Monday, 2011-08-08

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madrazrakedabagus: praveen97uma: orcuna: you will have to wait for a bit17:30
madrazrfor today's meet17:30
madrazrdhans: ^17:30
madrazrpraveen97uma: it will be pushed back for a bit17:31
dhansmadrazr: if I have nothing else to do, I'll be around17:31
madrazrdhans: sure, thanks!17:31
SRabbelierhi guys17:34
SRabbelierwill probably be another 15m17:34
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SRabbelierhi all18:10
madrazrSRabbelier: Hi18:10
madrazrI probably have to run in a few mins :)18:10
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orcunamadrazrcd ..18:11
orcunaopps sorry18:11
SRabbelierlet's keep this short18:12
SRabbelierpraveen97uma, orcuna, akedabagus: what did you do this week? :)18:12
akedabagusOK, I'll start18:13
orcunaMy current state:  i can export an empty spreadsheet with "export list" button, it's time to fill it in18:13
akedabagusI've done account management with the test, adding user as a host18:13
praveen97umaI tested gsoc.views.duplicates, worked on the access check functions and added a few more tests to gsoc.views.org_profile, profile_show18:14
SRabbelierakedabagus: *nods*18:14
orcunaI've put some pictures to my blog post18:15
akedabagusand generic dashboard, but I am not confident enough to send it for review. The changes made and broke. So, I've to fix those two tests before send it for review (so I'll say I am late two days because of the test)18:15
SRabbelierakedabagus: be sure to ask for help with those breakages18:16
akedabagusI'll try hardly fix the test in this week, also the suggestion that SRabbelier gave from account management and assign host18:17
akedabagusSRabbelier: Sure, the cause is obviously from my changes and I'll manage that18:17
SRabbelierakedabagus: ah, okay18:18
SRabbelierorcuna: looks nice!18:19
SRabbelierorcuna: I'm sure carols will be very glad to have this (
tpb<> (at
carolsyes she will :-)18:19
SRabbelierorcuna: how about the document list picker for the student proposal page?18:19
orcunawell, i could not find time for it yet, because this was first priority, but it's still in my mind :)18:20
SRabbelierorcuna: ok, cool :)18:21
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: ?18:21
Merio_SRabbelier: that is obviously a refinement of a previous work, but it's better to cover the spreadsheet functionality first18:21
SRabbelierMerio_: right, fair enough18:22
praveen97umaI tested gsoc.views.duplicates, worked on the access check functions and added a few more tests to gsoc.views.org_profile, profile_show18:22
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: nothing more to tell?18:22
orcunaSRabbelier: i didn't knew that old UI was running somewhere :)18:23
SRabbelierhahah, wrong url!18:23
tpb<> (at
SRabbeliercarols: that's what I wanted to paste18:23
SRabbelierorcuna: yeah, it shouldn't be used though :P18:23
SRabbelierorcuna: most of the GSoC part of it doesn't work due to schema changes18:23
orcunaSRabbelier: i see, "list exporting" part should work there18:24
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akedabagusSRabbelier: The previous link confused me, since when orcuna works on GCI :p18:26
SRabbelierakedabagus: he doesn't, meant to paste the link to his blogpost, but mis-pasted a link from the conf call instead18:27
akedabagus SRabbelier: make sense :p18:28
SRabbelierhow does everybody feel about their projects?18:28
SRabbelierthe program ends in 2 weeks18:28
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dhansabout the ranking. carols: can you confirm that we want to implement it the same way, provided we ask the mentors to be more uniform with the difficulties, as we talked on Friday?18:29
carolsdhans: please email me, im on a call18:29
dhanscarols: sure18:30
Merio_orcuna, praveen97uma, akedabagus: SRabbelier's question up there :)18:30
orcunaSRabbelier: I'm not as fast as i thought , but anyway i will try to gear up and plan to work on another issue carol opened before ending18:31
orcunaSRabbelier: There were some unexpected problems on Javascript side :(18:31
SRabbelierorcuna: can Merio_ help you with them?18:32
Merio_SRabbelier: for orcuna I think we'll have to decide whether we want him to fix that issue or the document pickup before GSoC ends18:32
praveen97umaI hope to finish the tests for all the views by end term18:32
Merio_I don't think there's time to do both18:32
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: that would be great18:32
SRabbelierMerio_: what's the issue?18:32
tpb<> (at
Merio_or too is assigned to orcuna18:34
tpb<> (at
Merio_SRabbelier: but I'd say 1239 is more important then 124318:34
Merio_s/then/than (oups :P)18:34
akedabagusSRabbelier: Ditto (with orcuna) here, need to catch my outstanding works. And time to be familiar with Django test case18:35
Merio_SRabbelier: so either work on the document pickup or 1239, unless orcuna thinks he can do both.18:35
SRabbelierI'd prefer 123918:36
orcunaSRabbelier: I prefer 1239 too18:36
Merio_me too, so we're on the same page, cool :)18:37
orcunaSRabbelier: we are good without document pickup for now, i don't mean we don't need it but we can take it later18:37
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orcunaSRabbelier: I hope i will have some time for it18:38
SRabbelierorcuna: agreed, let's go for that18:38
SRabbelierallright then18:38
SRabbelierlet's meet again next week :)18:38
SRabbeliergood luck everybody18:38
Merio_good luck everybody here too :)18:39
akedabagusThanks, see you all!18:39
Merio_See you next week!18:39
orcunaSRabbelier: Good workings, see you18:39
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madrazrSee you all18:40
madrazrand thanks18:40
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