Saturday, 2011-03-12

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jlawallhello, because I didn't understand how the site works, I ended up submitting my application twice.  Is theer any way I can get rid of one of them?09:59
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ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, hi!10:57
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, looks like everyone having the same problem to run locally10:57
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, any solution?10:57
slingshot316SRabbelier|Lappy: hello sverre! hope i'm not disturbing you, can you please tell me what is happening in the lines 121-127 in this paste?
tpbTitle: dpaste: #492589: by slingshot316 (at
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slingshot316 /part11:47
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ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, hi! u there?19:33
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SRabbelier|Lappyratul: hi20:01
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, sorry for the delay20:23
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, the bug in mine code is for others' too20:24
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SRabbelier|Lappyratul: ya?20:31
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, u remember the bug ?20:32
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, the homepage was not opening20:32
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: right, the error20:33
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, it is in other's too20:33
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: others?20:33
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, other students20:33
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, planning for gSoC20:33
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: oh, you mean slingshot316?20:33
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, he too said20:34
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, he mentioned about some other guy too who is stuck in same place20:34
* SRabbelier|Lappy nod20:34
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, is there some solution?20:35
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: the difficult thing is I can't reproduce the problem20:37
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: hard to debug20:37
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, so should I send u all the details?20:38
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: please do20:38
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, I am doing it ASAP20:39
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, Thanks!20:39
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tpbTitle: First step: hg clone melange && cd melange && - (at
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, but http://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/edit/google/gsoc2009. works21:06
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: yes, that's expected, it's an old view and doesn't use revers21:09
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: can you tell me what the output of http://localhost:8080/somenonexistanturl is?21:10
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, ok21:10
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: ah, nvm, you already did21:11
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, sorry?21:11
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: fifth step should be: http://localhost:8080/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc200921:11
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: the url you used is not registered21:11
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, http://localhost:8080/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2009 works fine21:11
ratulbut http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/student/google/gsoc2009 gives error "This page is inactive at this time"21:12
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, I think that is expected.21:12
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, is it?21:12
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: yes, you have to edit the timeline first21:13
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: http://localhost:7070/gsoc/timeline/edit/google/gsoc200921:13
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy,in http://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/edit/google/gsoc2009?s=0 edited "program start date" and "program end date" sand saved the page21:14
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/student/google/gsoc2009 still gives "This page is inactive at this time.21:14
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: you need to set Student signup start date21:15
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, sorry, but where?21:16
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: same page?21:16
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, sorry21:16
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, ok21:17
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, wow it works21:17
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: sweet21:17
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, now I think I am ready to write test codes..!21:18
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, thank you a lot!!21:18
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: awesome!21:18
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: so, how did you fix that "view does not exist" error?21:18
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, I donno, it got fixed after I reinstall the whole thing21:19
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, I dont think it will come again!21:19
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: curious21:19
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, will tell u if I see it again21:20
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: tnx21:20
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, Thank You! :)21:20
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