Wednesday, 2011-04-20

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kronosmadrazr, hey. can i PM u ? i wanted to talk about my gsoc proposal.08:07
madrazrkronos: if you want to talk about the GSoC proposal08:07
madrazrkronos: I prefer to talk here08:07
madrazrkronos: so that others know what we are talking08:07
kronosmadrazr, ok..fine.08:07
madrazrkronos: go ahead08:08
kronosmadrazr,'s my proposal08:08
madrazrkronos: what do you want to talk about the proposal?08:08
kronosmadrazr, i was updating it and list the deliverables.08:08
kronosmadrazr, i wanted to know which of the subproject is least required.08:09
madrazrkronos: I did not get your question08:09
kronosmadrazr, so that i can drop it. as i believe the project is a lot of work for a summer.08:09
madrazrkronos: what subproject are you referring to here?08:09
kronosmadrazr, those i mentioned in my proposal.08:10
madrazrkronos: I believe Sverre did not ask you to drop things08:10
madrazrkronos: rather, I see that on the comment08:10
madrazrkronos: we instead asked you to make the deliverables more fine-grained08:10
madrazrkronos: so that we can repriotize things as we go through the project08:11
kronosmadrazr, ok. will do that.08:11
kronosmadrazr, thanks08:11
madrazrkronos: NP08:11
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stefanhaI have asked a student to switch to a different project.  He reported that Melange does not allow him to edit the title of his proposal, he can only withdraw and resubmit it.  This late in the game I'm nervous about him withdrawing from the system and resubmitting from scratch in case there are hickups.08:44
stefanhaIs there any way for us to edit the proposal title?08:44
gevaertsResubmitting from scratch won't be possible anyway08:51
gevaertsYou did allow edits presumably?08:51
gevaertsAnyway, in previous years edits after the submission deadlines weren't possible at all, and people still did this sort of thing. If both you and the student agree on the new proposal, the title isn't too important08:53
gevaertsI'd make sure the text or the comments reflect the new state though, to avoid disputes later08:53
* gevaerts should perhaps warn that he's only a lowly mentor, not an org admin, a melange dev, or a gsoc organiser08:54
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slingshot316madrazr: hello :)09:29
slingshot316madrazr: are proposal edits allowed now?09:29
stefanhagevaerts: Yes, we allowed edits.09:38
stefanhagevaerts: I'd like for the student's official project name to reflect reality, but oh well ;)09:39
gevaertsYes, I can understand that :)09:39
k0phi there.09:46
k0pfor instance, if a proposal is not marked as gree, and we mark it as accept, what it means?09:49
madrazrstefanha: you allowed edit and the student was not able to change only the title but was able to change the content?10:01
madrazrslingshot316: Hi10:01
madrazrslingshot316: yes10:01
madrazrslingshot316: if the mentor/org admin allows that10:01
madrazrk0p: gree?10:01
stefanhamadrazr: The student said: "The GSoC website seems to have disabled proposal update since applying"10:01
stefanhaperiod ended, I can only "withdraw" and "resubmit" the proposal there.10:01
stefanhaBut the comment is open and I've already added the note."10:01
k0pmadrazr: no colour.10:02
madrazrstefanha: if you have clicked the Proposal Modifications: "Enable" button10:02
madrazrstefanha: the student should be able to see a Edit link just below his proposal title10:02
stefanhamadrazr: I just checked and realized that we have not enabled modifications.10:02
madrazrstefanha: ah!10:02
slingshot316madrazr: for melange/10:02
madrazrstefanha: you can enable that10:02
stefanhaI feel silly now.  Thanks alot for pointing it out.10:03
k0pwell, something change now, some proposals are now green, but still miss one proposal to be green10:03
madrazrstefanha: NP10:03
madrazrstefanha: also please not that10:03
madrazrthe styling for that update button has changed10:03
