Monday, 2011-07-18

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madrazrHi SRabbelier leo__ slingshot316 :)17:30
madrazrand carols17:30
carolshi madrazr17:30
leo__Hi Madhu and Carol17:31
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madrazrMerio: welcome :)17:31
Meriomadrazr: thanks117:31
madrazrakedabagus: orcuna are also here Hi to both of you :)17:32
akedabagusmadrazr: hi :)17:32
slingshot316Hello madrazr17:34
orcunaHi everyone17:34
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madrazrdhans: welcome :)17:34
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madrazrLennie: welcome :)17:38
Lenniehi madrazr17:39
Lenniewhy isn't SRabbelier here/17:39
madrazrLennie: either he is here or his ghost :P17:40
madrazrwatching all of us17:40
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Lenniehi dhans, how are you doing/17:41
dhanshey Lennard, I am doing well :-)17:42
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leo__Lennie: Thanks :-)17:44
Lennieorcuna is orcun right? :P17:44
Lennieakedabagus, poke17:45
orcunaLennie: Right that's me:)17:45
LennieWhere is your blogpost ;)?17:45
madrazrleo__: did you see Praveen recently?17:45
akedabagusLennie: Hi17:45
madrazrleo__: I had a chat with him in the evening, but he is not here for the call17:45
Lennieakedabagus, thanks for fixing the dashboard17:46
leo__madrazr: not very recently ;)17:46
madrazrleo__: Ok17:46
LennieIt helps if you poke dhans again sometimes :D17:46
akedabagusLennie: No problem :)17:46
akedabagusLennie: sure :p17:46
orcunaLennie: Sorry i haven't finished it because of reviews. I plant to finish by today.17:46
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LennieThere is not much I want to say this week other than, congratulations on making the midterm :)17:46
Lennieand keep up the good work17:47
orcunaThank you very much, also congs. to all mentors :)17:47
leo__madrazr: so you saw him after our last meeting :p17:47
madrazrleo__: he he Ok :D17:47
Lennieleo__, dhans, madrazr: Anything you'd like to discuss this week?17:47
dhansYeah, congrats to everyone :-)17:47
madrazrLennie: I wanted Sverre to be here17:48
madrazrgit git git :D17:48
madrazrbut otherwise congratz to all the students who passed midterms :)17:48
Lenniemadrazr, soon young padawan17:48
leo__The same, congrats to every GSoC students17:48
madrazrLennie: he he17:48
LennieAnyway, I think we don't have much too discuss after a hectic week ^^17:49
Meriosame here :)17:49
Lennieso if there are no objections (also from Merio) I'd like to say cya next week17:49
leo__sure, see you all17:49
Lennieorcuna, don't forget to post your blog in time next week ;)17:49
orcunaLennie: will do my best :)17:50
orcunaLennie: sorry for this week again17:50
dhansMy attendance next week depends on the internet connection, as I am gonna be in Portland17:50
dhansbut I should be fine I guess17:50
Lenniesure, just mail us17:50
Meriono objection :)17:51
MerioLennie: ^17:51
LennieGood luck then17:51
madrazrsee you all17:51
madrazrthat was a short meeting17:51
madrazrthank you Lennie17:51
dhanssee you17:51
akedabagusSee you all17:51
orcunasee you everyone17:51
madrazrorcuna: you need to wait though :D17:52
madrazrfor reviews17:52
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madrazrorcuna: here or GTalk what do you prefer?17:53
madrazrif here Mario is also present17:53
Meriomadrazr: yeah, but it's fine anyway for me :)17:54
Meriomadrazr: lot of work to do so I'm can't pay much attention :(17:54
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madrazrMerio: ah Ok17:56
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madrazrMerio: NP17:56
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orcunamadrazr: are you still there18:02
madrazrorcuna: yes18:02
orcunagood :) I saw your mail but was working on other patch so haven't replied yet18:03
orcunaif you need quick answers please let me check your mail again18:04
orcunai guess main problem why classes are inherited instead defining a template path, right?18:05
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orcuna1madrazr: sorry i'm having connection problems18:09
orcuna1Did you receive my messages?18:10
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madrazrorcuna1: No problem18:13
madrazrI will review the patches and mail you18:13
madrazrbut probably tomorrow I guess18:13
madrazrbut if I have any questions while reviewing I will ping you on GTalk18:13
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leo__SRabbelier: hi, the meeting has already ended :p18:45
SRabbeliersure :)18:48
leo__SRabbelier: :-)18:50
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