Sunday, 2011-05-01

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slingshot316SRabbelier: hello :)09:18
slingshot316SRabbelier: I'm not able to post in the blog09:18
slingshot316SRabbelier: though i'm Signed in with my Google account09:18
slingshot316madrazr: hello :)09:19
madrazrslingshot316: Hi09:19
madrazrslingshot316: why not?09:19
slingshot316madrazr: I dont seem to find any link to post09:20
madrazrSRabbelier: have you signed in on blogspot?09:20
madrazrslingshot316: ^09:21
madrazrthat was for you not to SRabbelier09:21
slingshot316madrazr: yes IAM09:21
tpbTitle: Blogger: Erstellen Sie Ihr kostenloses Blog (at
slingshot316I am09:21
madrazrwhat does the dashboard indicate?09:21
slingshot316madrazr: it just says I''m not author of any blog and asks if i want to create one09:22
slingshot316and blogs I'm following09:22
madrazrslingshot316: can you PM me the screenshot of the dashboard?09:22
slingshot316madrazr: sure09:22
madrazrslingshot316: cool!09:22
madrazrslingshot316: SRabbelier has sent you an invitation, which you have not accepted09:24
madrazrslingshot316: check your spam folder09:24
slingshot316madrazr: one second09:26
slingshot316madrazr: yes it was in my spam09:27
slingshot316madrazr: thank you09:27
slingshot316madrazr: my bad I did not see09:28
madrazrslingshot316: You are welcome09:28
madrazrslingshot316: NP09:28
madrazrslingshot316: looking forward to your blog09:28
slingshot316madrazr: and I'm done with my exams, will write the post now09:28
madrazrslingshot316: btw when are you free09:28
madrazrslingshot316: sure09:28
slingshot316madrazr: anytime from now09:28
madrazrslingshot316: just mail me your availability (time of the day) for this week09:28
madrazrslingshot316: need to chat up09:28
madrazrslingshot316: before the call tomorrow09:28
slingshot316madrazr: Yesterday I was too tired, so couldn't come online09:28
madrazrslingshot316: and discuss about your plans09:28
madrazrslingshot316: NP09:28
madrazrslingshot316: I was away most of the day yesterday09:29
slingshot316madrazr: sure I will do that09:29
slingshot316madrazr: at around five today?09:30
madrazrslingshot316: not really09:31
madrazrslingshot316: I may want to catch up with some sleep of yesterday's yet :P09:31
madrazrslingshot316: what time can we talk, at the latest?09:32
slingshot316madrazr: I'm free most of the time, we can talk whenever you are free09:36
slingshot316madrazr: at your convinience09:36
madrazrslingshot316: I am free as well :D just that I may want to sleep for a bit09:36
madrazrslingshot316: I will PM one moment09:36
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* eoc Likes new proposal interface, good job :-)13:01
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madrazreoc: all the credits belong to EchoDitto!13:16
madrazreoc: they are behind this UI idea13:16
eocmadrazr: well, you guys were beaten up for stuff ED failed at as well, so I still want to thank you :)14:07
madrazreoc: glad to hear that. You are welcome14:09
madrazreoc: and thank you very much for the support14:09
madrazreoc: that is motivating!14:09
eocsure thing!14:10
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antriktalking about EchoDitto: when they designed the interface, were they aware that it targets developers rather than the "average" web population?...15:51
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madrazrantrik: of course, they did know16:15
madrazrantrik: and TBH, and this is my personal opinion, not of Melange's or of Google's16:16
madrazrantrik: there isn't much difference between the two16:16
madrazrantrik: if you give me a human being a button, which slides on the web16:16
madrazrantrik: you need to tell him how it works16:16
madrazrs/give me a human/give a human/16:17
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slingshot316madrazr: hello :)17:04
madrazrslingshot316: Hi17:06
slingshot316madrazr: I'm going through the models right now17:06
madrazrslingshot316: cool!17:06
slingshot316madrazr: but the views are very confusing :(17:08
madrazrslingshot316: they are17:09
madrazrI know17:09
madrazrslingshot316: that is why we rewrote Melange :P17:09
slingshot316madrazr: :P :)17:09
slingshot316madrazr: if i run hg pull && hg update once a day, its fine?17:10
madrazrslingshot316: there is no definite answer to that question17:10
madrazrslingshot316: it really depends on the day17:10
slingshot316madrazr: hmm.. yea17:11
madrazrslingshot316: I am not able to pick one single day as example :P17:11
madrazrslingshot316: where there we zillion commits17:11
slingshot316madrazr: i get it :)17:11
madrazrslingshot316: what melange related lists are you subscribed to?17:11
slingshot316madrazr: melange-dev and melange17:11
madrazrslingshot316: you mean, melange-soc and melange-soc-dev?17:12
slingshot316madrazr: sorry, year17:12
slingshot316madrazr: s/year/yea17:12
slingshot316madrazr: why ?17:13
madrazrslingshot316: it might be useful to also subscribe to these lists17:13
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
slingshot316madrazr: sure will that now17:14
slingshot316madrazr: thank you17:14
slingshot316madrazr: can I clone Sverre's repo on github and work on that?17:14
madrazrslingshot316: you should ask him17:15
madrazrslingshot316: I am not sure how updated that repo is17:15
madrazrslingshot316: but I suggest you keep in sync with repo17:15
slingshot316madrazr: okay sure17:16
slingshot316madrazr: will do that17:16
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madrazrslingshot316: cool!17:21
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slingshot316madrazr: = ugettext("5. Education")17:29
slingshot316madrazr: why does every field have .group field17:29
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madrazrslingshot316: that divides the form that is generated from the model into different fieldsets17:31
madrazrslingshot316: each group forms one fieldset in the form17:31
slingshot316madrazr: and what does 5. Education say?17:32
madrazrslingshot316: it is grouped into a fieldset which asks for all education related information from the user17:34
madrazrslingshot316: student here17:34
madrazrslingshot316: if you remember, or look at your profile even now17:34
madrazrslingshot316: you will see that you gave some information about school name, website, year of graduation, etc17:34
slingshot316madrazr: i got it now17:35
slingshot316madrazr: that rather sounds like a silly question now, my bad :(17:36
madrazrslingshot316: may be not :)17:36
slingshot316madrazr: :)17:36
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