Wednesday, 2011-03-02

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bipulI am having problems with importing md5 and sha  while running melange (python2.6)05:37
bipuli have used from hashlib import md5 and from hashlib import sha105:38
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ratulhi everyone!16:23
ratulCan someone discuss about GCI (other than madrazr, whom I personally disturb very often :P)16:24
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madrazrratul: what do you want to know about GCI?16:48
ratulmadrazr: I want to know about the changes that GCI module is undergoing16:51
madrazrratul: GCI module is not undergoing any changes16:52
ratulmadrazr: or it is plannig to go under16:52
madrazrratul: at least not at the moment16:52
madrazrratul: for that you need to look at the changes GSoC module is undergoing16:52
madrazrratul: we want to implement the new Views architecture for all the modules16:52
madrazrratul: esp starting with GCI16:52
ratulmadrazr: how to get the patches/ changes that is going on?16:54
madrazrratul: our default source repository16:54
madrazrratul: the main repository is up to date, in line with all the changes we are making16:54
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ratulmadrazr: I understood that GCI (actually melange too) is all about using django and appengine to make the platform for GCI program.16:58
ratulmadrazr: But I would love to see what is happening using the GCI module16:59
ratulmadrzr: What I mean is that I want to implement the GCI module and change/tweak parts of it, run it and play with it. Can u please guide how to do that?17:00
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madrazrratul: GCI module is enabled by default in the Melange that you have17:03
madrazrratul: if you want to play with it17:03
madrazrratul: create GCI program, GCI orgs, GCI org admins, GCI mentors, GCI students also create GCI Tasks17:04
madrazrcheck how task work flow actually works17:04
madrazrand so on17:04
madrazrratul: before that understand what GCI program is17:04
ratulmadrzr: please please make a demo, by html/simple text or by video. no need for it to be official. just very simple one so that I can dive in.  know it is bad to ask for things like that, but please!17:07
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ratulmadrazr: I am really sorry if I have demanded much and what I don't deserve.17:33
madrazrratul: why are you feeling sorry?17:33
madrazrratul: you have not demanded much17:33
madrazrratul: if I have time, I will definitely do that17:33
ratulmadrazr: that is so kind of u! thanks!!17:34
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slingshot316madrazr: hey !17:36
madrazrslingshot316: Hi17:37
slingshot316madrazr: how are you ?17:38
madrazrslingshot316: I am doing good17:38
madrazrslingshot316: how are you?17:38
slingshot316madrazr: i've been good too17:38
slingshot316thank you17:38
madrazrslingshot316: introducing you to ratul17:38
madrazrratul: introducing you to slingshot31617:38
madrazryou guys might know each other17:38
slingshot316madrazr: pratul ?17:38
madrazrslingshot316: cool!17:38
slingshot316ratul: hey :)17:39
ratulslingshot316: hi!17:39
slingshot316madrazr: when i login, should i check the login as adminstrator?17:40
madrazrslingshot316: depends on what you are doing, but not always17:40
slingshot316ratul: hi! I'm selwyn jacob from vizag17:40
slingshot316madrazr: okay17:40
ratulslingshot316: I am Ratul (currently) from Chennai. I am sorry, but do I know u?17:41
madrazrratul: "I said you might". Because I know both of you from the same event :)17:42
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slingshot316ratul: er, m not sure may be we met at scipy 201017:43
ratulmadrazr: wow! I was (and is) really sorry I could not meet everyone personally at scipy.in17:43
ratulslingshot316: nice to meet u! how r u doing?17:44
slingshot316ratul: doing good , thank you and you ?17:44
ratulslingshot316: nice! struggling a bit understanding melange. R u with melange for long?17:45
slingshot316ratul: no not really, i'm new too17:48
slingshot316ratul: how far have you come?17:48
slingshot316madrazr: i'm working on a web app like pastebin and now i'm planing to deploy it on app enigine17:49
ratulslingshot316: just understood what it does and what it uses. far from testing and properly understanding the full source code17:49
ratulslingshot316: what about u?17:49
slingshot316ratul: more or less the same :)17:50
slingshot316ratul: so what do you do?17:50
ratulslingshot316: student of 2nd yr B.Sc in Maths and Comp Science in CMI. u?17:51
madrazrratul: just a warning17:51
madrazrit is full 2 years since I first sent my patch to Melange17:52
madrazrI have been through most of the coding stages, I still keep asking questions about the code base of Melange to other developers17:52
slingshot316ratul: 3rd year :)17:52
madrazrratul: implying, I have not understood the full code base yet17:52
madrazrslingshot316: nice, how is this different from other services?17:53
ratulmadrzr: that is scary. :) I would try to concentrate on functionality rather than understanding the source code fully17:54
slingshot316madrazr: this like whoa!! google infrastructure for free is like wow... but it did take me some time to understand the Big Table as i never used non relational database before17:55
slingshot316madrazr: i heard there are three instances of any app that runs on app engine, so if one is down, the others will be up17:55
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madrazrratul: sure17:56
madrazrratul: starting to work on a patch is the fastest way to go17:57
madrazrwithout encountering an accident17:57
ratulslingshot316: congrats!17:57
madrazrslingshot316: welcome to cloud computing :)17:57
ratulmadrazr: :)17:57
slingshot316madrazr: thank you, its awesome i must say17:58
slingshot316ratul: congrats for?17:58
ratulslingshot316: starting such web app. but how it is different from pastebin?17:59
