Monday, 2011-08-01

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madrazrpraveen97uma: akedabagus: Merio: leo__: SRabbelier: orcuna: Hi17:30
SRabbelierhi :)17:30
akedabagusmadrazr: Hi :)17:30
Merio_Hi guys, can you read me?17:30
madrazrpraveen97uma: finally! :)17:31
leo__Hi everyone17:31
madrazrMerio_: yes :)17:31
Merio_Cool :)17:31
madrazrMerio_: but you are a different Mario17:31
madrazrMerio_: are you a ghost? :P17:31
praveen97uma@madrazr: :P I bought a data card.17:31
madrazrpraveen97uma: nice!17:32
Merio_Sort of :P17:32
Merio_My computer is running a duplicate file check that freezed the whole UI17:32
Merio_So I'm online as Merio in my computer, but I can't access it, and I'm actually on a web chat as Merio__ :P17:33
Merio_From another computer17:33
Merio_Sounds messy, and it is :P17:33
madrazrMerio_: heh :D17:33
SRabbelierlet's get started17:34
SRabbelierakedabagus: ?17:34
SRabbelierakedabagus: tell us of your great works :P17:35
akedabagusOkay, this week I've been working on Doc list, test for UserEdit page, and Upload Logo for organization17:35
akedabagusI am still working on Clickable timeline wheel on the landing page (as requested by GOSPO team)17:36
SRabbelierakedabagus: go on :)17:36
SRabbelierakedabagus: that should be a few lines of code right? what's the holdup?17:36
SRabbeliermeanwhile, praveen97uma, go ahead17:37
praveen97umaI worked on org_profile, student_forms and profile_show view modules.17:37
praveen97umaI have fixed org_profile after Leo reviewed it.17:38
praveen97umaand will finish the remaining ones by tomorrow.17:38
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: those are all view tests?17:38
akedabagusI prioritize the refactored dashboard (move it to soc.views.helper) so regular dashboard, or GCI modules, can utilize the dashboard from generic helper17:38
praveen97umayes all those are view tests17:39
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SRabbelierakedabagus: how is that going?17:40
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: are you seeing an increase in test coverage from working on those?17:40
SRabbelierakedabagus: and how about the iconic dashboard?17:41
praveen97umaI dint see the coverage recently but it was 70% after I finished the logic tests.17:41
akedabagusso far I've move the Dashboard core to the soc.views.helpers, but the I need to rewrite the test17:41
akedabagusand of course add new test for regular dashboard (the old one is component based)17:42
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: Please have a look then17:42
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SRabbelierakedabagus: what does that mean for ETA on iconic dashboard?17:43
akedabagusI hope it will be finished this week :)17:44
akedabagus6 Aug17:44
SRabbelierakedabagus: ah, that's good17:45
SRabbelierorcuna: go ahead17:46
akedabagusSRabbelier: I am referring the ETA for the regular dashboard with iconic only17:46
SRabbelierakedabagus: sure17:46
LennieDid I miss anything :)?17:47
SRabbelierLennie: sure did17:48
LennieYou want to enlighten me? Or not that important :P?17:49
SRabbelierLennie: :D17:50
tpbTitle: IRC logs (at
SRabbelierLennie: (nothing earthshaking)17:50
LennieWell, fingers crossed I get green light for defense :)17:50
madrazrLennie: good luck!17:50
SRabbelierorcuna: ?17:51
Merio_oruna: ?17:51
Lenniecya next week hopefully ^_^17:51
madrazrLennie: see you :)17:51
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orcunaHey, sorry my scroll stayed top of page17:52
orcunai was saying why nobody is writing17:52
SRabbelierorcuna: hurry then :)17:53
orcunaWell, I'm going to write a blog post about situation i reached17:53
SRabbeliermadrazr: meanwhile, can you tell us about the state of GCI?17:53
madrazrSRabbelier: sure17:53
orcunaI'm one week behind schedule, because of cross-domain policy, but i solved it17:54
orcunaand will work on actual job for exporting lists this week17:54
SRabbelierorcuna: ah, I think I briefly skimmed something about that, did Merio_ help you out?17:54
madrazrSRabbelier: I have started working on Org Application survey for accepting Organizations for GCI.17:54
madrazrwhich we can port to GSoC later17:54
madrazrSince I am in the Survey mode anyways, that is the best thing to get started I thought and we also planned the same17:55
madrazrSRabbelier: to accomplish this, Survey code that we wrote for GSoC midterm should undergo one final round of refactoring to make it reusable for Org App17:55
SRabbeliermadrazr: sounds good17:55
madrazronly a bit (most components can already be reused)17:55
madrazrso I ensured that Student Evaluation model is extensively tested17:56
madrazrhave the commits locally, will push the tests17:56
madrazrOrg App code will come later this week17:56
orcunaSRabbelier: I lost too much time and didn't ask Mario for help, it was my fault because solution wasn't that difficult, I was just disappointed  and tried to solve it myself :)17:56
orcunaSRabbelier: I will ask Mario as first choice from now on :)17:56
madrazrSRabbelier: as we are switching gears, I am still in the first gear and a bit slow yet, I will pick up on the speed soon I think17:57
SRabbelierorcuna: please don't do that, ever :P17:57
madrazrthats the GCI update from my side17:57
SRabbelierorcuna: there's no reason to be struggling with something for more than two days :)17:57
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orcunaSRabbelier: Yes, Mario helped me about passing auth header, i should have asked for cross-domain too17:58
orcunaSRabbelier: It won't happen again :)17:58
SRabbelierorcuna: good, thanks17:58
orcunaSRabbelier: thank you, too17:59
SRabbeliermadrazr: thank you17:59
madrazrSRabbelier: NP :)17:59
SRabbelierMerio: you here?17:59
SRabbelierguess not18:02
SRabbelierok :)18:02
SRabbelieranyway, thank you all for your work18:02
SRabbeliersee you next week!18:03
madrazrSRabbelier: thank you too for helping out :)18:03
madrazrSRabbelier: see you18:03
orcunasee you next week :)18:03
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leo__see you all18:05
Merio_I think something went wrong :)18:05
Merio_Just a sec, reading logs18:05
Merio_eheh too late it seems18:06
Merio_So see you all next week :)18:07
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