a single org15:44
DragooonI have looked into other orgs after finishing LimeSurvey, that's how I got into VLC a bit15:45
DragooonPlus did a few translations15:45
DragooonHow's GCI been for you?15:47
Arcwe've had a few good students.16:16
Arcim hoping the 2nd half will yield more activity16:16
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robin08How can I add important links like leader-board on my Dashboard in GCI?16:24
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DragooonTIll when can orgs add tasks?18:06
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mang0What's all this stuff about forms we have to fill in? I was told I'd receive an email, but nothing yet....18:30
mang0for GCI, that is.18:30
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Dragooonmadrazr: Are you a melange admin?19:54
madrazrDragooon: yes I am19:55
Dragooonmadrazr: Can a little extension be provided to orgs for adding tasks? Just for today. Because VLC didn't add tasks for second wave due to reasons and now we're out of tasks to do. They have the tasks ready though19:55
GautamGupta+1 ^19:56
DragooonI'm a student BTW, so is GautamGupta19:56
madrazrDragooon: are you org admin/mentor of VLC?19:56
DragooonNo, but I can ask for him to come19:56
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DragooonBBB_work Is a mentor/admin of VLC19:57
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Dragooonmadrazr: ^19:57
BBB_workok this is highly inappropriate19:57
lionaneeshI am here! :P19:57
BBB_worktoo many students19:57
BBB_worksorry guys19:57
madrazrBBB_work: NP19:58
lionaneeshBBB_work: Yeah i can understand! :|19:58
madrazrDragooon: btw to be clear19:59
madrazrDragooon: the only way to do this is for the VLC's org admin to write an email to Carol or Stephanie about an extension. But IMHO it is not fair20:00
madrazrfor other organizations and student20:00
madrazra deadline is a deadline20:00
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BBB_workso they complain I didn't add tasks, which is sort of true, I didn't really, we forgot because I tohught the deadline was today so I was going to add them today20:00
BBB_work(my chat is slow btw)20:01
madrazrBBB_work: deadline is still today?20:01
DragooonSo deadline isn't reached yet?20:01
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BBB_workmadrazr, deadline is (according to carols) this morning, I thought it was midnight20:02
BBB_workmadrazr, I can'tadd new tasks, at least20:02
Alex11223Hello.  why I yet doesn't received email about forms? I will recieve it later? I read few weeks ago that there was some bug with e-mails, but was written that it has been fixed20:02
madrazrBBB_work: ah Ok. If thats what carol said, then it is indeed that. I am wrong then20:03
GautamGuptaAlex11223: Go to your dashboard and it would ask you for forms :)20:04
Alex11223I know, but I want email :)20:05
GautamGuptaNot needed, really, I didn't receive one too :)20:06
madrazrAlex11223: what email is this you are expecting? An email asking you to submit the forms?20:08
mang0Alex11223, madrazr: I was also told I would get an email.20:10
mang0(Regarding the forms)20:10
madrazrmang0: what email is this? I am confused20:12
madrazrAlex11223: there were 2 questions, and your yes was for?20:12
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mang0madrazr: I saw the forms that needed to be filled in on my dashboard, and enquired about it in #gsoc. Carols said not to worry, and to wait for an email...20:12
madrazrAlex11223: mang0: Note, you will be contacted only if there is a problem with the forms you have submitted20:13
Alex11223em...yes, I'm expecting email asking me to submit the forms :)20:13
madrazrif you don't get an email you should not worry20:13
madrazrmang0: ah Ok20:13
madrazrmang0: that email20:13
mang0madrazr: So we should submit the forms now with no emails received?20:13
madrazrAlex11223: mang0: right20:13
madrazrmang0: you can20:13
madrazrbut you may get an email at some point20:13
madrazrasking to submit forms20:14
mang0may? So it's worth submitting them just to be on the safe side?20:14
madrazrAlex11223: mang0: if you have the forms you may as well submit them20:14
madrazrbut there is nothing to worry or unsafe :)20:14
Alex11223I know that I may submit without email, but it would be good if I recieve this email :)20:15
mang0I'm just paranoid about not submitting them in time for my prize(s)20:15
madrazrAlex11223: if you want to, you will get it20:15
madrazrAlex11223: and if you want to wait for an email, you are free to20:16
Alex11223why it's takes so much time to send these emails?20:16
mang0madrazr: Just whilst we're on the questions of forms, the parental consent form, is it just a piece of paper signed by my parent/s saying they give permission for me, *my_name_here* to participate in GCI?20:17
mang0and the student ID form, what's that? >.> like, my passport or something? o.o20:17
GautamGuptaPlease download one from here -
tpb<> (at
GautamGuptastudent id is a proof of enrollment in the school20:18
madrazrmang0: I don't know about that20:18
mang0GautamGupta: So I have to contact my school and get something? >.>20:18
madrazrAlex11223: because there is no hurry to do it?20:18
GautamGuptamang0: Does your school have id cards?20:18
mang0GautamGupta: No.20:18
GautamGuptaThen please get a proof of enrollment, signed by the principal on school letterhead (I'm not from Google, but that should work). You can clear your queries on gci-discuss Google group :)20:19
tpb<> (at
mang0GautamGupta: What about this; I attend a Saturday arts course at a local college, where I have an ID card. Could I put that as my school, and scan that?20:20
GautamGuptaUm, well, I'm not sure. Please ask on the Google group or carols. :)20:21
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