Monday, 2011-07-11

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Lenniehi guys17:31
orcunaHi :)17:32
praveen97umahi all17:32
Lenniemadrazr, leo__, Merio : ping17:32
akedabagusHi :D17:33
MerioLennie: pong17:33
leo__hi Lennie17:33
LennieWe'll give it another 3 min to see if Sverre shows up17:33
Lenniehe got delayed17:34
madrazrLennie: Heya!17:34
leo__hi Orcun, Praveen, Akeda, Mario and Madhu17:34
madrazrleo__: Hi17:34
akedabagusHi Leo17:34
madrazrso missing Selwyn?17:35
MerioHi leo__17:35
praveen97umaHi Leo !!17:36
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praveen97umathere he is17:37
Lenniethere is selwyn I belive :)17:37
madrazryeah :)17:37
LennieYou are taking notes?17:37
slingshot316Hello everyone17:37
Lennieleo__, actually17:37
leo__Lennie: yes, sure :-)17:38
LennieSo praveen97uma, did you ran into any problems?17:38
Lennieleo__, are you happy with progress so far?17:38
leo__Lennie: what progress do you mean, the meeting?17:39
Lennieno your student :P17:39
leo__I think praveen97uma  has made a good progress so far :-)17:40
praveen97uma@Lennie: I dint understand a couple of things when I was studying the view tests written by Sverre. I asked Madhu yesterday to clear my doubts.17:41
praveen97umaso he cleared much of my doubts17:41
Lenniepraveen97uma, you feel you are on track?17:41
praveen97umaI think so.17:41
LennieI'm multi-threading this meeting btw :-)17:41
praveen97umaI may not be able to do functional testing17:42
Lennieorcuna, nice demo. What else do you have in store for us?17:42
Lenniepraveen97uma, you mean not before midterm/17:42
praveen97umabut I will try to complete the view tests by the final evaluations17:42
orcunaThanks :) Well, for now i'm adding icon to autocomplete field17:43
praveen97umamy target until midterms was to finish the logic tests17:43
praveen97umawhich i have completed almost17:43
orcunajust a small improvement17:43
orcunaI'm actually waiting for reviewing17:43
MerioLennie: speaking of which, I'm going to review the JS code, but, as usual, someone else has to check the Python side (architecture-wise and code-wise)17:44
madrazrMerio: yes sir!17:44
Lennieis that a "I'll do that reviewing" madrazr?17:44
madrazrLennie: yeah :)17:44
leo__praveen97uma: you can try but I don't think there're many work for view tests since many views have already tests.17:44
Meriomadrazr rocks!17:45
Lennieleo__, praveen97uma you two should talk about scoping if needed17:45
orcunamadrazr: Great :)17:45
LennieMerio, anything else you want to add about the project you are mentoring?17:45
leo__Lennie: sure17:46
MerioLennie: I feel we're on track, but we really need to sort out what we actually want to do about one-way vs. two-way syncing and/or iframe Google Docs inside Melange and so on17:46
LennieLets keep it simple17:46
LennieSo just keep it one-way17:46
LennieIt's not really like we can offer the same editing capabilities right?17:47
Lennieakedabagus: Did you have any contact with Daniel?17:48
akedabagusLennie: Yup17:48
LennieYou feel you are on track?17:49
akedabagusLennie: Daniel asked me about the fixed patches and he gave some feedback17:49
LennieI've seen the screenshots17:49
MerioLennie: nope but we can iframe Google Docs in a popup so the user can always edit inside Google Docs and Melange could be probably be aware of it everytime the user closes the popup17:49
LennieIs that something that can be built on top of one-way functionality?17:49
akedabagusLennie: Well, I've promised to push the code for admin dashboard before the mid-term, and it lil bit late though. After that I'll be working on another functionalities for admin17:50
Merioakedabagus: I didn't understand why the code submitted has not been reviewed before? Just to know.17:50
akedabagusMerio: Which one? The admin dashboard?17:50
orcunaMerio: I've found no trace for uploading a html in a different format17:51
MerioLennie: yes, it's just that the user has to choose between syncing with Google Docs or using tinymce, and my guess is that changing it at runtime should be "destructive" or, well... "best effort"17:51
LennieMerio: makes sense17:51
LennieMerio: Just make sure you keep it simple so we have something tangible17:52
Merioorcuna: that's the reason why we should open an iframe, so all the editing is kept in Google Docs, if the user wants to change from Google Docs to tinymce we can import the html but the formatting will be probably messy, if the user wants to change from tinymce to google Docs they will loose all the formatting (I guess)17:52
Lennieakedabagus: Is it just that you can't push the code since it lacks review or is it that it isn't finished yet?17:52
Merioakedabagus: the last one you pushed this morning, there is a JS file (about which I've made a quick and small review on googlecode) that I've never seen before in the mailing list (maybe I've missed it, just let me know)17:53
Lennieslingshot316: How are you doing?17:53
LennieI've seen patches fly by17:53
slingshot316Lennie: This week I've made a better progress17:54
akedabagusLennie: isn't finished yet. After some iterations Daniel said to push it.17:54
orcunaMerio: see it17:54
Merioakedabagus: yes I think it's the admin dashboard, the super-big-huge commit you made this morning ... 51177f2a70fc17:54
LennieMerio: Can you take a look at that JS file then and see if there are any apparent errors?17:55
Lennieakedabagus: ok17:55
Lennieakedabagus: Try and do your best to make as much happen as possible :)17:55
