Thursday, 2011-01-13

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ptresselSRabelier, We have been trying to go through our reopened GCI tasks to see if any had unreviewed work submitted before the deadline (as per Carol's post), but I've been getting a 500 error since yesterday. That's just on individual tasks -- I can see our org's list page.02:10
ptresselSRabbelier, ^ (sorry)02:10
Dark_Shikarisame here02:10
ptresselOne of our GCI students tells me *he* can see the same task that I can't. ;-)  I am logged in.02:11
ptresselMaybe we should warn Carol that we haven't been able to review outstanding tasks...02:13
ptresselI just sent a message to melange-soc-dev and CC'd Carol.02:26
Jumpyshoesptressel: they say the error has been fixed, but i also can't access the melange tasks03:22
tpb<> (at
ptresselJumpyshoes, and you're the person for whom this may be most important.03:23
Jumpyshoesi plan on asking again in the thread tomorrow if it isn't fixed by then03:23
ptresselOr maybe not, since your unrecorded tasks aren't attached to old Melange tasks.03:24
Jumpyshoesi still can't access the tasks period03:24
ptresselLet me see if I can access tasks...03:24
Jumpyshoes this one for example03:25
tpbTitle: GCI Task: x264: Fix any libavcodec bug in the ffmpeg bug tracker (at
ptresselThis is the one I sent with my post on melange-soc-dev:
tpbTitle: GCI Task: Report a Bug in Sahana Eden (at
ptresselI get a 500 error on your link too, Jumpyshoes.03:32
ptresselThe post on gci-discuss saying the 500 error was fixed was posted about 9 hours ago. Either this is a separate problem or melange hasn't yet been deployed everywhere or the fix didn't fix the problem...03:33
Dark_Shikaristill broken here03:34
Jumpyshoesi'm not sure why, but it only doesn't work when i'm logged in03:40
ptresselMaybe the sense of some test is reversed. ;-)03:48
ptresselSame here -- if I'm logged out I can see it. ;-)03:53
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SRabbelierptressel: ping11:22
SRabbelierptressel: I just deployed a new version, can you try now?11:23
ptresselWait...are you in MV? Where it's 3:23am?11:23
SRabbelierptressel: no, I'm in Europe11:24
ptresselAh, good!11:25
ptresselOk, seems to be working.11:25
ptresselShould tasks be visible when logged out as well?11:26
ptresselAssuming not...11:26
SRabbelierptressel: depends on their state11:27
ptresselOk -- it's showing me at least some tasks when logged out.11:28
SRabbelierptressel: most tasks should be public, I think only the invalid ones shouldn't be11:29
ptresselThanks for fixing this!11:31
SRabbelierptressel: thanks for reporting11:32
ptresselIt wasn't just that we might have stiffed one student their points, but we had not downloaded all of the results into a common place. The mentors that did the reviews had the submitted materials, but there was also information in comments we wanted to preserve. We didn't realize right off that we could still see the tasks when logged out.11:34
ptresselBad on us for not setting up rules for mentors to harvest results into a common location...11:35
SRabbelierptressel: heh, np :)11:36
ptresselNext time, we will have Rules, because I'm gonna write them. Grr.11:37
ptresselAnyhow, thank you!11:37
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JumpyshoesSRabbelier: saw this post, my mentor is Dark_Shikari. i have a bunch of bug fixes that weren't approved before the end of the contest. could you approve of the "x264 Fix any libav..." tasks? here is one:
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierJumpyshoes:  Dark_Shikari is "Jason"?21:59
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: yes22:00
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: you around?22:00
Dark_ShikariHe's been bugging me for the past few days to get his tasks in.  I think he wants the e-peen of reaching 300 points =p22:01
Jumpyshoes69 tasks is a bad number to have imho22:01
Dark_ShikariHar har.22:02
Dark_ShikariWell, since you're asian, you could go for 88 tasks. ;)22:02
Jumpyshoeshehe, sadly i only have enough bug fixes to reach 7922:02
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: so should be assigned to Jumpyshoes and marked as closed?22:03
tpbTitle: GCI Task: x264: Fix any libavcodec bug in the ffmpeg bug tracker (at
Dark_ShikariSRabbelier: I can't approve it myself?22:03
Dark_Shikariwell, it should be assigned to him, and he needs to post a link to the bug he fixed.22:03
Dark_ShikariThis needs to be done about 10 times, for all the bugs he has fixed.22:04
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: don't tell me those 10 tasks haven't been made yet?22:05
Dark_ShikariThey're all made.22:05
Dark_ShikariThey're just all duplicates anyways, i.e. "fix a bug in libavcodec"22:05
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: Can you give me all the link_id's then?22:06
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: that way I can do it in a batch instead of one at a time22:06
Dark_ShikariJumpyshoes can post them, I'm lazy and at work.22:07
Jumpyshoeswhere is the link id on the task page?22:07
Dark_ShikariI think he means just the links to the tasks?22:08
Dark_Shikarior the number at the end of the link?22:08
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: the numbers, yes, e.g. t12946310487722:10
Jumpyshoesif it's the number at the end of the link, then:
tpbTitle: t129463104877 t129463101891 t129463099759 t1294 (at
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SRabbelierJumpyshoes: link to a task you completed please22:20
