Friday, 2011-08-26

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chrisoelmuellerheya, we just had a chat over at #gsoc about how the section headings on org admin page ('Mentor Evaluations' and 'Student Evaluations') apparently confuse some people. it seems not 100% clear if that e.g. means evaluation of mentor or evaluation by mentor without checking the entries.01:40
chrisoelmuellernot sure i know an easy fix to those two strings that's more intuitive (besides stating 'evaluations by mentors'), but perhaps you can help me out there ;-)  //g'night01:41
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dberkholzhi, i'm an org admin and i'm wondering why i can view mentor evals right now but not student ones13:03
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Arcis there a way for an org admin to change the mentor for a student?  i seem to have lost that ability15:59
Arcwe need to switch in a comentor so he can fill out a final eval16:00
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chrisoelmuellerdberkholz: un-viewable student evals probably relate to that issue (i do believe it makes sense still) :-)16:41
tpb<> (at
dberkholzsigh. we'd hate for the admin to have any additional information that might cause a failing student to pass instead.16:45
Arcdberkholz: ?16:49
dberkholz13:03 < dberkholz > hi, i'm an org admin and i'm wondering why i can view  mentor evals right now but not student ones16:50
Arcnot the issue.  the issue is i can't change the primary mentor for a student so a backup mentor can fill out teh eval16:51
Arceverywhere I have access to the mentor is just plain text, there's no function to change it16:51
dberkholzi'm discussing my issue, not yours =P16:52
Arcoh sorry16:52
dberkholzArc: on "My Dashboard" go to the projects listing (not *proposals* listing). look on the left side for a dropdown16:53
dberkholz(the dropdown is in the individual project)16:53
Arcno dropdown.16:54
Arci get an abstract and link to our org homepage16:54
chrisoelmuellerthere is no settings box in the left part of the page?17:02
chrisoelmuellercalled 'Project Actions' here17:03
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Arcah yes there it is17:14
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shadeslayeri'm trying to submit my forms but the pages become unresponsive18:52
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carols_shadeslayer: SRabbelier|Lappy and madrazr can help you18:53
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shadeslayercarols_: i'm assuming the documents have to be on file before the program ends?18:54
madrazrshadeslayer: can we take it here?18:54
shadeslayerok this is weird18:54
madrazrshadeslayer: can you explain the problem please?18:54
shadeslayernow it shows that the documents are on disk18:54
carols_shadeslayer: no, that's fine please submit them when you're able to.18:54
shadeslayercarols_: alright18:54
shadeslayermadrazr: sure, i was just double checking if all the files were submitted to melange18:55
shadeslayerand i noticed both my forms were missing18:55
shadeslayer( i had checked this about 2 days ago and everything was fine )18:55
shadeslayerand now they show up as submitted agai18:56
shadeslayeris there a way for you to check if they're in the system?18:57
madrazrshadeslayer: you can go to the forms page and click on the link to the file18:57
madrazrif it downloads and if it is the same form as you submitted, it is fine18:57
shadeslayeralright, checking18:58
shadeslayeralright, both look fine now18:59
madrazrshadeslayer: it should be fine then18:59
shadeslayeralright, thanks alot! :)18:59
madrazrshadeslayer: NP :)20:33
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