Monday, 2011-07-25

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madrazrHi all17:28
orcunaHi :)17:29
akedabagusmadrazr: Hi17:29
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* Lennie slaps SRabbelier around a bit with a small Imperial-Class Stardestroyer17:33
SRabbelierLet's get started?17:33
Lennie^^, you want to get going?17:33
SRabbelierI'm missing blog posts17:34
SRabbelierI saw only one?17:34
SRabbelierAnyway, akedabagus: go ahead17:35
orcunaanybody knows who is gsocbot?17:36
orcunaor what is17:36
akedabagusSorry for missing the blog post, I'll post it after conf. Last week I've been working on iconic dashboard for regular users (Daniel asked this) and uploadable organization logo17:36
SRabbelierorcuna: it's the gsoc bot :), it can send factoids17:36
SRabbelierakedabagus: how far are you on those?17:36
SRabbeliermeanwhile, orcuna: what have you been up to?17:37
akedabagusThe patches are ready to review17:37
akedabagusOf course after we decide which one should be used: toggleable or iconic17:37
SRabbelierakedabagus: how much work is it to do both so we can try it out?17:37
orcunaSRabbelier: Strange :) Okay17:38
akedabagusFor iconic dashboard you can try my live instance at
tpbTitle: Google Summer of Code 2009 - Home page (at
akedabagusFor toggleable list you can try at :
tpbTitle: Home page (at
orcunaI'm implementing SpreadSheet API methods over http protocol17:39
orcunaGoogle Data Protocol uses  a header "Authentication" and i need to send it with my JS requests17:39
SRabbelierorcuna: shouldn't that on be https btw?17:39
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akedabagusFor uploadable org's logo you can try at
tpbTitle: Google Summer of Code 2009 - Home page (at
orcunaSRabbelier: Right, i meant HTTP in general but it's HTTPS :)17:40
akedabagusDo you guys see annoying tpb :p?17:40
SRabbelierorcuna: ok, good, just making sure17:40
SRabbelierakedabagus: why annoying?17:40
orcunaAs we handle authenticaiton on Melange side already i need to produce this header on server, and send it to JS to se directly17:40
orcuna*to send directly17:41
akedabagusIt repeats after me somehow :D17:41
leo__akedabagus: not this time :P17:41
SRabbelierorcuna: sounds fasible17:41
SRabbelierakedabagus: can you make the stylesheet load in the page header?17:42
SRabbelierakedabagus: it looks kinda awkard to see a half-rendered page17:42
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SRabbelierakedabagus: (ditto for admin dashboard btw)17:42
akedabagusSRabbelier: which one? colorbox template?17:43
SRabbelierakedabagus: the dashboard17:43
akedabagusadmin dashboard?17:43
SRabbelierorcuna: are you running into any problems?17:43
SRabbelierakedabagus: yes, but the same applies to the new dashboard you have up at
tpbTitle: Google Summer of Code 2009 - Home page (at
SRabbelierhow do I try the logo uploader?17:44
orcunaWell, i'm not sure but i've doubt if using same token produced on server is available on client side17:45
orcunaMario is not here so i will ask him, or i will try and see17:45
akedabagusSRabbelier: Well, there's no real account to test yet, I'll add it17:45
SRabbelierorcuna: you should be able to send it to the user and then use it client side17:46
SRabbelierakedabagus: please do17:46
orcunaSRabbelier: that's nice then ! :)17:46
LennieJust register sverre and set his account to developer?17:48
SRabbelierno praveen?17:48
LennieNo need to keep making google accounts ^^17:48
SRabbelierorcuna: just use the same test account you have on the other instances17:48
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orcunaSRabbelier: Sure17:49
LennieHi dhans17:49
akedabagusLennie: Yeah, I forget we can invite17:49
LennieI wasn't talking about inviting :D17:49
leo__SRabbelier: I will talk to Praveen about the meeting and blog posts.17:49
SRabbelierleo__: I guess he started classes again?17:50
LennieA user can be marked as a developer without having access to the AppEngine console inside Melange :)17:50
madrazrleo__: praveen missed last meeting too right?17:50
leo__SRabbelier: yes17:50
leo__madrazr: yes17:50
madrazrleo__: has he been talking to you frequently, off late?17:50
leo__madrazr: no, I also saw his patches sent recently.17:51
madrazrleo__: Ok17:51
SRabbelierleo__: try to schedule a meeting with him then and make sure that he stays around17:51
leo__madrazr: he did tell me that he had started his new term17:52
SRabbelierleo__: he told us before GSoC started about his term starting?17:52
leo__and would have exams or somethings around two weeks agao.17:52
leo__SRabbelier: his proposal indicated so, I think.17:53
leo__He told me that this is the case for all Indian universities.17:53
leo__Isn't it, madrazr?17:53
SRabbelierleo__: right, so what was his plan for doing both GSoC and uni at the same time?17:53
leo__SRabbelier: he told me that he can still handle both.17:54
SRabbelierleo__: ok, let me know by next week how he plans to make sure he'll attend the weekly meetings and post to the blog17:54
leo__and plans to finish all important views and tasks tests before the final evaluation.17:54
