Monday, 2011-09-05

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SRabbelierHi :)17:29
akedabagusHi :)17:30
leo__Hi everyone17:31
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betelgeuse_hi , sriharsha here .17:31
Lennieo hi, was wondering whether you were here17:32
Meriohi sriharsha, welcome!17:32
betelgeuse_yes , i joined 5 mins back .17:32
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Lenniehi leo, how's the GCI test setup going?17:33
betelgeuse_thank you , Merio17:33
leo__betelgeuse_: Welcome to Melange :-)17:33
leo__Lennie: I think it has been done ;)17:34
LennieI hate the email bug17:34
Lenniesuch a pain :p17:34
leo__Lennie: but of course, it depends on you users :P17:34
Lenniesweet, leo__. We can throw in some default tests for gci17:34
SRabbelierLennie: poke dberkholtz :P17:34
madrazror alternatively wait until November ;-)17:35
leo__Lennie: if you and madrazr want more profile utils or test utils for GCI,17:37
Lennieactually it was direct to SRabbelier17:37
leo__please feel free to ask me to add :-)17:37
Lennieleo__, and yes I think we'll be able to manage17:37
leo__Lennie: cool :-)17:37
LennieI've been doing tons of paperwork this week for US, I scheduled time to work some more on the task view tomorrow17:38
LennieI would hope that ED delivers the templates this week so we can actually start fitting it all in17:38
leo__Lennie: hehe, you also felt the pain for applying for US visa :P17:39
Lennieoh yes17:39
Lenniemadrazr, how's the task edit page fairing?17:39
LennieSRabbelier, you still alive ;)?17:39
leo__Lennie: god bless you ;)17:40
SRabbelierLennie: sure am :)17:40
Lennieyou sound like an american leo__, well done :P17:40
madrazrLennie: need the front end. I have done quite a bit of the backend code17:40
madrazrLennie: but need the front end to put the JS and things17:40
Lenniemadrazr, is there a non-styled form then?17:40
madrazrLennie: there is a form, yes17:40
LennieSRabbelier: Why do I need to poke dberkholtz :)?17:40
SRabbelierLennie: to fix the email notifications?17:41
leo__Lennie: hehe. I said so just because I remembered Americans always say "God bless America" :P17:41
LennieI hope it is on their radar already17:42
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LennieSRabbelier, did you work on GCI things yet?17:42
Lenniedhans: Did you take a look at the items assigned to you in the GDoc?17:43
SRabbelierLennie: not much I can do yet without the ED stuff17:43
LennieBasically just adaptation of the invite system for GCI17:43
dhansLennie: nope17:43
LennieSRabbelier: there is some you can do17:43
LennieProgram edit screen which includes tags17:43
SRabbelierLennie: ah, when was that bit added? :)17:44
Lenniealthough in this case you might want to hardcode them to the different categories anyway17:44
LennieIt's always been there :p17:44
Lenniementor/admin invites/requests is yours aswell;17:44
Lenniewhich you can reuse from GSoC17:44
SRabbelierLennie: tsk tsk, lies! :)17:44
SRabbelierLennie: exactly, most of that is all the same as in GSoC17:44
betelgeuse_@everyone , i code in python and am interested to work in any python related part of melange .17:45
Lenniewelcome :)17:45
SRabbelierbetelgeuse_: do you have any experience with AppEngine or Django?17:45
SRabbelierbetelgeuse_: ok, step 1 then is to do some AppEngine tutorials17:45
SRabbelierbetelgeuse_: and preferrably some Django ones as well17:46
betelgeuse_ok , will do .17:46
betelgeuse_ok .17:46
SRabbelierbetelgeuse_: that way you're familiar with the core infrastructure of Melange :)17:46
betelgeuse_will do , have some idea about google app engine but have no idea about django :)17:46
SRabbelierbetelgeuse_: it's important to know how the AppEngine datastore works17:47
SRabbelierbetelgeuse_: and be familiar with the restrictions AppEngine has17:47
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* Merio suggests "Programming Google App Engine" by Sanderson17:47
betelgeuse_will go through that in the coming days .17:48
SRabbelierMerio: ah :)17:48
* leo__ seconds Mario's suggestion17:48
LennieI'll be working on task public page tomorrow17:48
LennieI suggest sverre and daniel work on their respective parts which is just porting stuff over from GSoC afaik17:49
madrazrLennie: I will continue working on the task create page17:49
LennieBecause ED is late doesn't mean we have to be behind :p17:49
madrazrwill look into other pages if I have time until we get CSS from ED17:49
SRabbelierLennie: SGTM17:49
betelgeuse_thanks Merio17:50
