Monday, 2011-08-22

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Lenniehi leo17:33
leo__thx, Lennie :-)17:33
leo__Everything is fine with me.17:33
leo__Any you and others?17:34
leo__Enjoy SF?17:34
LennieI think they can respond on their own :D17:34
Lenniemadrazr, Merio17:34
LennieYeah, weather is okay17:34
madrazrLennie: Heya!17:34
Lenniebit foggy :)17:34
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MerioYo leo__ :)17:34
madrazrleo__: SF is fun :)17:34
leo__Not hot :-) ?17:34
leo__Hi Mario and Madhu17:35
Merioleo__ not at all, reminds me of Dublin tbh :P17:35
LennieYou like Dublin right, Merio ?17:35
madrazrleo__: Hi Leo17:35
MerioLennie: Yes I do :)17:35
MerioLennie: but it's not hot :P17:36
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leo__Mario: so you're planning to settle down there?17:36
Merioleo__: in Dublin? Yep!17:36
leo__Merio: yes17:36
leo__madrazr: How is irvine ;)17:37
madrazrleo__: Irvine is a boring place ;-)17:37
madrazrleo__: but good in a way that I can concentrate on Univ stuff, because there is no other thing to do there :D17:38
leo__madrazr: hehe, so good for study :P17:38
madrazrleo__: yeah :D17:38
leo__madrazr: we share the same though :)17:39
madrazrleo__: yeah :)17:40
leo__madrazr: ;)17:40
SRabbelier|Lappypraveen97uma: hi17:41
praveen97umaHi Sverre!17:41
praveen97umaHi all17:41
SRabbelier|Lappypraveen97uma: no blog post?17:41
praveen97umaI will post it tomorrow.17:42
praveen97umawas engaged somewhere today17:42
praveen97umaI was working on gsoc.views.mentor_evaluations today17:45
praveen97umaI will submit mentor_evaluations and grading_record_details by tomorrow and then stop the work until 5th next month17:45
praveen97umaI have exams in the first week of september17:46
Lenniegood luck :)17:49
SRabbelier|Lappypraveen97uma: ah, cool, glad to have some tests for the evals :)17:49
praveen97umathe tests written by Madhu for student_evaluations helped a great deal17:50
praveen97umamadrazr: There is a bug in the tests you wrote17:50
praveen97umamadrazr: for student evaluations17:51
Lennie@Sverre: take a look at
tpb<> (at
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madrazrpraveen97uma: bug?17:51
madrazrpraveen97uma: what is that?17:51
leo__praveen97uma: hi17:52
praveen97umaleo__: Hi Leo17:53
praveen97umamadrazr: check lines 261 and 262 in test_student_evaluations17:53
praveen97umamadrazr:  expected_fields and actual_fields turn out to be None17:54
madrazrpraveen97uma: grrr...17:55
madrazrpraveen97uma: thanks17:55
madrazrpraveen97uma: have you already fixed that? Or shall I?17:55
praveen97umamadrazr: your wish! If you want me to fix it, I will do it.17:56
madrazrpraveen97uma: go ahead!17:56
Lennieplease do praveen97uma , I think Madhu has enough to do :)17:56
praveen97umaOk I will do that17:56
madrazrpraveen97uma: thanks17:56
Lenniewelcome orcuna17:58
orcunaSorry, I forgot that17:58
leo__orcuna: hi17:58
Merioorcuna: hellooo17:58
orcunaMerio: thanks for pinging :)17:58
Merioorcuna: yw :)17:58
orcunaIs the meeting just started?17:59
SRabbelier|Lappyorcuna: sure :P18:01
praveen97umaleo__: Whats up? :P18:02
Merioorcuna: updates? Are you going to write your blog post?18:02
praveen97umaleo__: I guess you got busy again18:02
leo__praveen97uma: hehe, same question with Lennie :)18:02
orcunaMerio: Yes, I will write my final blog post today18:03
Lennieleo__:  ? :)18:03
leo__praveen97uma: not too bad, and you?18:03
orcunaMerio: I'm now waiting for reviews, to update patches18:03
leo__Lennie: I mean praveen97uma asked me the same question you just asked me :P18:04
praveen97umaleo__: I am good :)18:04
leo__praveen97uma: busy with the preparation of your exams?18:04
praveen97umaleo__: No not yet.. will start soon18:05
Merioorcuna: cool, madrazr is going to review your latest patches.18:05
leo__praveen97uma: cool and good luck with it :-)18:05
praveen97umaleo__: I have to finish a couple of tests and then will start preparing18:05
praveen97umaleo__: thanks Leo18:06
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leo__praveen97uma: coo, so if I review your code, you can still find time to make corrections ;)18:07
leo__praveen97uma: pleasure18:07
orcuna_Merio: Nice, also there is the tracking patch i sent today18:07
Merioorcuna_: yes, madrazr is going to review it as well18:07
Merioorcuna_: there is no javascript in there IIRC. btw you still have a trailing comma in a dependency block ;)18:08
praveen97umaleo__: yes, definitely..I will not stop the work completely. I will make the corrections if you review the patches.18:08
leo__praveen97uma: brilliant :-)18:08
