Monday, 2011-04-18

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DarkSectorSRabbelier: hello, so how do I begin contributing and where ?08:16
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adamgoucherif am am logged into melange, but don't see 'my dashboard' then the problem would likely be what?11:33
vikashadamgoucher, then what all are you seeing?11:43
adamgoucherjust the same set of things on the left that you would see if i wasn't logged in (aside from the login/logout change)11:44
adamgoucherusing some google-fu i have stumbled upon but it says None's Dashboard which is a bit concerning to see11:45
tpb<> (at
vikashadamgoucher, if you still have a problem! can you give a screenshot! you can use for that! its an amazing add on!11:50
tpbTitle: Awesome Screenshot - Capture, Annotate and Share (at
tpbTitle: Google Summer of Code 2011 | Awesome Screenshot (at
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gevaertsadamgoucher: you could try pinging madrazr or SRabbelier to make sure they're aware of the problem (or assume that this line does that :)12:25
* gevaerts isn't sure if they're awake now though12:26
madrazrSRabbelier: you beat me :P12:26
SRabbelieradamgoucher: can you sen a screenshot of your dashboard?12:26
SRabbelierthat's weird12:26
SRabbelieradamgoucher: what url was that screenshot taken at?12:27
tpb<> (at
adamgouchernot sure if that is the correct url or not -- since i dont have a link anywhere on the page to go to the dashboard. found that through google12:31
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SRabbelieradamgoucher: can you copy/paste the link_id here?12:36
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adamgoucheradamgoucher is the linkid12:40
SRabbelieradamgoucher: so, you don't have a role in the program12:41
SRabbelieradamgoucher: you're only signed up as a user, but never made a profile12:42
adamgoucherummm. i'm the admin for the selenium organization12:42
SRabbelieradamgoucher: no you're not :P12:42
adamgoucherok. so /who/ is then12:42
adamgouchersince i was the one who did the application, and confirmed the profile details.12:43
SRabbelieradamgoucher: one automatedtester12:43
SRabbelieradamgoucher: yes, but you never created a profile12:43
SRabbelieradamgoucher: first, go to
tpb<> (at
SRabbelieradamgoucher: create a profile12:44
adamgoucherand creating an application in the system does not create the appriate (other) profiles?12:44
SRabbelieradamgoucher: no, as per the email you received you should have created an org admin profile, weeks ago actually12:44
adamgoucherright. [unnecessary duplicate data entry] profile done12:49
SRabbelieradamgoucher: GLWT eh12:50
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dberkholzSRabbelier: how are you doing on slots?17:16
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SRabbelierdberkholz: we got 417:26
dberkholzSRabbelier: do you want more?17:26
SRabbelierdberkholz: nah, we're good, we're probably giving some back ourselves :)17:27
dberkholzwe might have 1-2 spare, and i like to target them to the most useful stuff if i can17:27
dberkholzso naturally melange came to mind17:27
SRabbelierdberkholz: thank you ^__^17:29
SRabbelierdberkholz: give some to git :P17:30
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dberkholzSRabbelier: i'm working on it, if i can figure out who the admin is.17:31
dberkholzgit and gcc are my other 217:31
leumasmadrazr: hi17:31
madrazrleumas: Hi17:31
SRabbelierdberkholz: jeff is17:31
SRabbelierdberkholz: yeah, "Jeff King" <[email protected]>,17:32
leumasmadrazr: so, how is the reviewing of my proposal going?17:32
madrazrleumas: going good :)17:32
leumasmadrazr: any room for any improvements in the proposal...17:33
SRabbelierleumas: any comments we have on it will be on :)17:33
madrazrand if have anything to suggest to improve your proposal, we will post a public comment :)17:34
madrazr*if we have17:34
leumasSRabbelier: thanks! it's just that I haven't seen any comments lately17:34
leumasmadrazr: so, I am kind of worried...17:34
SRabbelierleumas: we probably don't have any comments then :)17:35
SRabbelierleumas: if you're worried about getting accepted you should be working on a patch ;)17:35
* madrazr high fives to SRabbelier17:35
madrazrleumas: patches please?17:35
leumasSRabbelier: patch?17:35