slingshot316ratul: well, its not really very different but i'm trying to put some social features to it18:00
ratulslingshot316 : like?18:00
slingshot316ratul: and then bookmarks and ratings to each paste18:00
slingshot316ratul: like we have users and friends18:01
ratulslingshot316: pastebin was almost for code snippets pasting only. why should I be commenting on/ like them?18:02
ratulslingshot316: or rate them?18:02
slingshot316ratul: for you and others to know how better your code is18:04
slingshot316ratul: and comments to get suggestions/critics from ppl18:04
slingshot316ratul: thats how your code gets better right?18:04
madrazrslingshot316: wow! interesting18:04
ratulslingshot316: ya, it looks interesting. how much u have got?18:05
slingshot316madrazr: thank you, but the thing is i'm half way down and so now i need to come back to scratch and start using datastore instead of django's orm18:06
ratulslingshot316 : upto how much?18:06
slingshot316madrazr: but i think its worth the effort18:06
slingshot316ratul: i got the models and the views for the snippets, categories and tags.. working on the social features18:07
ratulslingshot316: one question. does apps by google app engine have any restriction about browsers? does it run on IE 6? :P18:08
ratulslingshot316 : awesome!18:08
madrazrslingshot316: you need not, check django-nonrel by All Buttons Pressed guys18:11
madrazrratul: it runs on any browser that can read an HTTP response :)18:12
madrazrratul: and all the browser I ever know (from Netscape which started in 1995) have been designed to just do that (And a bit more like Javascript and CSS)18:12
ratulmadrazr : as I was saying u earlier, I am trying a calendar based app for my college. google app engine and/or django is one of my choice.18:14
ratulmadrazr: but I feel my college admin would like something independent of google's domain.18:15
ratulmadrazr: python got some calender module to work seamlessly with dates and all. Is there anything you all can suggest?18:16
ratulslingshot316: to u too. :)18:16
madrazrratul: Melange runs on
madrazrratul: independent of appengine domain :)18:18
ratulmadrazr: that I know :) but does it uses google's db?18:18
madrazrratul: yeah sure18:18
tpb<> (at
ratulmadrazr: that is where they can have a problem, and me a headache.18:19
madrazryou can read up the docs on running appengine apps on your custom domain18:19
madrazrratul: why do they have a problem18:19
madrazrit is less headache18:19
madrazryou need bother about data store maintenance18:19
madrazrappengine does it for you18:20
slingshot316madrazr: just saw that, thank you18:21
ratulmadrazr: but I want to integrate it to the mailing list and users of my college. ie everyone would sign in using college id and see according to their position. is it possible to integrate them?18:21
madrazrratul: may be you can, but I am not sure what kind of authentication mechanism your University is using18:22
ratulmadrazr: ok18:23
madrazrOk guys, I think I need to have some food at least now18:24
madrazrsee you guys in a while18:24
ratulmadrazr: one question about GSoC ideas. does tesing means using the unittest module and write18:24
madrazrratul: yes18:24
ratulmadrazr: ok18:24
slingshot316madrazr: the gosc ideas list is out?18:24
madrazrslingshot316: nope not yet18:24
ratulslingshot316: it is almost :)18:24
madrazrratul: that list is not official18:25
ratulslingshot316 : not for google18:25
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay18:25
madrazrratul: doesn't that page say that "Content-Draft"18:25
madrazrslingshot316: we have a working draft on the wiki18:25
madrazrslingshot316: but it is not official though18:25
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay okay18:25
madrazrslingshot316: btw guys18:25
madrazrratul: ^18:25
slingshot316madrazr: thanks for the information18:25
slingshot316madrazr: yea18:25
madrazryou are free to suggest your own ideas18:26
madrazryou need not restrict yourselves to them18:26
slingshot316madrazr: yea, :)18:26
ratulmadrazr: what was ^? :-)18:26
madrazrratul: that means to lookup. I meant, I forgot to add your name there18:27
slingshot316ratul: to indicate that the above text was for you too18:27
madrazrthat info was to you as well18:27
ratulmadrazr: looks like I have to dig out styles of IRC a bit :)18:27
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slingshot316ratul: so are you planning on the testing part?18:33
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ratulslingshot316 : yea I was wondering if I can18:34
ratulslingshot316: but it needs a lot understanding the base code18:34
ratulslingshot316 : ?18:35
slingshot316ratul: yea18:35
ratulslingshot316: have u ever been in SoC?18:35
slingshot316ratul: if you've written tests before then it should be fairly moderate18:35
slingshot316ratul: no, i haven't been and you18:36
ratulslingshot316 : I am newbie in writing testing. I am learning testing as I am working as a TA in python in my univ18:36
ratulslingshot316: no I have not18:36
slingshot316ratul: thats nice18:37
ratulslingshot316: thanks18:37
slingshot316ratul: i gotta leave now, my eyes are giving awayy18:38
ratulslingshot316 : :) good night!18:38
slingshot316ratul: bye man, nice talking to you and all the best.. see you around :)18:38
ratulslingshot316: r u coming in
slingshot316ratul: no i'm not18:39
ratulslingshot316  : ok. nice talking to u too! see u!18:39
slingshot316ratul: i use awesome and is a big fan of it, dont really like kde so wont be attending18:40
ratulslingshot316: wow!18:40
slingshot316ratul: bye18:40
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LetterRiphi all, any idea why i would get 'This link ID is in wrong format.'22:44
LetterRipfor the field Backup Admin (Link ID):22:44
LetterRipit is exactly the same as my 2009 form22:44
LetterRipnevermind it looks like i had somehow added extra spaces22:47
LetterRipprobably clearer error message would be good22:47
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