Friday, 2011-12-09

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Mamarok I have a problem with a task where I can't evaluate it, the buttons on top are gone:
tpb<> (at
MamarokI am the mentor and the task is done successfully00:07
asmeurerMamarok: are you logged in?00:07
Mamarokyes, so it says next to the task, I am logged in00:08
asmeurer(yeah, that happened to me; I thought it was broken, but I was just logged out :-)00:08
* Mamarok logs out and in again...00:09
Mamaroksame problem00:10
asmeurerI think the student has to click on some button to let you review it00:11
Mamarokhm, so I will ping him00:11
asmeurerthere should be some comment that says "The work on this task is ready to be reviewed."00:11
Mamarokwell, no it's not there, so obviously he uploaded something but did not ask for review00:14
Mamarokanyway, bedtime for me, let's hope he will react till tomorrow00:15
Mamarokasmeurer: thank you for the help00:15
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mmu_mangot a little annoyment with mails from melange. the text version (I disable html in my MUA) has an url appended with a colon, which is then interpreted as part of it by my MUA. Simple solution would be to add a space15:12
mmu_manor just use <> as delimiter as should be15:13
mmu_manthat's in the "New comment on foo" mails15:13
mmu_manBar has left the following comment on foo. url:15:14
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