Monday, 2011-09-26

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madrazrb4ss: Hi00:14
b4sswhat's up?00:14
b4sslunar media has a bunch of melange servers sitting around not connected to anything00:16
b4ssI demand a hot car, no more taxes, and enough to retire on, a slightly larger pad for my girlfriend and I00:17
b4ssand a quantum mechanical nip tuck00:17
b4ssi forgot to mention i indirectly cured cancer00:18
b4ssit is theoretically possible to put an atom bomb in a single atom00:19
b4ssbut only an asshole or retard would do that00:20
b4ssif its a visual effect in a video game, that's different.00:20
b4ssoh and I would like some spare change to travel00:20
b4sswhat is there to do other than enjoy women, family, and do fun things?00:20
b4ssfuck is wrong with you people?00:20
b4ssno one knows if the auto attendants are real or not00:21
b4ssout… give up for night  :-(  I am poor01:00
b4sscan't afford private school for son01:01
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