madrazrit used to be a "big" orange button next to the proposal title10:03
madrazrit is now a normal, underlined link below the proposal title10:03
stefanhamadrazr: Cool, thanks :)10:04
madrazrstefanha: however the student can see it only after you enable the modifications10:04
madrazrstefanha: NP10:04
madrazrk0p: did you compare it with the number of slots you have10:05
madrazrk0p: there is some confusion there?10:05
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madrazrslingshot316: what is for Melange?10:05
slingshot316madrazr: are modifications enabled by Melange?10:06
k0pwell, maybe. madrazr just we mark "accept" the number of students equal with the number of slots?10:06
Nightrosemadrazr: are duplicates updated instantly or as in previous years only once a day or so?10:06
madrazrslingshot316: proposal modification is not Organization wide thing10:07
madrazrslingshot316: it is dealt on case by case basis10:07
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay okay10:07
madrazrslingshot316: if the mentor/org admin things that a student should be given a chance to edit his/her proposal like the use case stefanha had, they can enable it10:07
madrazrfor that proposal10:07
madrazrk0p: not really10:07
madrazrk0p: you mark all those proposals you want to take in for sure, whatsoever10:08
slingshot316madrazr: okat, i thought it was org wide10:08
madrazrirrespective of the score10:08
madrazrk0p: and if there are any more slots remaining, those will be taken in from the highest score10:08
madrazrk0p: but I will cross-check once and tell you again10:08
madrazrk0p: since it has been sometime since I looked at that code, it was so before. Not sure if it has changed now10:09
madrazrk0p: I will confirm in about an hour or so10:09
madrazrNightrose: not really instantly10:09
madrazrand not as long as a day :P10:09
madrazrNightrose: there are 2 ways they can be updated10:09
madrazrNightrose: the automated, duplication detection algorithm, runs once every hour10:09
madrazrNightrose: although, Carol/Sverre can override that10:10
madrazrand rerun the program any time10:10
Nightrosegood enough for me :)10:10
madrazrNightrose: cool!10:10
madrazrslingshot316: it is not10:10
madrazrOK everyone, I am off for now10:10
madrazrstupid meetings :P10:10
madrazrk0p: I will get back to you in an hour10:10
madrazrk0p: if I don't please feel free to ping me ;-)10:10
k0pmadrazr: sure10:11
k0pbecause I stil have some doubts, at least it sounds strange for me.10:12
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vikashleumas, are you in IItk?17:28
vikashmadrazr, hey17:28
leumasvikash: hi! I'm in IITKgp !17:28
vikashok! sp do guys have a proxy there?17:29
leumasvikash: what proxy? sorry, I don't get you..17:29
madrazrvikash: Hi17:30
leumasvikash: oh! ya, it's on proxy...17:30
madrazrall IITs do have proxies!17:30
madrazrthe most screwed up thing ever17:30
madrazrbut IIT Kanpur is the only IIT I have seen, which has an amazingly setup proxy network17:31
vikashmadrazr, Was busy with exams! coming to your city on Friday17:31
vikashCan I discuss some thing illegal here?17:31
madrazrvikash: of course not17:31
madrazrvikash: This place is not for illegal activities :P17:32
vikashproxies are good :)17:32
madrazrvikash: they aren't17:32
madrazrvikash: you want real internet dude17:32
madrazrtoday we are 201117:32
madrazrvikash: we do not want toy internet17:32
vikashfrom my point of view! My college too had it and it gave me the right experience to penetration testing17:32
madrazron which almost nothing works17:32
vikashI am just saying it from learning point of view!17:33
madrazrvikash: if you are interested in such a research, you should definitely ask your Univ to setup a private network for you17:33
madrazrvikash: the proxy here takes hell lot of time out of my development time17:33
vikashMy college :( :(17:33
madrazrvikash: either17:33
leumasvikash: which clg r u from ?17:33
vikashhe he he +1 for that17:33
