Saturday, 2010-12-11

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burakkilinchi I have a question13:06
burakkilincwhen I go to , It says me "connection timed out"13:06
burakkilincwhen I go to , No problem13:06
burakkilincI can go and see on www.socghop.appspot.com13:06
burakkilincwhy can I go
burakkilincCan anybody help me?13:07
ptresselburakkilinc is a GCI student in Turkey.  We are trying to mark a task as completed.13:08
ptresselHe was able to access the task on up until a short while ago, but can't get to it any more.13:08
ptresselIt is now getting a 500 error.13:08
ptresselHe can get to but not to the specific task.13:09
tpb<> (at
ptresselI can get to it from the US.13:09
ptresselIn the past, he has not been able to get to at all, and uses a proxy to get to socghop.appspot.com13:10
ptresseltpb, are you responding to us?13:11
ptresselIs tpb a bot?13:12
ptresselIf so, it's sure not useful.13:12
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ptresselAnyone...  Was there a change made to in the last half hour or so that would affect service to Turkey?13:14
ptresselSverre, hello!13:14
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GautamGuptaWhy am I seeing a "Server not found" error on
ptresselSRabbelier, one of my gci students can't get to his task on melang any more, starting about 45 min ago.13:21
GautamGuptaEven I'm a student. :)13:22
GautamGuptaFrom which organization are you?13:22
ptresselHe can't get to at all -- some ISP issue from Turkey.13:23
GautamGuptaEven I can't access that from India13:23
ptresselLet me finish describing my student's problem.13:23
GautamGuptaThough this works -
tpbTitle: GCI Home (at
ptresselSo he has been using instead.13:23
ptresselHe can still get to that, but he cannot get to the specific task he's working on any more.13:24
ptresselWe're wondering if something changed on this side.13:24
GautamGuptaHmm.. I can visit a task page13:24
ptresselHang on -- it just came back.13:25
ptresselOk, so it was something transient, for a very large value of transient.13:26
GautamGuptaHmm.. is still not up for me13:26
ptresselWhat about
ptresselCan you still get to that?13:28
ptresselMaybe try traceroute to
ptresselOr tracert if on windows.13:29
GautamGuptaAfter doing the tracert.. the site's up now ;)13:32
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SRabbelierptressel: hi13:38
SRabbelierptressel: is the problem solved now?13:42
ptresselI think there may just be gremlins...13:42
ptresselburrakkilinc can get to his task again, so yes.13:42
ptresselI, on the other hand, just got a 500 when attempting to create a new task. ;-)13:43
ptresselBut it succeeded on a retry.13:43
SRabbelierptressel: what url?13:43
tpb<> (at
ptresselThat's the task I just inserted, so probably not relevant.13:44
ptresselThe task the student was having trouble getting to was:
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierptressel: so you did manage to create the task?13:44
ptresselYes, by retrying the same post.13:45
SRabbelierptressel: transient then13:45
ptresselThe student's outage persisted for about 45 minutes.13:45
ptresselBut it could be network related.13:46
ptresselOTOH, he did get a 500 error.13:46
ptresselIn any case, it's not happening now.13:46
SRabbelierptressel: I just fixed that :)13:47
SRabbelierptressel: the 500 that is13:47
SRabbelierptressel: we're over blobstore quota, so students' can sue the "upload to Melange" feature13:48
ptresselCan or can't?13:49
ptresselAha, just saw the message, so that would be "can't".13:55
SRabbeliercan't, sorry13:57
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SRabbelierptressel: seems to be fixed14:00
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ptresselAha, thanks!!14:02
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dreimarkSRabbelier: is it possible to see the timestamp when a task was closed. I like to sort by that20:57
dreimarknothing like that in columns20:57
SRabbelierdreimark: ah, no, I don't think we store that21:01
dreimarkSRabbelier: is there some id which linear increases if they are moved to closed status21:18
SRabbelierdreimark: nope, we store it in a json field though21:34
SRabbelierdreimark: so we could mine it at some point21:34
SRabbelierdreimark: could you email [email protected] and suggest exposing the history field as a hidden field on the 'list all tasks' page?21:36
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: i think my mentor already submitted this to the tracker, but is still registered as "Unknown" instead of "Difficult" for the task difficulty, do you know when it will be fixed?21:48
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: can you find the link in the tracker?21:49
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: I can fix it but don't want to do so without notice from the mentor21:49
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JumpyshoesSRabbelier: can you link me to the tracker?21:53
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - Project Hosting on Google Code (at
dreimarkSRabbelier: sended21:57
SRabbelierdreimark: thanks21:57
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JumpyshoesSRabbelier: i can't find it, would it be okay if my mentor talked to you instead?22:04
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: yup22:04
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Dark_ShikariSRabbelier: Jumpyshoes said you needed mentor confirmation.22:13
Dark_ShikariNow you have it.22:13
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: what's your link_id in Melange?22:14
Dark_Shikarihow do I get that?22:16
Dark_Shikarioh, just my username22:16
Dark_Shikaridarkshikari (link_id: darkshikari)22:16
Dark_Shikariaccording to the top right of melange22:16
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: yup22:18
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: can you email me from your darkshikari account saying the task should be changed?22:19
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: what's -your- link_id?22:20
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: jumpyshoes (link_id: jumpyshoes)22:20
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: you have 40 points atm?22:20
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: ok, upped to 4322:21
Jumpyshoeser, is there even a 3 point difficulty?22:21
SRabbelierJumpyshoes: lol, 46 I mean22:21
SRabbeliertypo ^^22:21
SRabbelierI give up22:22
Jumpyshoesyea, i thought 6 was too much22:22
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: please do send that email though22:22
Dark_Shikariok one moment22:22
Dark_Shikariwhat's your email?22:22
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: srabbelier22:23
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: gmail ofc22:23
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: thanks22:24
SRabbelierpoints have been changed, fixing the difficulty on the task now22:24
JumpyshoesSRabbelier: thanks22:25
SRabbelierDark_Shikari: ok, all set22:25
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