leumasmadrazr: sorry, but what patch are you talking about?17:36
SRabbeliermadrazr: great minds do think alike :)17:36
SRabbelierleumas: the patch you're working on to help make Melange better and demonstrate to us that you're a good coder?17:36
leumasSRabbelier: I can do some, I guess...17:38
leumasmadrazr: for example, the queue system, I can implement it now itself17:38
madrazrSRabbelier: ha ha :P17:39
madrazrleumas: can you do that using the new views that Melange uses?17:39
leumasmadrazr: I think i can pull it off, what are these "views" any way?17:40
madrazrleumas: All the views available in soc.modules.gsoc.views17:41,, etc ?17:41
leumasthese .py files they are 3 UI files right?17:42
leumasmadrazr: I can do it as far as I can under stand the already written code17:42
madrazrleumas: 3 UI files?17:43
madrazrleumas: sure, please ping us for help if you don't understand things there17:43
leumasmadrazr: okay17:43
leumasmadrazr: what are these 3 files?17:43
madrazrleumas: those were the examples I gave. See etc at the end17:44
madrazrthere are many files like that, which contain the views for GSoC17:44
leumasmadrazr: and, each of them contain methods to handle tasks and claims?17:45
leumasmadrazr: pls help me! I can't access these files. how do I access them?17:47
madrazrleumas: do you have our source repository?17:50
madrazrleumas: and, no they don't contain methods to handle tasks and claims17:50
madrazrleumas: the path I gave was for GSoC views17:50
leumasmadrazr: okay, I got there,,17:50
madrazrleumas: we don't have tasks and claims based workflow for GSoC17:50
madrazrleumas: the GCI code is in, soc.modules.gci.views.models.17:51
madrazrleumas: we do not want to write any new views like the one in GCI views.models now17:51
madrazrleumas: we want to write it using the views code we have in GSoC module, for example say proposal.pyt17:51
leumasmadrazr: oh!17:52
madrazrleumas: sorry for the term, "using the views code"17:52
madrazrleumas: we want to make our new GCI view like the GSoC views17:52
madrazrleumas: I don't literally mean, using it17:53
leumasmadrazr: okay... it's fine :)17:53
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leumasmadrazr: what's the main difference bb/w GSoC views and GCI views?17:53
madrazrleumas: the new system is a radical departure from the old one17:54
madrazrleumas: there is not 1, 2 or 3 to name17:54
madrazrleumas: you will have to take a look at the code to get a feel17:54
leumasmadrazr: i'm going through the GSoC ones17:54
madrazrleumas: sure, that helps17:54
leumasmadrazr: gotta agree, this is my first time reading other's code!17:59
madrazrleumas: you will get used to it, soon :)17:59
leumas* reading ...17:59
madrazrleumas: ah!17:59
madrazrthat mess :P17:59
madrazrthat I have created :P17:59
leumasmadrazr: what's wrong with it?18:00
leumasmadrazr: what are these 'tags'?18:00
leumasmadrazr: difficulty = tag_property('difficulty')            what is this tag_property?18:05
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leumasmadrazr: der? I think I can get a feel of the (esp the fields) except the 'tag'18:14
madrazrleumas: wrong with it? I don't think I said there is something wrong with it18:19
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madrazrleumas: we want it to use the new, better views architecture18:19
madrazrleumas: every GCI Task can be tagged18:19
madrazrbased on difficulty18:19
madrazrand type18:19
madrazrand additional arbit tags18:19
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leumastagged by whom?18:20
leumasmadrazr: where is the code which changes the status of a task once the mentor changes it?18:22
madrazrleumas: Difficulty and Task Type will be predefined, by the program administrator18:22
madrazrleumas: arbit tags, are arbit :) Mentors or Org Admins can set them18:22
leumasmadrazr: okay.18:23
madrazrleumas: brb, I have to switch my connection18:24
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madrazrleumas: back18:26
leumasmadrazr: hello!18:27
leumasmadrazr: :P18:27
madrazrleumas: hey!18:27
madrazrI know you :)18:27
leumasmadrazr: where is the code which changes the status of a task once the mentor changes it?18:27
madrazrleumas: soc.modules.gci.views.models.task.py18:28
leumasmadrazr: so, it's in the task.py18:28
madrazrleumas: yes18:28
madrazrleumas: thats what I said :P18:29