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: here is one of the bug fixes i have completed:
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SRabbelierJumpyshoes: they're set to needsreview, your mentor should be able to approve them now22:36
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: okay, thanks22:38
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JumpyshoesSRabbelier: should i be able to submit work? i don't seem to be able to22:41
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: no, it's as if you already did, since you can't anyway (after the deadline), you should be able to leave a comment though22:42
Jumpyshoesoh, i see22:42
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: another quick question about melange in general, is it possible to search through comments?22:43
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: no22:44
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: well22:44
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: there's the custom site search22:44
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: ah, okay22:44
tpbTitle: Search (at
m4k3rSorry, the 'proof of enrollment' for GCI must be in English language?22:46
SRabbelierm4k3r: please ask carols in #gsoc22:48
m4k3rOk, thx.22:48
Dark_Shikarilol, 310 to 304 points22:54
Dark_Shikarirfw still wins though22:54
Jumpyshoesuh, the ranking page is being weird again then22:54
Jumpyshoesi should have 316 points22:55
Jumpyshoesand for that matter, rfw should have 30022:55
Dark_Shikarilol what?22:58
Dark_ShikariYOU ARE WHORES22:58
Jumpyshoesthe rankings don't reflect our actual points for some reason22:59
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: what do you mean?22:59
Jumpyshoesfor example, it says i have 76 tasks, but my page says i have 7922:59
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: mind your language please22:59
Jumpyshoesit being the ranking page22:59
Dark_ShikariSo this is youre secret plot23:00
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: ah, that'll hopefully be fixed when we retally the points23:00
Dark_ShikariLet rfw get complacent due to the broken point counters.23:00
Dark_ShikariAnd then get in 10 tasks at the end.23:00
Dark_ShikariEvil, evil, evil.23:00
Jumpyshoesi was actually planning on getting more than 10, but ffmpeg got harder and harder to crash23:00
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: okay, thanks for the update23:00
ThomasWaldmann why is that one "invalid"?23:05
tpbTitle: Error (at
ThomasWaldmannit is just not good enough to be accepted, but why "invalid"?23:05
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SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: It had work submitted after the deadline23:10
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: Looks the files are the same though, as before the deadline?23:11
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: should I mark it as closed instead?23:12
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: I recommend that Dark_Shikari close those tasks soon, tomorrow is the deadline for stuff like that23:12
* ThomasWaldmann looks23:14
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: thanks for the update, is the information in "List my Tasks" accurate? i'm not sure since it isn't reflected in the rankings23:14
Jumpyshoesby that i mean, the number of tasks claimed in the rankings don't match the "List my Tasks" page23:15
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: those tasks won't show up in the rankings until they're approved23:15
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: it seems all my tasks have been closed (79), but aren't shown in the rankings23:16
ThomasWaldmannSRabbelier: reopen (i just added a comment)23:16
ThomasWaldmannor reject23:16
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: eh, I'll just leave it as is then, if you don't mind23:17
ThomasWaldmannok, if invalid just means that, i am ok.23:18
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: invalid means it was worked on after the deadline, so it won't count points wise23:19
ThomasWaldmann that one is still claimed, see my comment there23:19
tpbTitle: GCI Task: update moin 1.9 translation 3/3 (at
ThomasWaldmannSRabbelier: the issue with the invalid one is rather that he did NOT work on it after his first submission and just submitted the same stuff again23:20
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: yeah, true, but since the work was not good enough, same difference23:20
ThomasWaldmannbtw, i don't need to care about invalidating task (i can't do it anyway) that i discussed with carols via email, right?23:23
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: if they are already invalid, then no23:25
ThomasWaldmannthey are not23:25
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: if there's a task that needs to be marked as invalid or such, then you do need to tell me23:25
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JumpyshoesSRabbelier: the rankings show i have 77 tasks completed, but this page ( says i have 7923:32
tpbTitle: Show ranking details. (at
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: the rankings will be updated when they are updated23:33
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SRabbelierJumpyshoes: let it be23:33
Jumpyshoesah, okay23:33

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