Lennieinvites/request should be easy as pie for you SRabbelier :)17:50
LennieSame goes for student/mentor/orgadmin profile edit page17:50
Lenniewhich is what Daniel is assigned to :p17:50
SRabbelierLennie: basically all of them are the same17:50
SRabbelierLennie: not sure how to factor out the common functionality though17:50
Lennieyeah, just need to switch out templates once we are done17:50
SRabbelierLennie: I don't think we want inheretance... but still17:50
Lennieand no need to refactor too much17:50
LennieForms need to be redefined anyway17:51
Lenniewe don't have a university list in GCI17:51
Lennieand you'd need to add age restriction17:52
Lennieso most of it is the same but just slightly different17:52
betelgeuse_ , the instructions given here are for setting up what ?17:52
tpb<> (at
Lennieand we learned that doing too much refactoring sucks :D17:52
madrazrbetelgeuse_: setting up Melange for local development17:52
Lenniepraveen97uma, did you make it git co?17:53
Lenniethe url is wrong :P17:53
betelgeuse_madrazr ,ok17:53
Lenniefixed ^^17:53
SRabbelierLennie: thanks17:53
SRabbelierLennie: you missed one17:54
LennieI didn't know we had another one :)17:55
LennieI'll fix it in a min17:55
LennieI think we know what to do17:55
Lennieis there anything our students are working on?17:55
LennieDo we still need to intergrate parts of it?17:55
SRabbelierLennie: you fixed the TL;DR only17:55
SRabbelierLennie: the latter I think is a good question for our mentors17:55
SRabbelierLennie: (and students)17:55
madrazrSRabbelier: I have a few outstanding patches for review from Orcun17:56
SRabbelier@everybody: do you have any outstanding patches that need review/integration?17:56
madrazrshould be able to review them this week17:56
SRabbeliermadrazr: ETA?17:56
SRabbeliermadrazr: wow, you pre-empted me twice :)17:56
madrazrSRabbelier: he he17:56
madrazrSRabbelier: reminds me of Fast Five song :D17:56
Lennieakedabagus, are all your patches in?17:56
praveen97umaLeo asked me to fix the failing tests but I dont get any errors when I run the tests17:57
akedabagusLennie:  Yes, I have two. Assign host and edit User17:57
SRabbeliermadrazr: +117:57
Lennieare they on the mailing list? Did I miss them?17:57
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: I think you only see the warnings if you run in verbose17:57
madrazrSRabbelier:  :)17:57
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: since they're printed to stderr, which is hidden by default17:58
akedabagusLennie: Yes17:58
SRabbelierleo__: is it possible that you run your tests in verbsoe mode?17:58
praveen97uma I do bin/run-tests17:58
leo__SRabbelier: no17:58
leo__I just do bin/run-tests17:58
leo__the same with praveen97uma17:58
Lennieakedabagus, seems like they have been reviewed and waiting your response17:59
SRabbelierleo__: you have a config file perhaps?17:59
LennieSo you don't need us atm right :)?17:59
SRabbelierleo__: for nose?17:59
akedabagusakedabagus: As long you want user_id appears as text field it's ready to commit.17:59
akedabagusGeez, I typed my name :p17:59
leo__SRabbelier: probably not ;)17:59
betelgeuse_@everyone , Have a test and assignment to submit tomorrow , need to leave, will ask you doubts if any , any more suggestions for me ?17:59
Lenniebetelgeuse_, don't be afraid to mail the list :)18:00
Lenniebetelgeuse_, good luck!18:00
SRabbelierakedabagus: happens to the best of us :P18:00
SRabbelierbetelgeuse_: let us know when you feel confident about how AppEngine works18:00
betelgeuse_sure , Lennie and thanks :)18:00
praveen97umabetelgeuse_: I had some questions for you18:00
betelgeuse_sure , SRabbelier18:00
SRabbelierbetelgeuse_: and/or when you have a running and deployed Melange instance18:00
Meriobetelgeuse_: good luck!18:00
leo__The git repo was cloned and built from scratch18:00
betelgeuse_ya praveen97uma ask me :)18:00
Lennieakedabagus: Can you bump the patch threads so I can take a look at it? I thought Leo responded to them both with something that needed a reply18:01
praveen97umabetelgeuse_: Why Melange?18:01
akedabagusLennie: sure18:01
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: regardless, try running the tests with verbose mode on18:01
LennieThat's it from me then18:01
LennieTime to do GCI stuff :)18:01
praveen97uma@SRabbelier: I will try18:01
madrazrHey all18:02
madrazrI will not be able to attend the call next week18:02
madrazrI will be 38,000 feet above the ground :)18:02
Meriomadrazr: bungee jumping?18:03
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madrazrMerio: ha ha ha, hopefully not at 38K feet :d18:03