leumasmadrazr: pls bear with me! for the project, what am I supposed to do?18:30
madrazrleumas: which project?18:30
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leumasmadrazr: 'improving GCI modules'18:30
madrazrleumas: I thought you already wrote that in your proposal?18:30
madrazrleumas: please take a look at the wiki page as well18:30
madrazrleumas: please ask specific questions18:31
madrazrleumas: if there are any18:31
leumasya but, i want to clarify some points18:31
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madrazrleumas: sure18:31
madrazrask, those18:31
leumaswhen a student claims, I need to change his status18:31
leumasthen, I can simultaneously put him in a queue18:32
leumasthis is what I'm thinking of as a solution18:32
leumasmadrazr: is this the right way? this is what I intended to do as per my proposal18:33
madrazrleumas: you may not want to change student's status18:35
madrazrleumas: but otherwise fine18:35
madrazrleumas: but currently we change the task status18:35
madrazryou need to avoid that somehow18:35
madrazrleumas: also when a student requests to claim a task, the task gets locked to that student now18:35
madrazrleumas: you need to think how you want to handle that18:36
madrazrleumas: since we can't lock the task anymore18:36
leumasmadrazr: sorry, i meant task status, why do we need to change student status any way?18:37
leumasmadrazr: the task will have another state 'queued'18:38
leumasmadrazr: whenever a student claims a task first, it is not locked but queued18:39
leumasmadrazr: as long as it is queued, new students can still claim it, but they are added to a queue18:39
leumasmadrazr: then, I don't think there is any need to lock the task. is it?18:42
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slingshot316madrazr: SRabbelier hello :) how have you been?18:53
leumasmadrazr: so, should I seriously make a patch ?18:53
leumasslingshot316: hello!18:53
slingshot316leumas: hi :)18:54
madrazrleumas: sorry, I was on a call18:54
madrazrslingshot316: Heya!18:54
madrazrslingshot316: I am doing good18:55
madrazrslingshot316: how are your exams going?18:55
madrazrleumas: that is what, why do we want to change the student's status? :P18:55
leumasmadrazr: hey! so, ur back!18:55
leumasno we dont!18:55
slingshot316madrazr: hey, they're going well, few more days and i'm finall done18:55
madrazrleumas: you need not use a different state!18:55
madrazrleumas: why not reuse the "requested" state?18:56
slingshot316madrazr: i once told you i was working on a code sharing app right? i'm almost done, deploying it now18:56
madrazrleumas: you were the one who volunteered to do a patch for it18:56
madrazrleumas: it was your choice18:56
madrazrslingshot316: yes, you did and interestingly I remember :)18:56
madrazrslingshot316: awesome!18:56
madrazrthats great!18:56
slingshot316madrazr: oh i'm glad18:57
slingshot316madrazr: i will be on it now, will send you the link in a bit :)18:57
leumasmadrazr: oh!  i didn't know of the requested state, any way thanks!18:57
madrazrslingshot316: sure18:57
madrazrleumas: if you look at the model definition in soc.modules.gci.models.task.py18:58
madrazryou can see the task states18:58
slingshot316madrazr: and btw, should i give any further information regarding my proposal?18:58
madrazrleumas: all possible states on the task18:58
leumasmadrazr: guess i overlooked some :P18:58
madrazrslingshot316: not really, if we want, we will post a public comment on google-melange.com18:58
slingshot316madrazr: okay, sure :)18:59
leumasmadrazr: don't mind the patch, if I find time (I have exams from this Thursday :-( ....) i'll try to make one.19:00
leumasmadrazr: thanks, today i understood how code for opensource projects can be edited ! from the net ofcourse :P19:01
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madrazrleumas: heh NP19:07
madrazrleumas: you can take up an easier task if you would like to, like writing a test for the GSoC views19:08
madrazrleumas: which will also help you understand how our new views work19:08
leumasmadrazr: what does a test mean? is it like a test case?19:09
leumasmadrazr: do i need to test the views?19:09
leumasmadrazr: thanks! I'll give it a try when I have a time (and probably bug you at that time , pls bear with me :) gtg for now! gud night!19:12
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