Monday, 2011-08-29

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madrazrLennie: wow!17:30
madrazrLennie: Hi17:30
madrazrLennie: he he earlier ;-)17:30
orcunaHi :)17:30
Lenniehi orcuna17:30
Lennieand akedabagus17:30
madrazrleo__: Merio: orcuna: praveen97uma: akedabagus: SRabbelier Hi17:31
MerioHI everyone :)17:31
akedabagushi all :)17:31
leo__Hi everyone17:31
praveen97umaHi everybody17:31
madrazrshould we give Skype a try again? :)17:31
madrazrit is faster :D17:32
akedabagusmadrazr: I am afraid I can't17:32
madrazrakedabagus: why so?17:32
LennieI wish people had a good connection :P17:32
praveen97umamadrazr: not today please..17:32
LennieI'm guessing we should next week :)17:32
akedabagusmadrazr: I'm using slow connection right now (thetering my android)17:32
madrazrakedabagus: ah Ok :)17:32
orcunaFine with me17:33
Lennieskype should work fine if you have 3g :p17:34
madrazrakedabagus: praveen97uma: I would have liked to hear your voices today ;-)17:34
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Lennieleo__, how's the fixture going?17:34
Lenniemadrazr, I asked Leo to fix us up with profile utils for GCI17:34
Lennieso we can write tests17:34
Merioorcuna: are you online?17:34
madrazrLennie: awesome!17:34
madrazrLennie: we need more tests for GCI :)17:34
leo__Lennie: just started and learning git at the same time :-)17:34
madrazresp for the complicated task work flow17:35
Lennieleo__, how's git?17:35
leo__Lennie: it seems pretty good :-)17:36
Lenniemadhu, how's conversion going?17:36
madrazrLennie: conversion is done, I committed the code17:36
Lennieoh sweet17:36
madrazrLennie: need one more round of testing17:36
Lennieyou can write tests on it :P17:36
Lenniewithout fixtures should still work17:37
madrazrLennie: MR :D17:37
leo__Lennie: just takes some time to get used to it ;)17:37
Lennieto some extend :p17:37
madrazrLennie: ah sure17:37
Lennieleo__: What would be the eta on the fixtures?17:37
leo__Lennie: I'll try to finish most of it, if not all, before next meeting.17:38
Lenniepraveen97uma, poke17:40
praveen97umaLennie: yeah17:40
Lennieaccept invite :p17:40
praveen97umainvite for what?17:41
Lennieleo__, nice looking forward to it17:42
Lenniemadrazr: I should be able to do more with the task list soon17:42
Lennietask page*17:42
madrazrLennie: awesome then17:43
madrazrI will continue working on the create task page for now17:43
Lennieyes please17:43
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