Saturday, 2011-07-30

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aureianimusSRabbelier, are you in?11:19
SRabbelieraureianimus: yup11:19
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aureianimusi'm here with Bas, he'll be in here in a second, so when we get stuck we can bother you? ^^11:20
mendershi all11:21
SRabbelieraureianimus: sure :)11:38
SRabbelieraureianimus: just ping me when you need help :)11:49
aureianimuskay, will do :)11:52
aureianimusSRabbelier, what is the command for logging stuff?12:04
aureianimus(st we can print some variable)12:05
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SRabbelieraureianimus: to the console?12:56
SRabbelieraureianimus: you can use 'import logging; logging.error("hi")'12:56
aureianimusah, error12:56
SRabbelieraureianimus: or logging.warning /, etc13:01
aureianimusSRabbelier, we're trying to fix issue #794, and you said there that it should be fixed by .strip()ing it, but since django calls a function to clean the form upon submit, that doesn't seem possible. Thoughts?13:30
SRabbelieraureianimus: yes, register our own cleaner13:31
SRabbelieraureianimus: ah, wait, we already do that?13:33
SRabbelieraureianimus: but it doesn't get called because the django cleaner barfs?13:33
SRabbelierperhaps we can monkey-patch Django13:34
SRabbelieraureianimus: see
tpbTitle: #6717 (newforms URL validation rejects leading/trailing space) – Django (at
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