Monday, 2011-06-27

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* Lennie sends hordes of lemmings over SRabbelier117:24
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Merio"hordes of lemmings?" ahahaha :)17:24
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* Lennie smacks Merio with a red Swingline stapler17:25
LennieThere is more where that came from :P17:25
* Lennie slaps Merio around a bit with a small Imperial-Class Stardestroyer17:25
SRabbelier1hi :)17:27
SRabbelier1so is everybody here as requested?17:28
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* madrazr is here :)17:29
* Merio too17:29
SRabbelier1please use a nickname that is easily identifiable as being you17:29
*** madrazr is now known as madhusudancs17:30
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* Merio is easily identifiable I hope :P17:30
SRabbelier1gedex: ^17:30
SRabbelier1Merio: yes17:30
madhusudancsSRabbelier1: So isn't the logs back yet?17:31
* Merio yay!17:31
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gedexhow to change a nick name in IRC :D17:31
madhusudancsgedex: /nick <new nick>17:31
*** gedex is now known as akedabagus17:31
akedabagusmadhusudancs: thanks Madhu :)17:32
LennieHappy that all blogposts are up :)17:32
madhusudancsakedabagus: NP :)17:32
SRabbelier1Lennie: yes, indeed17:32
SRabbelier1hmm, can't seem to change my nick, brb17:32
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praveen97umaI posted on saturday thinking it was sunday17:32
Lenniepraveen97uma, good enough :)17:33
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akedabagusAre we going to use meetbot?17:33
madhusudancsSRabbelier: welcome back :)17:33
* Lennie slaps dhans around with nuclear waste17:33
SRabbelierbetter :)17:33
SRabbelierakedabagus: we might if we decide to stick with IRC meetings17:33
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SRabbelierdhans: ?17:36
SRabbelierdhans: just wanted to make sure you're here17:37
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MerioWe were kinda waiting for you to be alive :)17:37
SRabbelierok, let's start the meeting then :)17:37
madhusudancsMerio: he he :D17:37
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SRabbelierthere, a little more obvious who's participating now :)17:38
SRabbelierakedabagus: can you start with what you've been up to this week?17:38
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Lennieleo__ is "Happy" ([email protected]) :)17:39
LennieIs that our leo :P?17:39
*** SRabbelier sets mode: +v leo__17:39
leo__Sorry for being late :-)17:39
akedabagusThe dashboard view and template is ready to review. Since I made several commits  own my repo. I need to group that commints into one commit after rebasing from upstream.17:39
leo__My network had some problems just now.17:40
Lennieyeah I saw your post akedabagus, looks like things are falling into place :D17:40
akedabagusView that I am working on is:  A view to trigger accept_proposal's task.17:40
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SRabbelierakedabagus: be sure to split them up into sensible chunks though17:40
akedabagusThe page basically will have a button to start accept_proposals' task  I will create a model to hold the status of Task progress, just like  GSoCProposalDuplicatesStatus.17:41
LennieWould be wise to sent in the framework that holds the base page first, if you'd ask me17:41
SRabbelierakedabagus: I think you can talk with Lennie about that, assuming he wrote that17:41
SRabbelierLennie: agreed, akedabagus do send in what you have now for review17:41
SRabbelierakedabagus: even if it might not end up being committed right away, getting the review started is a good idea17:42
akedabagusOkay, I'll send the code that make a sense to review.17:42
SRabbelierakedabagus: perfect, did you have any particular problems?17:43
akedabagusI just want to ask some questions here17:43
SRabbelierawr, did we lose gsocbot?17:44
SRabbelierakedabagus: anyway, don't ask to ask, just ask17:44
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LennieCan we multi-thread this :P?17:46
SRabbelierLennie: yes, let's17:46
SRabbelierorcuna: what have you been working on this week?17:46
orcunaWe talked with Mario about proposal syncing17:47
orcunai decided best solution is start coding instead of thinking too much on it17:47
orcuna I was planing two different proposal page as i wrote in mailing list, but i think it won't be much user friendly17:47
orcunaI'm planning, when user press "sync now" oauth popup can be opened, so users who don't want to use sync won't be logged into GDocs at all.17:48
SRabbelierorcuna: good point on the "get coding", if it doesn't end up being the way you want it, it can be changed later17:48
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SRabbelierorcuna: that sounds like a good solution, similar to what other oath-enabled apps I've used do17:48
orcunaFor early stage it need not to be a JS popup but a new tab to current mechanism, untill i finish feature17:49
SRabbelierorcuna: that's fine too17:49
orcunathen i can switch to OAuth popup, and when authentication finishes, return to windows caller17:49
SRabbelierorcuna, Merio: sounds like you've got this worked out, good17:50
orcunaSRabbelier: thanks :)17:50
MerioSRabbelier: the only thing I would like to point out is whether we want to make the users' choice definitive or not17:50
SRabbelierMerio: I think for now it's fine, we can later on allow the user to change their mind somehow if it comes up a lot17:51
MerioSRabbelier: The user can either choose tinyMCE or GDocs, or do we want to let them switch?17:51
MerioSRabbelier: sounds very good to me17:51