orcuna_Merio: okay, really ? It must be because of emergency :)18:09
orcuna_Merio: Sorry, will fix it18:09
Merioorcuna_: ahah yes, please do :)18:09
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praveen97umaorcuna_: Did you read Carol's comment on your thread regarding shipment tracking?18:22
orcuna_praveen97uma: yes, just read it18:23
praveen97umaorcuna_: How do you feel? :)18:23
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orcuna_praveen97uma: i think it would be fine to use it after review process this year :)18:24
orcuna_praveen97uma: i think it takes a few days or less18:24
orcuna_madrazr: Hi Madhusudan :) Can we take shipment tracking patch to first order ?18:26
praveen97umaorcuna_: wish you good luck from the bottom of my heart :)18:26
madrazrorcuna_: Hi orcuna_18:27
madrazrorcuna_: first order?18:27
orcuna_madrazr: sorry, i mean to be reviewed firstly :)18:27
orcuna_praveen97uma: thanks for good wishes, i have same feeling for you and Akeda for your further workings18:28
madrazrorcuna_: ah Ok. Sure18:29
orcuna_madrazr: nice, i guess it's not related to previous uncommited patches, but i will check it out anyway and write to the thread, so we can be sure it's not broken if we commit first18:32
orcuna_madrazr: thank you :)18:32
madrazrorcuna_: sure18:32
madrazrorcuna_: NP18:32
orcuna_madrazr: btw can we use decorators within code?18:33
madrazrorcuna_: as in?18:33
orcuna_i have one for my tracking patch, it runs a fallback function if the function it's decorated for raises an error18:34
orcuna_it's like that18:35
orcuna_I ask it for the design, i couldn't see an example in Melange, so i can change it before review if we don't use decorators18:36
SRabbelier|Lappyorcuna_: Seems a bit obscure18:40
orcuna_SRabbelier|Lappy: It is? Do you mean defination of it by obscure?18:43
SRabbelier|Lappyorcuna_: in what context would you use it?18:44
SRabbelier|Lappyorcuna_: why not just put a try/except block around the function call that you expect to fail18:44
orcuna_SRabbelier|Lappy:  I could do that, but i wanted to be more generic. But of course i can switch to try..except..18:46
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orcuna_SRabbelier|Lappy: E.g. for my situation it was helping not to define an extra function for it, I have two tasks in a class and i would have to define two extra functions without decorator18:48
SRabbelier|Lappyorcuna_: would it be much work to send both patches?18:49
SRabbelier|Lappyorcuna_: e.g., one with, and one without the decorator?18:49
SRabbelier|Lappyorcuna_: that way we can easily compare whether it's an improvement or not :)18:49
orcuna_SRabbelier|Lappy: Sure will send an extra patch for to the same thread with the differences highlighted :)18:52
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SRabbelier|Lappyorcuna_: perfect, thanks18:56
orcuna_SRabbelier|Lappy: thank you too18:56
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chrisoelmueller<downeym> SRabbelier|Lappy: fyi the hours on the final mentor evaluation were never updated to the mentor values. (lower #'s)20:14
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SRabbelier|Lappychrisoelmueller: I don't understand20:34
chrisoelmuellerSRabbelier|Lappy: there are numbers about how much time mentors put in the project in the mentor evals20:35
chrisoelmuellerand those seem to be the student numbers (it's quite high for mentor work, really)20:35
chrisoelmuelleralso was a thread on the mentor ml recently iirc20:35
SRabbelier|Lappychrisoelmueller: why are you telling me?20:36
SRabbelier|Lappychrisoelmueller: that's something for carols to handle20:37
chrisoelmuellerhm, who could/should fix this then?20:37
carolschrisoelmueller: can i help?20:37
chrisoelmuelleri hope so :)20:37
SRabbelier|Lappychrisoelmueller: what exactly is the problem though?20:38
chrisoelmuellercarols: i above quoted a message from #gsoc earlier this evening which stated that the mentor eval entry 'How much time have you spent' options seems odd20:39
carolschrisoelmueller: does it? there's an "other" option, i think, yes?20:39
chrisoelmuellerit was suspected that the numbers we can choose from there are in fact the student numbers since they were different on midterms20:39
chrisoelmuellerif that's not the case, everything's completely fine20:40
carolschrisoelmueller: that's not the case20:41
chrisoelmuellercarols: okay then, wonder how many 'other' you will receive :) 40+ hours seems quite heavy for mentoring if there are other obligations around20:43
carolschrisoelmueller: maybe a lot, who knows :-)20:44
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