madrazrleo__: that is the case with most Indian Univs. But there won't be much workload in the first 1-1.5 months17:55
madrazrby which GSoC will end17:55
leo__SRabbelier: sure, I will talk to him.17:55
madrazrleo__: I think there may be something else than just the Univ stuff. Just talk to him once17:55
leo__madrazr: cool17:55
leo__madrazr: sure, I'll ask him.17:56
LennieThat's it?17:57
Lenniefrom our students then ^^17:57
orcunamario says he is having an unexpected meeting17:57
orcunahe can't join17:57
orcunabtw, akeda warned me, we were worried about selywn17:58
madrazrorcuna: Selwyn did not pass the midterm evals. I have not seen him much17:58
akedabagusyeah, I haven't seen selwyn recently17:58
orcunareally, oh i'm sad17:58
LennieWe decided to fail him, it was just not working out17:58
LennieSRabbelier anything else you want from the students?17:59
SRabbelierLennie: no17:59
SRabbelierLennie: I think that's it17:59
LennieI just want to say I'll be laying low for the next couple of weeks17:59
SRabbelierLennie: doubling down for your thesis?17:59
LennieGot to finish my thesis report so I can attend the all-hands :p18:00
madrazrLennie: submission? :)18:00
Lennieyes madrazr18:00
madrazrLennie: nice!18:00
SRabbeliermadrazr: what's the status on the things you're working on?18:00
SRabbeliermadrazr: are we ready to switch gears? :)18:00
madrazrSRabbelier: may be we are, but I am personally not for at least another 2-3 days. This last working week thing has completely offset my calendar by at least 5 days18:00
madrazrSRabbelier: trying to recover as fast as possible18:01
madrazrSRabbelier: so give me 2-3 days18:01
SRabbeliermadrazr: sure, so let's agree to start on GCI by this Friday then18:01
madrazrSRabbelier: great! thank you!18:01
madrazrSRabbelier: also do you think we guys should meet for a bit? Or mails are enough?18:02
SRabbeliermadrazr: about GCI?18:02
madrazrSRabbelier: meet == call/IRC or whatever18:02
madrazrSRabbelier: yeah18:02
SRabbeliermadrazr: sure, I'll send an email to schedule a hangout :)18:02
Lennie+1 :)18:02
madrazrSRabbelier: great!18:02
SRabbeliermadrazr: assuming you can get a decent connection18:02
madrazrSRabbelier: I am on a decent connection :)18:02
madrazrit worked with 3 people that day :D18:02
SRabbeliermadrazr: good18:02
madrazrit works with 5 too :P18:03
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madrazrLennie: Good luck with the thesis18:03
madrazrSRabbelier: you too, although I am not sure when you are planning to submit :)18:03
leo__Lennie: yes, good luck with your thesis ;)18:04
orcunasorry i need to leave, i will check remaining logs when i'm back18:04
SRabbelierorcuna: sure, we're done anyway I think :)18:04
SRabbelierorcuna: good luck on the exporting18:04
madrazrorcuna: ping me when you are back, we need to sit for reviews18:04
SRabbelierorcuna: would be very cool to see that working18:04
SRabbelierorcuna: make sure to get all your patches submitted too :)18:04
SRabbelierthat's it18:05
praveen97uma@SRabbelier: Hey!  I am here18:05
Lenniesounds good to me18:05
SRabbeliersee you all next week18:05
LennieI gotta run ^^18:05
madrazrSRabbelier: see you18:05
madrazrLennie: bye18:05
Lenniecya soon18:06
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: too late by half an hour :)18:06
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leo__see you all18:06
praveen97uma@SRabbelier: Sorry! dint get connected18:06
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SRabbelierpraveen97uma: better next week18:06
leo__praveen97uma: are you all right?18:06
leo__praveen97uma: you also missed one blog post ;)18:07
praveen97umaleo__: yes, just got too busy with the classes, registration,, fees, room alottment and stuff18:08
praveen97umaleo__: I will make the blog post soon18:09
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leo___praveen97uma: so all have been sorted out?18:11
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praveen97umaleo__: yeah almost.. ..will get a data card tommorow and start the work.. there is very bad connectivity in the hostels18:13
leo__praveen97uma: cool18:14
leo__praveen97uma: after that, you should have more time for your GSoC project, shouldn't you?18:15
leo__praveen97uma: I have seen any of your view or task tests yet ;)18:16
leo__have *not*18:16
praveen97umaleo__: I have written some tests for student_forms.. I was stuck at something and dint get time to contact you..I want to have a meeting with you regarding that tomorrow18:18
leo__praveen97uma: sure18:19
praveen97umaleo__: I am worried about the project too. So, I will definitely be devoting time to the project from this week onwards.18:19
leo__praveen97uma: how about UTC 10am?18:20
praveen97umaleo__: ok ! its fine for me18:21
leo__praveen97uma: cool and I'm glad that you have thought about it ;)18:21
praveen97umaleo__: I will be there18:22
leo__cool and lets meet then.18:22
praveen97umaleo__: My exams are from september 1. So, it think I can spend time on the project without too much worrying about the exams :)18:25
praveen97umaleo__: See you Leo ! bye bye18:27
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