SRabbelierMerio: ok, perfect17:51
SRabbelierorcuna: did you run into any other problems?17:51
orcunaSRabbelier: i was, as i didn't know how to add a js script. Madhusudan gave me a hand , and solved.17:52
SRabbelierorcuna: perfect, good to hear you're working together17:53
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: what have you been up to this week?17:53
praveen97umai tested soc.logic.tags17:53
praveen97umaand i did not remember that soc.logic.models.base should not be tested17:53
praveen97umaso i had also added few more tests to it17:54
praveen97umai corrected my previous tests17:54
praveen97umalearnt about rebasing from Madhu17:54
praveen97umaand many more other topics17:54
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: how do you feel about your progress so far?17:54
madhusudancspraveen97uma: wasn't rebasing stuff last week? :P17:55
praveen97uma<#madhushudancs> I dont remember. I think we discussed it after last meeting17:56
praveen97umaI think i need to write more number of modules per week17:56
praveen97umabut my time is spent on studying the code itself17:56
praveen97umaand then thinking about the use cases17:57
SRabbelierleo__: how did you do this last year?17:57
praveen97umaso i have decided that i will first correct the previous tests17:57
SRabbelierleo__: I assume you ran into similar problems?17:57
leo__SRabbelier: true17:57
leo__I also spent much time in studying existing code and tests.17:58
praveen97umacorrecting the previous tests will give more ideas and insight into writin tests17:58
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: how many hours/week have you spent on GSoC so far?17:58
leo__But gradually, I became more and more familiar with code and can then add tests more easily.17:59
praveen97umaexcept for the last week, i have given 45-50 hours per week17:59
SRabbelierleo__: so, do you estimate your own progress last year to be similar to praveen97uma's now?18:00
leo__I think I had made more progress at this time last year than Praveen now.18:01
leo__But to be fair, he was occupied by other things previously.18:02
SRabbelierpraveen97uma, leo__: perhaps you should discuss this in more detail then18:02
leo__SRabbelier: Sure18:02
leo__Just to add one thing18:02
SRabbelierpraveen97uma, leo__: I'd like an updated project plan by next Sunday, with goals that are achievable by midterm :)18:02
leo__I think he has made a good progress last week.18:03
leo__If he can continue to work hard, he should be able to catch up soon :-)18:03
SRabbelierleo__: ok, good :)18:03
LennieSorry guys, I'm needed somewhere else. Good luck :)18:04
madhusudancsLennie: see you18:04
leo__See you, Lennie18:04
orcunagood bye Lennie18:04
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SRabbelierselwynjacob: what have you bene up to this week?18:04
selwynjacobI have written the RequestData for GCI, got it reviewed and committed it.18:05
SRabbelierselwynjacob: have you gotten a view up and running?18:05
selwynjacobwrote RedirectHelper, Access Checker which are in for review18:05
selwynjacobthere are some fields in GSoCProgram which have been moved up as they are need for GCI too18:06
SRabbelierselwynjacob: right18:06
akedabagusSorry, I was talking with Lennie before about the accept_proposals view. Lennie have to go I believe.18:06
SRabbelierakedabagus: right18:07
selwynjacoband have written the site menus for GCI18:07
selwynjacobwhich for now can be same as that of GSoC18:07
selwynjacoband I'll be working on the task view18:07
selwynjacobwill get it up and running by tomorrow late or day after18:08
SRabbelierselwynjacob: ok, fair enough, what's after that?18:08
selwynjacobSRabbelier: after that I'm planing to work on task_subscription view18:09
selwynjacoband views for org_application, org_profile and org_homepage18:10
selwynjacobthese are my goals for this week18:10
SRabbelierselwynjacob: so you hope to have those done by next week?18:10
selwynjacobBy next monday yes18:10
SRabbelierselwynjacob: good, that does sound promising18:11
selwynjacobselwynjacob: I might need a day extra but I will try to complete it mostly18:11
SRabbelierselwynjacob: make sure to communicate plenty with madhusudancs and Lennie about this, since it's one of the more important views18:11
selwynjacobSRabbelier: sure I will do that.18:12
SRabbelierselwynjacob: perfect18:12
SRabbelierdoes anyone have any further questions?18:12
leo__Why haven't we used meetbot :P18:13
orcunanot at the moment18:13
orcunai mean questions :)18:13
SRabbelierleo__: because we haven't decided whether to do IRC meetings yet :P18:13
SRabbelierleo__: didn't want to go through the trouble of setting it up18:13
leo__SRabbelier: I see :-)18:14
SRabbelierok, in that case18:14
SRabbelierI'll see you all next week18:14
madhusudancsSRabbelier: see you18:14
SRabbelierand we'll discuss by email whether it'll be IRC or skype :)18:14
leo__See you18:14
akedabagusSee you18:15
dhansi'm not sure about next week; will let you guys know18:15
madhusudancsBye all of you, thank you18:15
orcunaBye, Thanks18:15
MerioOk, bye :)18:15
madhusudancsMerio: I need a bit of your time18:15
selwynjacobBye everyone18:15
madhusudancslets take that outside this meeting18:15
SRabbelierdhans: ok18:15
madhusudancsMerio: just want you for a bit now :P18:15
Meriomadhusudancs: ok :)18:16
madhusudancsMerio: cool! thanks18:16
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dhansoh, I will also try to let y'all know about the next all hands within a week or two. the thing is that I may stay longer in DC but I don't know yet18:20
dhansI hope to talk to my boss this week about that18:20
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