Wednesday, 2011-01-05

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dreimarkstill 50006:40
dreimarkmay be the earlier question is checked now06:41
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pipesmokeri got 500 Server Error while submitting a task setting to complete08:10
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kaythxbye_gci201I get a 500 error when I try to submit the results of a task. Is that a known problem?10:11
dreimarkSRabbelier: ^10:12
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ThomasWaldmannKaythxbye: known to all mentors and students trying to POST stuff, at least11:48
Kaythxbyehm ok11:54
ThomasWaldmannand i hope the melange devs are so silent because they are busy trying to fix that :)11:55
Kaythxbyethat's my hope, too :-)11:56
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ptresselSRabbelier, Do you know if Melange is down for maintenance? Getting 500 errors...11:59
ThomasWaldmannptressel: it is since yesterday night11:59
ptresselThomasWaldmann, Thanks! Do you mean, it's down for maintenance since then, or getting 500 errors for unknown cause since then?12:00
ThomasWaldmanngetting 500 for all POSTs12:01
ThomasWaldmannand GET still works for me12:02
ptresselSame here.12:02
ptresselSo "down" is the wrong word...12:02
ptressel"read-only mode" sort of thing, maybe...12:03
ThomasWaldmannbug, something full, database issues, could be quite a lot12:03
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lifeethHello folks!12:04
lifeethI am getting a 500 when I accept a claim12:04
ptressellifeeth, That's what we're just chatting about.12:04
lifeethAh! :)12:04
ptresselCheck log -- was also reported earlier.12:05
ptresselBut a student was able to submit a claim today.12:05
ThomasWaldmannmaybe some channel op could change the topic to "we are working on the 500 issue" :)12:05
ptresselIs this only happening to mentors?12:05
Kaythxbyenope, I (student) couldn't submit my work, too12:05
ptresselOk, so not just mentors.12:06
Kaythxbyetried it yesterday evening (11 hours ago) for the first time, it doesn't work since then for me12:06
ptresselDoes claiming a task not use post?12:06
* ThomasWaldmann bbl12:06
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ptresselOur student who successfully made a claim did it two hours ago.12:08
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c_schmitzhi everyone12:17
c_schmitzon trying to accept a claim I get a 500 server error12:17
lifeethc_schmitz, They are working on it12:17
ptressellifeeth, Where do you see something that says they're working on it?12:28
ptresselThat discussion Abhishek posted is from November -- there's one post by Joey yesterday saying he got a 500 error, but no replies.12:29
lifeethptressel, just from ThomasWaldmann's statement above12:29
ptresselI interpreted that as making a joke.12:30
ptresselIt was in response to you joining the channel and posting what we were already talking about.12:31
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iulian777hi, anyone here knows what is this ,,Submit Forms" thing showing in the sidebar?12:34
madrazrHello everyone, I just saw the appengine status12:49
madrazrseems like they had errors with appengine12:49
madrazron Jan 3rd12:49
ptresselAny idea what the current 500 errors are caused by?12:50
madrazrI think this is a problem with all GCI tasks which were last updated on Jan 3rd, if I understand correctly12:50
madrazrptressel: I am not very sure, I don't have admin access to Melange, we all will have to wait for Lennard or Sverre12:51
ptresselSo making a new one should work...? I'll try it.12:51
Kaythxbye could the recent error be related with this commit? I see a correlation in time...12:52
tpb<> (at
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ptresselOk, creating a fresh task worked.12:59
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Kaythxbyeit works again13:12
Kaythxbye*party* thanks to whoever has fixed it13:16
madrazrptressel: I think the bug was fixed13:17
madrazrptressel: Lennard committed a patch now13:17
madrazrit was a bug in Melange, it seems13:17
ptresselI just re-submitted something I had waiting, and it worked.  Thanks!!!13:18
madrazrptressel: cool!13:18
ptresselAnd our queued-up students thank you too!13:18
cryptwso doing :stuff: works again?13:23
cryptwwow. does too13:23
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iulian777hmm what should i need to complete at Consent Form and Student Id Form?13:48
cryptwwas that link newly added?13:54
cryptwmy guess is they'll add some forms to fill or something13:55
iulian777Oh, so is it ok to let it like this untill i receive the forms?13:58
cryptwi honestly have no idea14:02
cryptwbut if they need my school to fill anything in, i'm screwed because we're on the long holidays here in australia14:02
iulian777:D , well from what i've heard we need something like our parent or guardian's permission so i think school won't have anything to do with this :)14:05
iulian777anyways i will wait some more days to see what happens or eventually try and send an email about this to figure  out what should i have to do14:06
cryptwif they make a global change, they shouldn't leave people in the dark for long14:08
cryptwi'm sure they would've tried it before then found their inboxes flooded14:08
iulian777yah it may be possible xD14:11
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ThomasWaldmannis the bulk task upload processing slow currently or non-working?17:26
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izibiworks again :D23:29
izibiwoops, wrong channel23:30
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