vikashand thats true!17:33
vikashmanipal Inst of tech but they removed the proxy thing this year and included a login sys17:34
vikashwhich is worse because they haven't managed it properly17:34
vikashhey madrazr I will start working soon! I just need rest for few das17:35
madrazrvikash: sure!17:35
vikashmadrazr, thanks for bearing with me17:35
vikashleumas, whats your name17:35
madrazrvikash: leumas :P17:35
vikashand whichyear and branch17:35
leumasvikash: it's the reverse of my nick!17:36
vikashok! got it nice one though17:36
leumasvikash: 2nd yr, CS17:36
vikashoh great sm here 2nd year IT17:36
leumasvikash: cool!17:37
leumasmadrazr: hi! where r u from?17:39
madrazrI am on a conference call17:40
madrazrwill ping you in some time17:40
leumasvikash: what did you mean, when u said 'illegal'?17:42
vikashSomething related to penetration testing17:44
leumaswe have some relaxation over here :P17:48
vikashhmm. i didn't get you ? and I guess we can talk over this in /query17:48
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JustinSbug report: I have a project with a mentor assigned, but it still shows no mentor assigned in the dashboard list20:01
tpb<> (at
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SRabbelierJustinS: checking20:02
SRabbelierJustinS: ok, I see what's causing the bug20:12
SRabbelierworking on a fix20:12
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SRabbelierJustinS: can you try now?20:32
JustinSsays "pending" in grey now20:33
SRabbelierJustinS: okay :)20:33
SRabbelierJustinS: just wait till the task finishes it's next run then20:34
JustinSwe have one duplicate, so this project is the fallback in any case20:34
JustinSthank you for the quick turnaround20:34
SRabbelierJustinS: if it's a fallback you shouldn't be marking it as accepted ;)20:35
SRabbelierJustinS: (np)20:35
JustinSI need to count up again my slots vs mentors20:36
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kblinsomehow, having one proposal list for two orgs is unwieldy20:42
kblinthis might get better once melange remembers the filter settings, but last year I could just have the two orgs' pages open in two tabs and just hit refresh to keep up with our proposals20:43
SRabbelierkblin: yeah, the remember filter setting is needed badly20:45
SRabbelierkblin: I'm a mentor for 5 orgs atm :P20:45
SRabbelierkblin: it's a pita20:45
SRabbelierkblin: especially because KDE and python have so many proposals20:45
kblinyeah, I can see it being worse for KDE and PSF20:46
* SRabbelier harasses Mario to fixing that20:46
kblinI must admit that I don't have any bright ideas on how the ideal UI would look like, even the remember filters setting is a bit of a kludge20:47
SRabbelierkblin: patches or stfu :P20:48
SRabbelierkblin: (or at least an idea on how we _should_ do it xD)20:48
SRabbelierthat wouldn't work still20:48
SRabbelierthe cookie I mean20:48
SRabbeliersince it's per page20:48
SRabbeliernot per window :(20:48
kblinthat's why I didn't file a bug about it20:48
kblinalso, when you talk to your web design guys the next time... I'd love to know why web designers insist that I can only use 20% of my screen width for page content20:49
gevaertsTechnically you could have more cookies20:49
SRabbelierkblin: 960 css20:50
SRabbelierkblin: it means the screen works at 1024x76820:50
*** orcuna has joined #melange20:50
kblinSRabbelier: yes, but last I checked css could work with % :)20:50
SRabbelierkblin: also, having a lot of content on a wide screen doesn't necessarily make for better reading20:50
orcunaSRabbelier: hi, i'm writing tests for accept_proposals, i have a question, i a students accepts for one proposal, other proposal is set to rejected right?20:53
SRabbelierorcuna: yeah20:53
orcunaSRabbelier: All messages sent:20:54
orcunaSender: "[email protected]"20:54
orcunaTo: "[email protected]"20:54
orcunaSubject: "Congratulations!"20:54
orcunaTextBody: ""20:54
orcunaHtmlBody: "\n<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN\""20:54
