Wednesday, 2011-12-14

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c_schmitzmadrazr: the latest Melange release completely wrecked the comments, I am not able to reply or create comments at all18:47
c_schmitzwhich is rather unfortunate18:48
c_schmitzit is trying to load
c_schmitzwhich does not exist at that URL18:49
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madrazrc_schmitz: looking into it18:49
c_schmitzmadrazr: k18:50
madrazrc_schmitz: sorry about that, I can confirm that this is the case19:03
madrazrattempting to fix it ASAP19:03
madrazrc_schmitz: NP, thank you for telling us about this!19:05
c_schmitzmadrazr: please give me a holler here when it is fixed ;)19:09
madrazrc_schmitz: sure! I am first reverting the stuff to previous version. Just making sure no other developer is doing anything specific to the new version!19:10
madrazrnot having regressions is more important than new features :P19:10
gevaertsThat's a boring attitude! ;)19:10
madrazrgevaerts: of course! boring is better at times :P19:12
c_schmitzI really needto tell off some students19:12
madrazradventurous is fun when you can afford to do it19:13
gevaertsmadrazr: that's *also* a boring attitude ;)19:14
madrazrgevaerts: ha ha19:14
madrazrgevaerts: I am getting back to work ;-)19:15
madrazrand of course that is boring anyway19:15
* gevaerts decides to stop commenting from the sidelines :)19:15
madrazrc_schmitz: we have reverted the version19:21
c_schmitzmadrazr: thanks19:21
madrazruntil the fix for tinymce is deployed19:21
madrazrc_schmitz: NP19:21
c_schmitznow let me get back to cheating students19:21
madrazrc_schmitz: can you confirm if comments are working? :)19:21
madrazrc_schmitz: cheating students? :P19:21
madrazrsounds scary19:21
c_schmitzyeah, translation tasks19:21
c_schmitzbest was the student from India trying to tell mehe is an expertin Icelandic19:22
madrazrc_schmitz: ??19:22
madrazrc_schmitz: wowow!19:22
madrazrc_schmitz: Oh god!? Why, why on earth would you do that?19:22
madrazrfor translation19:22
c_schmitzthey  trying to cheat by using machine translation19:22
madrazrc_schmitz: wow! Kids are getting smart in all wrong ways19:23
c_schmitzmadrazr: comments are back to working, btw19:25
madrazrc_schmitz: cool! thanks for verifying!19:31
Nightrosemadrazr: i have a number of unapproved tasks - do i need to approve them somehow for the second round? it wasn't necessary for the first round but was for last year20:14
Nightrosealso: hi!20:14
madrazrNightrose: Hi :)20:15
madrazrNightrose: nope, all the unapproved and unpublished tasks will be published (this is for GCI 2011)20:15
madrazrNightrose: NP20:15
madrazrNightrose: the original idea was to make you do more work :P But for now we have saved you :P20:16
* madrazr runs20:16
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madrazrc_schmitz: there?20:36
c_schmitzmadrazr: yes20:38
madrazrc_schmitz: need some help :)20:38
madrazrc_schmitz: can you please check if the comments are still working? :)20:38
c_schmitzmadrazr: looks like it ;)20:39
madrazrc_schmitz: cool! New version and comments working :)20:39
madrazrc_schmitz: thanks for reporting20:39
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