madrazrMerio: at -44 degree C ;-)18:03
Meriomadrazr: naaah, you're not fun :P18:03
madrazrMerio: LoL! I want to survive :D18:04
Meriomadrazr: well, that's understandable18:04
madrazrMerio: he he :)18:05
leo__madrazr: fun is not more important than survival :P18:05
madrazrleo__: survival first, fun next, eh? ;-)18:05
leo__madrazr: ;)18:05
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Meriomadrazr: it means that this is not you? ==>
praveen97umamadraze: betelgeuse_ dint answer my question18:09
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akedabagusmadrazr: still there?18:09
madrazrpraveen97uma: you can ask him now18:09
madrazrakedabagus: yes18:09
betelgeuse_sorry got disconnected, using internet from mobile .18:10
betelgeuse_praveen97uma , Actually i like foss , so was going through some organisations of gsoc and i read that melange is one of the organisation which uses python extensively ,that is why melange18:10
betelgeuse_when you use FOSS for enough time you feel like contributing to the community , So i wanted myself to get involved in some project , and i like python  , so found melange18:11
akedabagusmadrazr: Curious, what typical git workflow you do to develop Melange? Do you branching oftenly when working in some parts?18:12
betelgeuse_praveen97uma, got my answer ?18:12
madrazrakedabagus: since we switched to git, we have this master branch where we have the permission to break the stuff (temporarily)18:13
madrazrakedabagus: so I am not working on different branch as of now18:13
madrazrakedabagus: but Merio is working on a different branch18:13
madrazrMerio: is that guy mad? :D18:14
Meriomadrazr: no, he's not you, he's actually fun!18:15
Meriomadrazr: ahahhaah18:15
madrazrMerio: he he he, for those who watch ;-)18:15
Meriomadrazr: yes, I think you need to be a little bit mad to do these kind of stuffs :P18:15
Meriomadrazr: well, I believe the guy had a lot of fun though!18:16
madrazrMerio: hopefully ;-)18:16
leo__Merio: maybe a lot of sweats as well :P18:17
praveen97umabetelgeuse_: Fair enough! But there are many other big projects that extensively use python and btw which FOSS have you been using?18:17
betelgeuse_i use arch linux , see there are big projects like gnome and kde but i liked melange .18:19
betelgeuse_and i custumized everything from start to end of arch linux .18:19
betelgeuse_praveen97uma ,and i love gnome3.0 .18:23
akedabagusbetelgeuse_: Have you participate in gsoc before?18:24
Merioleo__: yeah :)18:24
Merioguys, need to go now... see you next week!18:26
praveen97umabetelguese_: where are you from? what are you studying?18:26
betelgeuse_I am from NITK surathkal , 3rd year electrical & electronics engineering18:26
leo__Merio: see you18:26
akedabagusMerio: see you18:27
madrazrMerio: see you18:27
betelgeuse_praveen97uma :heard of NITK surathkal ?18:27
Meriosee you!18:27
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betelgeuse_Its near mangalore .18:27
praveen97umapraveen97uma: yes I have heard about it18:28
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betelgeuse_praveen97uma : ok :)18:28
betelgeuse_praveen97uma : any more questions ? :) Need to go .18:30
praveen97umabetelguese_: some other time :P Hope you enjoy working for Melange!18:31
betelgeuse_I will be back next week :)  every week same time ?18:32
betelgeuse_praveen97uma :i will be here next monday and i will mail you if i have any doubts :P18:32
betelgeuse_madrazr , SRabbelier , leo__ , praveen97uma : bye , leaving now and will back next week .18:34
madrazrbetelgeuse_: see you18:34
praveen97umabetelgeuse_: bye bye18:34
madrazrbetelgeuse_: looking forward for your contribution :)18:34
betelgeuse_madrazr : will try my best to contribute :) .18:35
madrazrbetelgeuse_: and all the best for the test tomorrow :)18:35
leo__betelgeuse_: hope to see you again soon ;)18:35
madrazrbetelgeuse_: cool! Let us know if you run into problems18:35
betelgeuse_thanks :) , madrazr : Actually i have a problem ,will send you a detailed mail with screenshots .18:35
madrazrbetelgeuse_: sure18:35
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praveen97umaleo__: @SRabbelier: I ran the tests with verbose mode on. Still everyting looks perfect to me. May I know which tests fail on your system?18:37
leo__praveen97uma: no, it's not failed tests.18:40
leo__but there're lots of warning and error msgs18:41
leo__e.g. ERROR:root:Invalid protocol: htp18:42
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