Thursday, 2011-07-14

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* DrJoel wonders how to check on how all the evaluations are going?15:00
DrJoelin my org I mean15:00
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madrazrDrJoel: all the evaluation == ?15:20
DrJoelIn the old system (ducks), there was a report for the org admin that listed all the projects and the status of each evaluation.15:21
DrJoelI know I have to do an eval for one student who had a mentor issue.  Mentor problem.. not students15:21
DrJoelI stepped in as mentor and need to do the eval15:22
DrJoelI assigned myself to mentor for that project.  Now I can do the eval.15:25
DrJoelBut how can I see who I need to pester to do the eval?15:25
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madrazrDrJoel: you are an Org Admin for RTEMS right?16:31
madrazrDrJoel: you should be able to see Org Admin Dashboard link in your main menu on the left hand side16:31
madrazrDrJoel: clicking on that will give you a page which contains 2 lists16:32
madrazrDrJoel: one for Evaluations to be submitted by Mentors of your org and the other for students16:32
madrazrit contains the status16:32
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madrazrI will brb16:33
madrazrneed to get some food :)16:33
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* DrJoel groans Doh at missing the org admin link on left hand side. 16:43
* DrJoel waves at carols 16:44
carolshey DrJoel16:44
DrJoelJust to pass along some nice news.. this is a great crop of students .. they are all screaming along.  My wife even noticed I wasn't talking about GSOC and wondered what was up.  No students to moan about and not getting needing lots of help.  Easy, low stress, productive summer so far16:45
carolsthat's awesome to hear!16:46
DrJoelnice to have no problem students. :)16:47
carolsi'm sure :-)16:47
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chrisoelmuellermadrazr: heya and apologies, our network shut down for several hours so I was unable to reach my bouncer18:47
chrisoelmuellerif there still is anything unclear about evaluations in opera or you'd like me to file a bug, I'll be happy to react :)18:47
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madrazrchrisoelmueller: No proble18:51
madrazrbefore filing an issue, can you do me a favor?18:51
chrisoelmuellersure, have some minutes left18:51
madrazrchrisoelmueller: cool! thanks18:51
tpbTitle: Uniform - Sexy forms with jQuery (at
madrazrcan you check if those radio buttons work on Opera?18:51
madrazrand also checkboxes18:52
chrisoelmuellermadrazr: with opera 11.5b/lin they work like a charm18:53
madrazrchrisoelmueller: and with the same version, Melange forms don't work?18:53
chrisoelmuellermadrazr: almost all forms work, but the radio buttons on the evaluation page for mentors do not18:54
chrisoelmuellermadrazr: they don't display anything at all, just the text belonging to the choices18:54
madrazrchrisoelmueller: Oh Ok18:54
madrazrchrisoelmueller: I need to get an opera instance then18:54
madrazrto check what is going on18:54
madrazrchrisoelmueller: they work fine with Chrome and Firefox18:54
chrisoelmuelleryeah I used chromium then after I figured18:55
madrazrchrisoelmueller: Ok :)18:57
madrazrthanks for the help18:57
madrazrchrisoelmueller: will try to look into it18:57
chrisoelmuellersounds great18:58
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sumanahAs an org admin, how do I view a student's evaluation of his/her mentor?21:44
sumanahSRabbelier: maybe you can tell me21:51
SRabbeliersumanah: tomorrow21:52
sumanahah, thanks SRabbelier21:52
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