orcunaSender: "[email protected]"20:54
orcunaTo: "[email protected]"20:54
orcunaSubject: "Thank you for applying to ghost"20:54
orcunaTextBody: ""20:54
SRabbelierorcuna: okay?20:54
gevaertsWhat? html-only mail?20:55
orcunaSRabbelier: it says reject email is sent to accepted user also20:55
kblinhaving the proposal title that spans 15 lines that are 2 cm each isn't terribly readable either20:55
SRabbelierkblin: word20:55
SRabbeliergevaerts: no20:55
SRabbeliergevaerts: when sent like that GAE automatically creates a text-only version20:55
gevaertsAh, ok20:55
gevaertsThat's better :)20:55
orcunaSRabbelier: if an user has 1 of 2 accepted mails, i think no reject mail should be sent20:56
* gevaerts wants multipart-alternative LaTeX/postscript emails!20:56
SRabbelierorcuna: yes, a student should only ever receive 1 email20:56
* SRabbelier points gevaerts to the nearest window he can jump out of20:56
kblinSRabbelier: hang on, obfuscated a screenshot to not give my current acceptance list away20:56
gevaertsSRabbelier: I meant in general, not from melange!20:57
SRabbelierkblin: just /query it20:57
orcunaSRabbelier: yes, but it sends multiple emails20:57
*** DrJoel has joined #melange20:58
SRabbelierorcuna: sounds like a bug20:58
orcunaSRabbelier: and another strange point it sends multiple reject mails for every rejected proposals20:58
kblinalready done gimping it20:58
* DrJoel wonders if there is anyway to know if we have students who have applied to multiple orgs.. even if no dupes at this point20:58
SRabbelierkblin: disable some columns?20:58
SRabbelierDrJoel: no, why do you care anyway20:58
orcunaSRabbelier: it send mail per proposal, ok i will try to find the bug20:59
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SRabbelierorcuna: the bug is probably a lack of not checking20:59
SRabbelier**a lack of20:59
DrJoelSRabbelier: Already solved one dupe.. just curious if another was even possible.  You can't have a dupe if students only applied to your org20:59
orcunaSRabbelier: not checking what?21:00
kblinSRabbelier: that's not my point21:00
kblinthe only thing I can turn off is the "score", because average score is more meaningful21:00
SRabbelierkblin: fine, fine, mailing ED21:01
SRabbelierkblin: is that screenshot going to stay up?21:01
kblinit's not only melange, this seems to be a common trend for all web designers21:02
SRabbelierkblin: ok21:02
SRabbelierorcuna: not checking if the student has an accepted proposal already21:02
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kblinit's just even more annoying if your data is cramped and half your screen stays empty21:02
SRabbelieryes it is21:03
orcunaSRabbelier: yes, but it should check if the student has already received reject email if all proposals rejected, too21:04
SRabbelierorcuna: yup21:04
*** lresende has joined #melange21:05
kblinorcuna: just don't send a "you've been accepted" email to rejected students again :)21:05
*** JustinS has left #melange21:08
orcunakblin: that would be worst :)21:08
kblinwe had that before, wasn't pretty..21:09
kblinI think that was in 2007 or 200621:09
SRabbelierkblin: yeah21:10
orcunaorcuna: hehe :) everybody must be pissed off21:11
SRabbelierorcuna: they weren't happy, no :)21:11
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gevaertsWell, they were, for a short time21:12
SRabbelierorcuna: apparently this is the way we've always done it21:21
SRabbelierorcuna: you get 1 email per proposal21:21
orcunaSRabbelier: should it change now?21:22
SRabbelierorcuna: nah, it's fine as is I suppose21:22
*** DrJoel has left #melange21:23
orcunaSRabbelier: ok, i'm supposing this for tests21:23
SRabbelierorcuna: sgtm21:24
*** dhaun has quit IRC21:25
kblinoh wow21:36
kblinthat's really some tough luck for the last person to post on the melange list21:36
kblinbut I totally understand why the HU can't select a student with that link_id21:37
SRabbelierkblin: yeah21:37
