Thursday, 2011-02-24

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slingshot316hey guys! do i need to deploy an instance of my clone onto appengine to start making any changes? or can i do that locally?14:43
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slingshot316madrazr: hey !16:57
madrazrslingshot316: Heya!16:58
slingshot316madrazr: hw have you been?16:58
madrazrslingshot316: I am doing good17:02
madrazrslingshot316: how are you?17:02
slingshot316madrazr: i've been good too, had a bad fever for almost ten days, just recovering and came on irc after almost a week and it feels nice :)17:03
slingshot316madrazr: i need some help17:06
madrazrslingshot316: Oh OK. What happened?17:06
slingshot316madrazr: had some weird viral fever17:07
slingshot316madrazr: well17:07
madrazrslingshot316: Oh :(17:07
madrazrslingshot316: are you Ok now?17:07
slingshot316yep :) much better17:08
slingshot316madrazr: i need some help with melange17:08
madrazrslingshot316: sure17:08
madrazrslingshot316: let me know what you want17:09
slingshot316madrazr:  i ran the code locally but its not saving the user i've created , i mean its always starting from scratch, should i deploy it on app engine for my changes to be seen?17:09
madrazrslingshot316: (btw, it seems you can run Melange on Python2.7)17:10
madrazrI myself realized it 3 days back17:10
slingshot316scripts/ -f your-melange-instance &&17:10
slingshot316thirdparty/google_appengine/ --allow_skipped_files build17:10
madrazrslingshot316: ah sure not17:10
slingshot316i did that17:10
slingshot316but nothing happened17:10
madrazrslingshot316: appengine by default stores the datastore of local development in /tmp17:10
madrazrslingshot316: or some temporary path :D17:11
madrazrslingshot316: on Linux it is /tmp17:11
madrazrslingshot316: you are using a Linux box?17:11
slingshot316madrazr: but appengine doesnt support python 2.7 right?17:11
slingshot316madrazr: yea m on linux17:11
madrazrslingshot316: it seems the Appengine itself runs on Python2.517:11
madrazrand you cannot use any features not in Python2.517:11
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay okay17:12
madrazrslingshot316: but it seems the local development version, i.e. SDK can run on Python2.6 or 2.717:12
slingshot316madrazr: ohkay thank you :)17:12
madrazrslingshot316: so as long as you don't use any of the features of Python 2.6 and 2.7 you can still use them for local development17:12
madrazrslingshot316: coming back to your problem17:12
madrazrslingshot316: as I said17:12
slingshot316madrazr: can you give me some idea as to how i should start? appengine is very overwhelming17:12
madrazrLinux cleans up /tmp frequently17:12
madrazrso your datastore history is lost17:13
madrazrto make it persistent17:13
madrazryou can give a path to your dev_appserver.py17:13
madrazrtelling where it should store datastore17:13
madrazrdatastore history17:13
madrazrand in Melange, since we also manage file uploads which use Blobstore API17:13
madrazrit is better you give blobstore path too, to the dev_appserver17:14
madrazrCheck the options that you can pass to it17:14
slingshot316madrazr: sure will do that17:14
slingshot316madrazr: thank you17:14
madrazrslingshot316: then use the option with same path, everytime you start dev_appserver17:14
madrazrslingshot316: NP17:14
madrazrslingshot316: Appengine is not that overwhelming I suppose :D17:14
madrazrslingshot316: also don't think about learning any API in this fashion17:15
madrazrslingshot316: don't think that to work on some particular project, I will learn all the APIs it uses and then start contributing to the actual project. It has never worked for me that way17:15
madrazrget started with the project17:15
madrazrand learn what you want, when you want them17:15
slingshot316madrazr: well, i dont know i had this fever as soon as i got started with Melange and so couldn take a look at it, will do that now17:15
madrazrslingshot316: cool!17:16
slingshot316madrazr: yea i realised that, thanks for suggesting :)17:16
madrazrslingshot316: NP17:16
slingshot316madrazr: i first need to know all the APIs its using17:17
madrazrslingshot316: as you come across, yes17:20
slingshot316madrazr: thank you for the help will work on it :)17:23
slingshot316madrazr: i need to take some tablets and sleep now, bye good night and take care :)17:24
madrazrslingshot316: sure17:26
madrazrsee you, bye17:26
madrazrtake care17:26
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