slingshot316Lennie: the public task view now has forms to publish comments and to take actions based on the task status17:55
Lennieslingshot316: nice17:55
slingshot316Lennie: I have also retrieved the work submissions on the page17:55
slingshot316Lennie: I wrote view for creating and editing a task17:56
Lennieslingshot316: Did you look at the view locally?17:56
slingshot316Lennie: No I could not look at it locally17:56
madrazrjust to tell this17:56
MerioLennie: already done, just a couple of small style issues. But my question was more like: why hasn't that code been posted in the mailing list before or did I just miss it?17:56
slingshot316Lennie: and I also wrote the timeline helper for GCI17:56
madrazrif you are making any changes on Python side, please push your code along with the tests and make sure all the tests pass17:56
madrazrwe don't want to have broken releases :)17:57
Lennieslingshot316: Why aren't you running the view locally and/or writing a test for it? Datastores are persistent you should be able to create a task entity in it to play around with :)17:57
madrazrorcuna: slingshot316: akedabagus: praveen97uma:17:57
akedabagusMerio: I forgot to post the JS part of admin dashboard for review, my bad, really sorry :(. I cut the Python code and forgot the JS part, I'll try to post it for reviewing17:57
Lenniemadrazr: Can you create a new datastore with a GCIProgram, OrgAdmin/Mentor, Org and a task for selwyn?17:58
slingshot316Lennie: yes I will do that and will write tests too17:58
madrazrLennie: sure, I will do that17:58
Lenniemadrazr: How are you feeling about progress?17:58
madrazrLennie: I feel this week was Ok. But slingshot316 needs to do a lot more, if he has to make sure that this a solid GSoC project17:59
Lenniemadrazr, I take it the surveys are good to go :)?18:00
Lenniesince it is the 11th18:00
madrazrLennie: yes!18:00
Lenniemadrazr: great18:00
madrazrLennie: it has already started :)18:00
Merioakedabagus: don't worry, it can happen. It was just to know. I already did a quick review
tpb<> (at
akedabagusCurious, why I didn't receive any notification from google's code review18:01
Lennieok guys18:01
LennieThat's it for today :p18:01
LennieI need to run :D18:01
LennieThanks for showing up18:01
Lennieour next meeting will be same time, same place18:02
madrazrI think that was all we wanted to talk18:02
madrazrLennie: thank you :)18:02
leo__See you all next week18:02
madrazrLennie: Ok :)18:02
madrazrsee you all18:02
akedabagussee you guys18:02
Lenniementors you can mail around eval results to me and sverre if you'd like :)18:02
orcunaMerio: i could not understand our final decission18:02
Lennieor if you have doubts or questions18:02
LennieI need to run now sorry :D18:02
madrazrHappy midterm evaluation week guys orcuna, praveen97uma, slingshot316, akedabagus18:02
madrazrLennie: bye Lennard18:02
madrazrstudents don't forget to turn in your evaluation :)18:02
praveen97umaI already submitted :)18:02
madrazrpraveen97uma: ha ha18:03
orcunamadrazr: thank you :) i will take care with tests18:03
slingshot316see you all =)18:03
Lennieleo__, please summarize this meeting :D18:03
leo__Lennie: sure :-)18:03
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Merioorcuna: we should have GDocs in an iframe18:05
MerioWhen the user selects to use GDocs instead of tinymce18:05
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MerioIf the user wants to go back to tinymce, than we should make sure to tell them we will make the best effort to change18:05
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SukhEHi. After submitting the GSoC evaluation (student), if I make a change and submit it again, I get a '500 Server Error'. Is it because once submitted, the evaluations perhaps cannot be edited?18:56
leo__SukhE: Hi19:21
SukhEHi leo__.19:21
leo__As far as I am aware, you can still edit and resubmit it after submitting.19:22
SukhEThat is how I thought it should be :-) But it doesn't seem to work.19:22
leo__So, probably try again to see if it works.19:22
SukhELet me try it with logging out and back in.19:23
SukhEErr, no. Same error.19:24
leo__That's weird.19:25
madrazrSukhE: Oh!19:27
madrazrthats a bug then19:27
madrazrSukhE: looking into it19:27
madrazrthanks for reporting19:27
SukhEOh np. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.19:28
madrazrSukhE: can I PM you for the link_id?19:31
madrazrSukhE: I thought we fixed this bug19:31
madrazrbut has happened again19:31
leo__madrazr: cool, so you know the problem ;)19:35
madrazrleo__: yeah :)19:35
madrazrleo__: we fixed this problem yesterday19:35
madrazrnot sure why it is happening again19:35
leo__madrazr: hehe, may be some new commits have broken it?19:37
madrazrleo__: I think, it is broken in some other place too19:37
madrazra very similar problem in another place is more likely candidate19:37
leo__madrazr: it makes sense :-)19:37
madrazrleo__: :)19:39
madrazrSukhE: I can reproduce the bug locally19:45
madrazrthanks for catching it19:45
madrazrSukhE: and fixed :)19:46
SukhEThanks to you!19:48
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SukhEmadrazr: I know it's late for you, but the problem is still there. Even after reducing the number of characters to < 500.20:21
madrazrSukhE: Don't worry too much. I have fixed the bug, I will deploy a new release. You can submit your response which is greater than 500 chars20:22
SukhECool then :-) Thank you.20:22
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