Thursday, 2011-03-10

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nickbarnesProblems with my link ID on Melange when doing our GSOC org app.  ossibly pilot error.  Is here a good place to ask?12:50
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nickbarnesI created my link ID (nickbarnes) was associated with one Google Account ([email protected]) but I do most Google stuff (GMail, etc) with another account ([email protected]).  This got sufficiently irritating that I deleted the [email protected] Google Account and added [email protected] as a secondary email address to the [email protected] Google Account.12:53
nickbarnesNow I can't log into the GSOC melange site.12:53
nickbarnesso it's gone from irritating to impossible.12:53
nickbarnesis there anybody there?12:54
ssi|neilSverre - SRabbelier - has been good at answering my Melange questions in the past.12:59
ssi|neilI can't help as I'm just a Melange user :-(12:59
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ratulSRabbelie: hi!15:05
ratulSRabbelier|Lappy, I am new to melange. I am understanding to write test codes here. But when I follow gettingstarted, it gives me 404 error. Can you please help?15:08
ratulI am new to melange. I am understanding to write test codes here. But when I follow gettingstarted, it gives me 404 error. Can you please help?15:08
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SRabbelier|Lappyratul: what url are you getting these errors on?\15:25
SRabbelier|Lappynickbarnes: see the issue15:25
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ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, Extremely sorry, my network connection was giving me trouble, so forced quit. anyway, the problem is not solved. :(15:38
ratul_nickbarnes, hi!15:38
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: what url are you getting these errors on?\15:41
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, http://localhost:8080, just to run it locally15:44
ratul_nickbarnes, u can see my problem, right?15:44
nickbarnesSRabbelier: thanks for sorting out my link ID.15:46
nickbarnesI know nothing about ratul_'s problem.15:46
ratul_nickbarnes, what should be the ideal output when I see 404 error just at the second part of getting started (running melange locally)15:47
nickbarnesSorry, I'm just a google-melange user.15:49
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SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: yeah, run http://localhost:8080/seed_db first15:53
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: then you can find the work on the new design at http://localhost:8080/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc200915:54
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, Thank You a lot! It worked like charm!15:54
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, but the last address is raising ViewDoesNotExist error15:55
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, and http://localhost:8080/gci/program/home/google/gci2009 is giving me 404 error again (but not gSoC one)15:57
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: that's correct, we've disabled the GCI views for now15:59
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, but why http://localhost:8080/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2009 is giving ViewDoesNot Exist?16:00
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: good question, can you show me a screenshot?16:01
ratul_sure, sent it16:02
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: can you put it up online somewhere? transfer isn't starting16:02
tpbTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer (at
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: I see, one sec, investigating16:04
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: curious, works for me16:06
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: what revision are yo uat?16:06
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, just updated a few minutes back, if that is what u are asking16:06
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: did you rup 'hg update' after pulling?16:08
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, ya16:08
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, though no change was added16:08
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: what OS/version of python?16:09
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, I have 2.5,2.6, 2.7, 3.1 installed. default is 2.7 i think16:10
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, sorry default is 2.6.616:10
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: that should work16:10
ratul_after seed_db, localhost:8080 and the GSoC one is working fine, but not the link u suggested16:11
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: can you put your app/soc/modules/gsoc/ file on pastebin?16:11
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: sudo aptitude install pastebinit && pastebinit app/soc/modules/gsoc/callback.py16:11
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: ok, I'll need you to make two changes16:17
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, sure16:17
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: in app/soc/views/, comment out line 42 and 43 (the patterns += ones)16:18
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, ok16:18
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: and add above views/sitemap/ line 47 something like: raise "abort"16:19
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, give me a sec16:19
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, bfore the "Return the found result", added "raise AbortError("Custom abort")"16:21
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, is that fine/16:22
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: sure16:23
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, oops, it is showing aborterror not defined when localhost:8080/seed_db16:24
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: you only need to ru nit once16:24
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: but anyway16:24
SRabbelier|Lappygo to http://localhost:8080/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc200916:24
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: and show me the stacktrace please :)16:24
ratul_this is what I have done in sitemap
tpbTitle: ratul - (at
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: yeah, that's fine16:26
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: I want to see who is calling that function16:27
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: nobody but those two that you commented out should be16:27
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: did you get a  stacktrace?16:28
ratul_u mean the traceback in browser?16:29
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: YES16:30
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: **yes16:30
tpbTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer (at
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SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: well, doh, either define it or do what I said and just make it raise "die"16:31
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, ok, sorry :(16:31
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: np ^^16:32
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, "raise IndexError" is saying
tpbTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer (at
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: can you scroll down and send another screenshot?16:36
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, ok16:37
tpbTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer (at
tpbTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer (at
SRabbelier|Lappyratul_: I'm going home now, I'll be back later tonight, not sure what's going on :(16:40
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, ok. Thanks a lot for ur kind help!!16:41
ratul_SRabbelier|Lappy, will try on own. :)16:41
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gjosephhey guys.18:15
gjosephif my browser somehow decided it didn't want to refill my application form when hitting the back button (…) i guess i'm out of luck - unless somehow the form data is sent/saved somewhere even when incomplete?18:15
gjosephmeh. will resubmit later. will write up in notepad first :/18:27
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HerraBREHello!  Are you guys aware of sign-in bugs related to GAFYD users who have "migrated" to the new login scheme?18:46
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nano-The next step will be to create your Organization Administrator Profile.19:12
nano-is that something that will first be valid after the org has been accepted?19:12
nano-I don't find any button for that.19:13
nano-ah.. as assumed.. not until being accepted.19:14
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DJWillisI have a quick question about how Melange handles Google Accounts, I have an account that (thanks to an Android phone) had the primary mail automatically changed from my regualr email to a googlemail address. This is not a problem as my old mail is a secondry one on that account now but in Melange this seems to have orphaned me from my old GSoC Mentor/Admin profile when I log in (and link-id etc is all blank for me no19:19
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cbmuserhi, I would like to have my application for this years' GSoC withdrawn23:06
cbmuserwe have decided to coorperate with another project for GSoC, so we don't need a separate application23:06
cbmuserjust don't want to steal ressources if not necessary23:07
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