kblinthere's so many valkyres in Wagner's works, and she picks the one that denotes the SS sign21:37
kblinthose asshats have ruined so much of the german mythology :/21:38
SRabbelierkblin: otoh, a little forethought and knowledge of history never hurt anyone21:39
orcunai finished test
tpbTitle: [Diff] diff -r b96aed6732cd tests/new_views/ --- /dev/null T - (at
orcunashould i share as inline at mailing list?21:52
SRabbelierorcuna: yup, attachment too21:55
SRabbelierorcuna: wow, looks like you really got the hang of our test infrastructure21:57
_wolf_SRabbelier, is the column selection and that stuff bound to some cookie?22:00
SRabbelier_wolf_: yes22:01
_wolf_SRabbelier, ack22:01
_wolf_Any plans on saving it to the profile?22:02
SRabbelier_wolf_: oh you complicated and difficult person :P22:02
_wolf_I don't want to repeat tasks22:03
*** madrazr has quit IRC22:03
SRabbelier_wolf_: shouldn't be _that_ hard I suppose, otoh, shouldn't be that hard for you to do a one-time setting22:03
_wolf_once for each browser, mind you. I'm juggling 3 laptops ;)22:03
_wolf_or 2 laptops and a desktop22:03
SRabbelier_wolf_: still, that's only two extra22:09
_wolf_Ok I surrender :D22:09
_wolf_It's not worth filing a FR even, so I can't expect you to implement it22:09
_wolf_thanks for the info though22:10
_wolf_I'll rather request something worth while, like custom columns22:11
_wolf_any ETA on that?22:11
_wolf_s,custom columns,org specific columns,22:11
SRabbelier_wolf_: that's a troll right?22:13
SRabbelier_wolf_: (since we've had custom columns for a week now :P)22:14
_wolf_SRabbelier, no it's me being an ass who hasn't read the change log.22:14
SRabbelier_wolf_: *pat pat*, sorry to hear that22:15
SRabbelier_wolf_: you've been missing out22:15
_wolf_ok I'll go read the changelogs and see if I can spot how to activate it22:15
orcunaSRabbelier: thanks :)22:16
SRabbelierorcuna: thank _you_ :)22:16
SRabbelier_wolf_: (hint, check the bottom of the org profile page)22:16
* _wolf_ saves yet another note to buy caramel chocolate for SRabbelier22:18
SRabbelier_wolf_: you sir, are most kind ^^22:18
_wolf_SRabbelier, ok now I'm confused. Our profile page ends with the template22:19
_wolf_then after that we have the melange footer22:19
SRabbelier_wolf_: url?22:20
tpb<> (at
SRabbelier_wolf_: that's not your profile page, that's your org homepage, click edit22:20
_wolf_nvr mind22:20
_wolf_I need to edit it22:20
_wolf_thx and sorry to bug ya22:20
SRabbelier_wolf_: np at all22:21
_wolf_oohhh! This is soo nice!! :D22:23
SRabbelier_wolf_: hehe, that'll teach you not to read the Changelog :P22:23
_wolf_indeed! I've read the ones from this week I think. Annoying busy life and work....22:24
*** lresende has quit IRC22:26
*** lresende has joined #melange22:29
*** lresende has joined #melange22:30
SRabbelier_wolf_: allright, I'm off then, just email if anything comes up :)22:30
_wolf_will do22:30
_wolf_sleep well22:30
_wolf_or whatever :)22:30
SRabbelieryes, bed :P22:30
_wolf_hmpf, it's not saving it :(22:32
SRabbelier_wolf_: oh? you hitting enter?22:32
_wolf_and when I sort it vanishes!22:33
_wolf_should I file a bug?22:33
SRabbelier_wolf_: heh, did you set the dropdown to one org?22:33
_wolf_I only have one org22:34
SRabbelier_wolf_: hm, weird, try clearing yoru cookies I suppose22:34
_wolf_ok they came back after refresh22:34
*** antrik_ has joined #melange22:35
_wolf_and now sorting workses!22:35
SRabbelier_wolf_: ok, how about saving? :P22:35
_wolf_yup, did that22:35
SRabbelier_wolf_: so it's working now?22:36
_wolf_but then when I sorted all data vanished until I refreshed the table22:36
_wolf_yes it's working22:36
_wolf_go, sleeep22:36
_wolf_you are feeling sleeeepyyyyy22:36
* _wolf_ also goes to sleep22:36
SRabbelierg'night :D22:37
*** antrik has quit IRC22:37
_wolf_g'nite :D22:37
*** lresende_ has joined #melange23:30
*** lresende has quit IRC23:33
*** antrik_ is now known as antrik23:40

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