Monday, 2010-11-15

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kaihi filks13:45
kaifolks, as well :)13:45
kaiit seems like for WorldForge, the task list is broken13:46
kaiinstead of showing me non-public tasks after the bulk import, I only get an error saying "Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again"13:46
kaiwhich doesn't help, and has been like that for a couple of days now, so I don't think this'll automagically fix itself13:47
madrazrkai: Hi13:49
madrazrare you sure this is only for WorldForge?13:49
kaino but that's the only org I see13:50
madrazrkai: Ok13:50
madrazrkai: can you please give me the URL of the page?13:50
tpb<> (at
madrazrkai: Ok13:52
madrazrkai: I will check on my local instance if something is broken for this URL13:52
madrazrkai: I don't have access on google-melange13:52
madrazrkai: unfortunately there is no problem to me on the local instance :(14:00
madrazrkai: can you please file a bug, you can also say that I(Madhu) verified that there is no problem on the local instance14:01
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
madrazryou can file your issue there14:02
kaimadrazr: sure, will do14:15
madrazrkai: thanks14:15
madrazrkai: No problem14:16
tpb<> (at
madrazrkai: thanks14:30
kaino problem14:33
SRabbelierkai: problem identified15:00
kaiSRabbelier: oh? that was quick15:02
SRabbelierkai: we had the same problem before, somehow three tasks are corrupt (as in, they have no difficulty)15:02
kaiok, I don't have the CSV file here at work, so I'm not sure15:03
kaiI parsed the wiki page to get to the file, so I might have messed up15:03
kaibut of course I'd expect some sanity check during the upload phase15:03
SRabbelierkai: that's not the problem15:04
SRabbelierkai: as in, there _is_ sanity checking15:04
SRabbelierkai: but since the tags are a separate model...15:04
SRabbelierkai: (AppEngine might have timed out halfway through)15:04
SRabbelierkai: They're not in the same entity group, so they can't be run in a transaction :(15:04
kaiwait, difficulty is a tag?15:05
SRabbelierkai: yea15:06
kaiit seems like programming for appengine really, really sucks... :)15:07
SRabbelierkai: hah, either that, or we do15:08
kaiyou're web programmers, I don't expect much ;)15:08
kaibut kidding aside, so far most problems I had with melange seemed to be some arbitrary appengine limitations melange was hitting15:10
SRabbelierkai: that's a good thing!... right? :P15:10
kaiit doesn't increase my enthusiasm about web-apps :)15:11
SRabbelierkai: I don't think that's a bad thign15:11
kaiyou mean it's not paranoia if there's really somebody out there to get you?15:12
SRabbelierkai: right15:12
kaifair enough..15:12
SRabbelierkai: and there is, they're called DeadlineExceededException15:12
kaiSRabbelier: for GSoC, it should be a DeadlineExtendedException, I'd think? ;)15:13
SRabbelierkai: if only!15:13
kaiso that means I bulk uploaded too much data that took too long to process?15:13
kailike all of 11 lines of CSV?15:14
SRabbelierkai: eh, no comment :P15:14
SRabbelierkai: could be that, could be something else15:14
SRabbelierkai: I"ll tell you which entities broke in a sec15:14
SRabbelierkai: your task list is working again15:17
kaiis there anyway to make the table size setting stick?15:18
kaiah, great, 2/3 tasks actually are "Easy", so no need to change :)15:19
SRabbelierkai: lucky man15:20
SRabbelierkai: there's not yet, but there's an issue for that15:20
kaiah, great15:21
tpb<> (at
kaiah, goodie15:22
SRabbelierkai: I need a unicode string, throw some German at me will you?15:22
SRabbelierkai: most kind15:23
SRabbelierkai: Your dumplings fixed a bug in Melange, congrats!
tpb<> (at
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ThomasWaldmannsounds like Python3 is needed :)19:41
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kblinlike that will magically fix things22:18
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